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BeesNeez - A Customer Service Tale

...the delay and offering me a choice - I could stick with the Oliver or I could swap to an Arabella GT. If I stayed with the Oliver I would be looking at a delay of several more weeks, but a production run of the Arabella GT was expected to finish shortly and...

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Beesneez vs Flea

...I've heard along with objective reviews. How does the Beezneez T1 compare? Anyone have audio samples of each in a shootout? The Arabella is another mic of interest, and I realize that it is a slightly different design. I would be interested to head a sample of it in comparison to the Flea 47 or 49. ---DAN

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Best U47 clone?

Has anyone of you guys tested the Beesneez BU47 ? I tested the Beesneez Arabella a few years ago and liked it. I‘m just asking because i’m really looking for an affordable U47 Clone atm. Was looking on the Stam, but i don‘t want to wait so long for the delivery. Also was looking at the Cathedral...

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