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24bit/96kHz AD/DA sample rate converter. AES/EBU and S/PDIF formats.


cheapest and best a/d converter?

I think everyone underestimates the BEHRINGER ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496 24-Bit/96KHz A/D D/A Converter. A lot of people have used it and apparently it compares to the Benchmark converters. I think I might try it out, any people who have used it?

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Klark Tekniks 1176

...from ,and wired directly into the A/D chips, a Rev2496 which is a great fx unit for the money, an SRC2496 which has been powered up permanently for several years and half a dozen DI-100's (these run with a lot more headroom when powered from 48v phantom vs 9volt cell). Ive also converted a...

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I need a new audio interface

Well I am talking Australian dollars.... 650$AUS for a new ID22 = 440US$ I paid 900 AUS$ for a mint used Lyra 1 = 610US$... and funny story the ID22 I sold at start of 2018... to a guy.. turned out the guy selling the Lyra was the same guy I sold my ID22 to.. small...

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