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Best mixing headphones!

...all the good headphones, just ones at decent price that seen to get lots if praise. I only have Beyer DT770 Pro's and AKG K7XX and some Sennheiser HD485's though, do can't comment on others from personal experience.

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What is the difference between 80 and 250 Ohms...? Want to purchase Beyerdynamic 770

I've purchased Beyerdynamic's DT770 Pro 250ohm. beforehand, I've tried both 250ohm and 80ohm versions, for 2 weeks and a week respectively, then went to the store for an A/B test and have found several differences between the two. I won't talk lots about what had been said enough in other reviews, but I'll write...

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Are mixing headphones supposed to "lack" in bass?

...the same exact problem with all headphones. But I have found the solution! The most heavy-bass I had were the BD DT 770 pro, but they were inaccurate in their response and Sonarworks Reference did not existed back then. Right now I have BD DT 880 Pro with individual calibration for them from Sonarworks, they...

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