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My dad and I are fed up with peaks and null in the mix and tracking room in our studio. We've decided to build 24 - 2'X4'...

Jason Poulin
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johannburkard 29th August 2018
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Hi! There seems to be alot of talk about bass trapping on the board right now so I thought it was a good idea to post some...

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Pteradactylist 7th December 2017
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Today i started a project to build some quadratic residue diffusers. Overall not a difficult project--even though i used only...

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philsaudio 21st February 2017
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Is polyester wool suitable for building Bass traps?

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Djones 1 hour ago
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Hi, I've read the posts about DIY Billys and Kilbys and Gerbsys etc, but I'm left with some confusion. I want to add two corner...

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flextone 7 hours ago
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This is kind of a naive question, so surely the answers will be interesting... During my planning I have been simply looking at...

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thethrillfactor 23 hours ago
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HI, I am very new to room acoustics and have been reading through various articles and forums extensively. I do realize there...

Luke K
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hello people 2 days ago
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Ok, I have a question, might be stupid, but what the hack Why not just take 2 big card boards and fill them with whichever...

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housegezeichnet 6 days ago
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I'd love to DIY some acoustic panels and bass traps but I have little access to any tools, and a proper building set up and...

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joeq 6 days ago
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Pictured is an empty space that I will be making into a combination control room/live room. Dimensions are approximately 30’ x...

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joeq 6 days ago
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hey guys, I'm having problem with MDF, most of my diffusers that are made of MDFs I think are producing some kind of fume that is...

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rudie152 1 week ago
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Hi All, I know it’s been established that Bradford Fibretex 350 is the closest thing to OC we’ve got here in Oz, but...

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Angrychris 1 week ago
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Hi Everybody, howdy I hope this is not imposing, but I found some of the threads here really helpful so I thought I might...

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Deleted 56021e5 1 week ago
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I am thinking of using four foot wide pegboard from floor to ceiling in the corners of my live room. I will pack it full of...

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latestflavor 1 week ago
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For my studio I am tearing down the wood from all walls and ceiling, stuffing all empty spaces with mineral wool, and covering it...

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MF_Kitten 1 week ago
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Hi guys, I've been reading the posts around here for a while, and I figured you'd be interested in this (my apologies if it's a...

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MoyenChari 1 week ago
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I'm looking to do some sound treatment in my church. I looked at absorption coefficient for Roxul RHT 80. I was thinking I would...

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Deleted 56021e5 1 week ago
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Hi, I started to get way more into acoustics and also started measuring my room because I’m not happy how the room is...

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Dayvi 2 weeks ago
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I found a local seller who is moving out of the state and who's willing to sell three Primacoustic Full Traps for $300. I...

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dmac660 2 weeks ago
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So, I'm converting my 2'x4' gobo's into PRD diffusors on one side. I've heard that repetition is bad, but what if I stack two of...

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D_T_Music 2 weeks ago
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Hello, I am planning on building floor to ceiling super chunk bass traps in my studio. I have seen a lot of conflicting...

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kurama3114 2 weeks ago
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I am getting ready to invest in a Leater Couch for my Control Room. As I was shopping for couches, I realized that there were...

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The Lotus Kid 2 weeks ago
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So, I've got 5 of these panels leftover from a home improvement project. I believe it's also called Rockboard in some areas?...

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dojosound 3 weeks ago
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Hello all, After lots of reading on here and other sources, I'm thinking I'll probably use Rockboard 40 for the treatment of my...

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thethrillfactor 3 weeks ago
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After several threads here on the relative safety of rockwool, fiberglass, and organic fibers, I did a few days of digging...

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fromthepuggle 3 weeks ago
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Hey y'all, I've got a window in the reflection zone on my right side that I cover partially with a bass trap to kill the early...

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jayme 3 weeks ago
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I have seen many studios having angled broadband bass traps. What's the difference versus just filling the whole wall...

Mr. Maki
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Mike Caffrey 3 weeks ago
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Hi, I'm about to build a large number of BAD (Binary Amplitube Diffsorber) panels for a recording room. I purchased the book...

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Deleted 56021e5 3 weeks ago
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Products with density and air flow resistivity data: Terminology: Air Flow Resistivity (in Norwegian: strømningsmotstand) is...

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Deckdaddy 4 weeks ago
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I'm about to build some 60 x 60 x 85cm floor to ceiling superchunks for the four corners in my studio and i'm having a bit of a...

