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Here's the situation. I moved to a new room recently and on the menu next week is treating the control room back wall. It's a...

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Glenn Kuras 17th October 2007
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I've been searching some time now to find some good acoustic panels which are reasonably priced. All I could ever come up with...

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bass man 16th October 2007
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I'm (unfortunately) faced with a scenario where I have to place my studio desk setup and Gennie 8030As very close to (right up...

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urlmonro 16th October 2007
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First post. I am planning to build a real pro-sounding studio within the next year or so. Beginning of summer 08' i will start...

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Ethan Winer 15th October 2007
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After knocking a wall out in my control room, I've now got chronic bass problems (around 130hz mainly) and bass traps (Auralex...

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rjay 15th October 2007
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Anybody have any opinions or experience with these to cut...

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Ethan Winer 14th October 2007
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how do you handle it? what are your secrets?

spoonie g
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vernier 10th October 2007
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Hello, I'm converting a 600mm deep inbuilt wardrobe into a bass / mid trap and am contemplating bowing the slats into a convex...

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Ethan Winer 10th October 2007
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I'm looking for an acoustically transparent fabric for broadband absorption panels, will be used for bass traps and mid to high...

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mmcfarlane 10th October 2007
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I've been posting trying for some solutions other than acoustic treatment to try and tame a room. I have a pretty SH$^ty...

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willerichey 8th October 2007
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Hi guys, I need a little help choosing where best to place my monitors in my room. The room has a weird design which i've tried...

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Glenn Kuras 8th October 2007
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Hi guys ... I am putting the last touches on my home studio .. I have a question for those with expertise in room treatment .....

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Glenn Kuras 8th October 2007
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Hey everyone, I have been lurking on this forum for a while and finally decided to post for once. I am currently in the...

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johnwayne 7th October 2007
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hi, well i went on the proyect of building my own bass traps (after reading lots of threads) im almost there, but i have one last...

analog modeling
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Ethan Winer 4th October 2007
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Control room is: 11'3" wide by 17'10" long by 8'1" high. It sounds pretty good right now at the couch and mix...

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bpape 3rd October 2007
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just wondering if anyone knows how, materials, dimensions, etc... thanks!

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Ethan Winer 3rd October 2007
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So I had built a control room with the intention of putting the desk so that if you look to your right, the window into the live...

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Ethan Winer 1st October 2007
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I just moved to a new new contol room dimensions are 10 X 10 X 12 feet. Eeek. My old room was near golden...

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Ethan Winer 1st October 2007
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My new control room is not designed well by any means... mostly because I didn't want to destroy my walls, and I wanted to be...

Bump Music
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Ethan Winer 1st October 2007
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Hey all, Just giving all the local slutz a heads up. We're currently renovating the former DAM Recording space in Chicago's...

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Audionaut 30th September 2007
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I just ordered a few acoustic panels. I don't want to wall-mount them. I'm looking for a free standing solution for a small...

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Paul David 29th September 2007
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HI everyone, I generated this room data using the technique described on RealTraps - Test Tone CD . I am a hobbyist, I have my...

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ChaNce144 28th September 2007
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I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any good places in the Minneapolis area to get a room treated? I've searched but I'd like...

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Ethan Winer 27th September 2007
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Acoustic treatment is expensive, and in the last few years, it's been a fast-growing business. With all these happy customer...

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Glenn Kuras 27th September 2007
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So, it looks like the cost of the ATS for 6 24x48x2 panels (ATS Acoustic Panel 24x48x2) is about $110 cheaper (price comparison...

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Glenn Kuras 26th September 2007
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doing my reading up on room treatment and i am wondering if i should do the front wall first? it seems the most logical thing to...

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Ethan Winer 24th September 2007
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Hey Guys, Does anyone know any companies that offer a decent colour range for acoustic fabric for the studio? I'm based in the...

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lowfreq33 24th September 2007
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I e-mailed Ethan about this, but he'd rather me put it here so the whole world can be helped :) I need to handle sub bass in...

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rara114 22nd September 2007
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Time has come for me to start taming my room's acoustics. I haven't done any measurements yet in the room, but I can tell you...

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esaias 21st September 2007
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This would be consultation work for the construction of a mid to hi end 16 track digital facility in an existing instituional...

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big country 19th September 2007
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a cheap source of acoustic foam in the uk to build into the walls and behind the diffusors in my...

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Ethan Winer 18th September 2007
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The other post going on about room build is very interesting but I would like to through a curve into this. What if you had...

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Cellotron 15th September 2007
Avatar for DavidKakon

Just got my panels from: GIK ACOUSTICS i have to say this is excellent value, very well done. ciao!

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Glenn Kuras 14th September 2007
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G'day all! I am going to get some real traps for both my control room and recording room. My control room is nearly 10 foot deep...

Paddlepop lion
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Paddlepop lion 11th September 2007
Avatar for ScottyD

I'm about readying to apply the first layer of sheetrock on my ceiling in my one room studio. My question is this: When...

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Ethan Winer 10th September 2007
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you know the wonders of surfing led me to this . you have to hand it to...

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AdamZuf 8th September 2007
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Hi Everyone, First of all want to say thanks to everyone in this forum so far that has helped me make my studio decisions. I am...

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Glenn Kuras 4th September 2007
Avatar for tgs

We found a new place for the studio recently and we will start building and stuff soon. I'd like to get some tips on how to go...

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Ethan Winer 4th September 2007
Avatar for RBowlin

I've got a small room (formerly a large closet) that I use as a recording "booth." It's relatively soundproof,...

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Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 2nd September 2007
Avatar for jasonare

Hey all, I need some assistance with placement of foam absorbers in my home studio. I know this topic has been addressed many...

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beyarecords 28th August 2007
Avatar for Resonant Alien

I am building out a studio in my attic and looking to save about $3k by opting for carpet instead of hardwoods. I record guitar...

Resonant Alien
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Avatar for Sugarnutz
Sugarnutz 27th August 2007
Avatar for ScottyD

Musicians friends is having an end of summer clearance sale. They are selling the Auralex Studio Foam Designer Kit for $99. 32...

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jmcdaniel_ee 24th August 2007
Avatar for TheInnerCircle4

so i just bout some acoustic foam for my booth, i have the mic pointed at the corner of the room where the foam is? is that good...

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hurd300403 23rd August 2007
Avatar for tonymite

Just curious as to what is the "BEST" sounding control room and recording area -and - WHY ?? Is it because of size,...

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Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 22nd August 2007
Avatar for briefcasemanx

So me and my friend are starting a studio, and need help with where to place acoustic treatment, and what to buy/make. I have...

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Avatar for Jason Jones
Jason Jones 21st August 2007
Avatar for Iain Hutch

Me again diddlydoo So with some changes to accomodation here, I'm looking to renovate a new live room... It's a small room -...

Iain Hutch
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Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 19th August 2007
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Hi all, I've gone the DIY route with some acoustic traps. I'm wrapping up my first phase of this project soon and about to...

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Ryuben 19th August 2007
Avatar for Igotsoul4u

I just setup my little project studio and have figured out the room issues to some degree. The most obvious problem is a big...

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Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 16th August 2007
Avatar for jamwerks

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience recording (vocals, acoustic guitar, sax) in on of these booths? I'm wondering...

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Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 14th August 2007
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just ordered me some ready bags from decided to go with the bags cuz it was at a great price considering the...

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theblotted 11th August 2007


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