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jb90 11th July 2020 03:33 AM

Hi guys. I'm looking for pro interface for my new studio. Previously i had Focusrite but now it's time for pro. I record on my own (guitar, basses, keys, midi controlers + some vocals). I need probably only 2 I/O, monitor/headphones output, great sound quality of preamps, lowest possible latency and maybe MIDI and ADAT but I'm not sure. Small interface for one guy but top notch quality. I'm a PC user too so I have only USB-C so for now Thunderbolt devices are out of equation (when I change my DAW computer for better one I definitely go to TB and bigger at least 8 I/O interface). I read about interfaces for a long time and I noticed that probably 3 devices will be good for me which are RME Babyface FS, Apogee Duet 2 or UAD Apollo Twin USB but maybe there's sth new on the market that have same quality or will be better for me? Any thoughts? Pros and cons of those 3? Thanks for all recommendations and comments!