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The 8 In/8 Out ULTRAGAIN ADA8200 ADAT Audio Interface builds on the proud legacy of our ADA8000 – which is one of our all-time, best-selling products. Now, you’re probably thinking, “If they sell so many ADA8000s, why are they changing them?” The short answer... we made it better – in a really big way! The incredible ADA8200 features stunningly-accurate, reference-class Cirrus Logic A/D - D/A converters and 8 Award-winning MIDAS-designed Mic Preamps – making it the natural choice of professional musicians and audio engineers alike. Your recording tracks will sound just as amazing as you imagined them – when you lay them down with the ADA8200!


Behringer ADA8200 - How disappointing

Hi all, I've just bought a Behringer ADA8200 to expand my Focusrite 18i8 interface. I'm starting up a sideline recording concerts of early music as well as classical promo material so need/want gear that will provide rich, detailed audio. I'm using a pair of KM184s, a pair of Oktava MK012s and a pair of Line...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups Full room from the back: Desk (iMac, Prophet 6, Pyramid, Faderport, Neumann TLM102): Modular (, turntable, rack gear (Saffire Pro 40, ADA8200, patchbay, cable management, 2 x Golden Age Project Pre73Jr preamps) and old dog with large scar from sarcoma removal surgery on Friday: Moog Sub 37 and (Kiwi)Juno-106 on stand with MS101 currently on the...

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Any audible difference? Upgrade interface vs use a DI (synths)

...little in the way of modern audio hardware that "sounds awful" most of it is absolutely amazing. I have an ADA8200 and Focusrite OctoPRE dynamic over ADAT into my RME 802 - I can hear a difference - certainly - but it's just (slight) flavour difference - and in isolation nothing sounds awful. I...

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