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The Ball -- a phantom-powered dynamic mic -- is designed to solve the problems of frequency-dependent variable resistance, phase coherence, noise specification, and overall output found in normal dynamic mics. By incorporating a phantom-powered active balancing circuit in The Ball's output stage, these problems are overcome. This circuit maintains a constant pure-resistive 50-ohm load across the usable frequency spectrum yielding an exceptionally smooth and open sound previously unheard-of in a dynamic microphone. The Ball Microphone also features extremely high sound pressure level handling.


What's in your mic locker?

Dynamics - Ribbons AKG D12 (Ecolette 60s) AKG D112 Audix D2 Audix D4 Audix D6 BLUE Ball (2) Peluso R-14 Ribbon Sennheiser 421 (3) Shure Beta 57 Shure SM57 (7) Shure SM7A Yamaha Sub-Kick Condensers AKG C1000 (2) AKG C451e w/CK1s (2) AKG C422 (Stereo) (C12 Capsules) AKG 414 ULS/B (3) Audio Technica 4033 (2) Audio Technica 4060 (Tube) Audix Micro-D w/Cardiod Capsule (2) BLUE Cactus (Tube) BLUE Dragonfly Deluxe (4) BLUE Kiwi BLUE R0 - Elam...

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88.2 - 96kHz Vs 44.1-48kHz (a thread to end them all!!)

...converter samples the audible frequency as close as possible to the source, regardless of the rate. If 1000Hz is a blue ball and a camera takes a picture of it, a quality camera will produce a picture of a blue ball like the source. Now if there was a setting on the camera that...

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Mic for busy snare drummer

...If so, a mic with more proximity effect might do it. A widely hated but cool IMO mic is the Blue Ball (they one that is actually blue and a dynamic). Has a ton of proximity effect as well. Hope it works out!

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