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500-series format stereo analog passive equalizer with plugin recall.


Bettermaker EQ 502P

Ok, guys, so AES SF is HERE! And here are some of the functions of THE BETTERMAKER 502P -Stereo Passive Analog EQ -399 recall presets on the unit -Full D.A.W recall in your session -The EQ follows the plugin as well as the plugin follows the EQ -Full automation via plugins (RTAS, AU, VST, 32,64) Retail price: $1495

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Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet first impressions

...period) Silver Bullet (no much else to say, loving it everyday) TK-Lizer (Does something incredible, more on the clean and punchy side) Bettermaker 502p (pultec flava) Dangerous 2BUS + (More color flavours) Silver Bullet and CAG 250 are IN the path 9 out of 10 times, because they can be subtle or extreme, still one of a kind gear,...

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Updates on Cranborne Audio Camden 500, 500R8, 500ADAT - Test Drive Mojo!

These other eq options are, imho, in a different class than the one I had mentioned and will mention here below..not that they're bad, but I happen to prefermuch more... unfortunately I didn't come across to an inexpensive eq which was better than: Avedis E27, Avedis E12G, Crane Song Insignia, Pulse Techniques EQP500, Purple LilPeqr, Electrodyne 511.....

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