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Dragonfly is a handcrafted Class A large-diaphragm condenser microphone that gently accentuates the silky highs and defined bottom end of extended range instruments to thicken thin sound sources. Featuring an innovative rotating head design, Dragonfly lets you make pinpoint adjustments and capture your instrument’s true tone. It’s ideal for vocals, drum overheads, acoustic guitar, piano and more. With a fast, maneuverable, and precision-engineered design, Dragonfly is a whole new classification of microphone. Dragonfly’s superbly detailed sound comes from its silky and extended high end, contoured midrange and enhanced low end. These three tonal aspects make the Dragonfly microphone uniquely suited for tracking vocals, acoustic guitar, drum overheads and other high-frequency instruments. Dragonfly also excels in recording difficult sound sources like brass and woodwinds.


Whats in your mic locker? Low-End Theory

hmmm.... Soundelux E47 Brauner Valvet Blue Dragonfly Earthworks SR71 (pair) Octava MC012 (pair) Josephson C42 (pair) Shure SM7 Shure sm57 (2) Senn MD421 (2) EV PL20 Crown pzm 185 (pair) various Sony lavs, AT odds and sods and a Beyer handheld in a pear tree!

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Neumann Tlm 103 Hype or Real Deal?

...early on how to EQ. Mics I own for comparison sakes, Violet Flamingo, Neumann U87ai, U89, M147, KM184, Blue Kiwi, Blue Dragonfly, Rode Classic II, K2, modded NTKs, Cloud JRS34, and many dynamics (Shure SM7, Sennheiser 421 MKII, Sm57's 58's etc). I've tried many other mics along the way and I can tell you...

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Gear Buying Burnout

...U87ai Neumann U89 Neumann KM184 pair Neumann TLM103 pair Neumann KMS105 Violet Flamingo Standard Violet Globe Vintage Violet Amethyst Vintage Pair Blue Cactus Blue Kiwi Blue Blueberry Blue Dragonfly pair Blue Bluebird Lawson L251 Lawson L47 Peluso 2247 MXL Revelation MXL Revelation X/Y Rode Classic II Rode K2 Rode NTK pair (modded by John Bonell) AT 4041 pair CAD E200 pair (made in USA) Cloud JRS 34 Shinybox Model 23 pair Cascade Fathead II with...

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