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tiraquon 4 weeks ago
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I’m looking a building some DIY acoustic panels and I’m researching insulation material available here in Australia. This...

Tricky Fish
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avare 26th August 2020
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Can I turn this 2' x 4' closet into a vocal booth by putting foam on the walls? I was thinking of using foam factory and covering...

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edva 25th August 2020
Avatar for Bonemeister

There seems to be much confusing about bass traps so I thought I would start a new thread that discusses the different types and...

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The Chancellor 19th August 2020
Avatar for stenerlov

Hi, I have a pallet full of 75kg/m3 Rockwool that I would like to use for treating a small control room. I will build floor to...

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stenerlov 18th August 2020
Avatar for G. E.

After having built and used quite a few DIY diffusors for the last 2 years I'd like to share some thoughts on my newest (and most...

G. E.
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blackfinder 18th August 2020
Avatar for petertjed

Hey slutz, I'm wondering why are superchunks triangle shaped and not square shaped. With a square shaped you can place...

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Youn 17th August 2020
Avatar for seiyafan

I just started this project this afternoon. :)

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Avatar for The Chancellor
The Chancellor 14th August 2020
Avatar for Dualwreck

Hi there. I wish to create a mixing/ listening room that I may record vocals in with an SM7B. My problem with this room is the...

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Avatar for thethrillfactor
thethrillfactor 14th August 2020
Avatar for Tim Farrant

Over the years I have had great success fixing smallish room bass problems with limp mass absorbers. As there are so many...

Tim Farrant
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Avatar for The Chancellor
The Chancellor 12th August 2020
Avatar for horsound

Hi guys. I've been reading a lot about diffusion, and it seems the general consensus is diffusion isn't very cost effective in...

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horsound 9th August 2020
Avatar for horsound

Hi everyone, Two years ago I built several bass traps and broadband absorbers using rockwool and black Camira Cara, bought...

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horsound 9th August 2020
Avatar for jazztronaut

Hi there, I would like to treat a small studio space 4m by 3m, height is 2.8m with false ceiling around it measuring roughly 2.4m...

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jazztronaut 9th August 2020
Avatar for maxiedaniels

I'm not getting expected results using multilayer absorber calculator for limp membrane traps. Putting...

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Avatar for Storm Mastering
Storm Mastering 8th August 2020
Avatar for developermusic

Due to the Covid, I'm spending a lot more time tracking in my home studio. And while I have the room set up well enough for...

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Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 7th August 2020
Avatar for Audiovideoholic

Hello. I’ve been searching and searching trying to find the name and product specs of a panel I’ve seen used in a few high...

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Avatar for Audiovideoholic
Audiovideoholic 3rd August 2020
Avatar for WFH_Guy

Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. Due to COVID, most post studios in LA are closed and more of us are being asked...

replies: 101 views: 1,277
Avatar for WFH_Guy
WFH_Guy 2nd August 2020
Avatar for MF_Kitten

I am looking at different materials for bass trapping, and decided to do some additional experiments. I have some panels of...

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Avatar for MF_Kitten
MF_Kitten 29th July 2020
Avatar for Booinky

So after reading a ton here, I tried my luck at building a very simple bass trap - porous absorbers are so simple, it can't go...

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Avatar for Antmou
Antmou 29th July 2020
Avatar for CemA

Hi, I have just moved into a new place and purchased Vicoustic super bass extremes for the front wall. 6 of them. 3 on each...

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Avatar for Jens Eklund
Jens Eklund 26th July 2020
Avatar for LeadingLeo

Hey! I just built some fat super chunk corner bass traps, from floor to ceiling using triangles of Rockwool insulation (30 kg/m3)...

replies: 11 views: 705
Avatar for MF_Kitten
MF_Kitten 26th July 2020
Avatar for Lexicondonn

Ok so I have been reading quite a bit about the DIY bass traps on here using Rockboard 40-60. Tell me if I'm correct as to my...

replies: 9 views: 2,533
Avatar for B BOY
B BOY 26th July 2020
Avatar for katelyndawn89

Hi there, I've read quite a few posts around this question but can't seem to find a concise answer (I don't speak technical...

replies: 9 views: 1,012
Avatar for nomekop2000
nomekop2000 24th July 2020
Avatar for d4z0mg

When I search Google for high density foam I get a lot of results for cushion and sofa foam. Will any of these work provided...

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d4z0mg 24th July 2020


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