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Whats in your mic locker? Low-End Theory

My inventory as of 5:10 Pacific Time; Audio-Technica 3527 omni condenser (nice sleeper BTW) (2) Beyer Soundstar MKII (just arrived from ebay!) dynamics Shure Beta 57a (destined shortly FOR e-bay) Shure SM57 EV C09 dynamic Oktava MC-012 cardiod condenser Sennheiser 421 MKII (the new "brighter" version) Sennheiser e835s dynamic The wish list; Shure SM-7 EV RE-20 RCA 77DX ribbon Studio Projects C3 or TB-1 Also have these outboard...

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What's in YOUR mic locker???

...M88 N 4 Beyer Dynamic Soundstar XN1 2 Beyer M300N C 2 Beyer M400 Soundstar MKII 2 Beyer M55 1 Beyer M600 1 Beyer M69 1 Beyer M700N (C)S 1 Beyer M80 1 Beyer M81 1 ...

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How to take apart BeyerDynamic SoundStar MKII?

I got a dead BeyerDynamic SoundStar MKII that I'm trying to bring back to life. Something is definitely loose inside wind screen but I can't get it open. It won't unscrew like a 58 and the "screws" don't have any heads on them. They look like rivets. How does this...

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Product Description

The M 400´s rugged construction features a high energy moving coil transducer which produces high output levels, allowing a wide range of working distances. FEATURES: -Voice-contoured frequency curve with rising high effect -Low frequency proximity effect and midrange 'presence' boost -Built-in pop filter -Integral humbucking coil