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30th June 2020
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My dad and I are fed up with peaks and null in the mix and tracking room in our studio. We've decided to build 24 - 2'X4'...

Jason Poulin
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johannburkard 29th August 2018
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Hi! There seems to be alot of talk about bass trapping on the board right now so I thought it was a good idea to post some...

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Pteradactylist 7th December 2017
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Today i started a project to build some quadratic residue diffusers. Overall not a difficult project--even though i used only...

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philsaudio 21st February 2017
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Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. Due to COVID, most post studios in LA are closed and more of us are being asked...

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Mike Caffrey 4 hours ago
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I'm about to construct a new studio, dimensions are 196.3"x160.5", ceiling is vaulted with lowest point being 101"...

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maxiedaniels 8 hours ago
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People might be aware that artificial mineral fibre products (Owen's corning, Rockwool, etc.) may be health hazards (e.g.,...

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markblockjzz 9 hours ago
Avatar for tinnitusintx

Just got a Mapleshade catalog and noticed they sell an interesting little triangular diffuser. That's all well and good, but in...

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Filmpros 1 day ago
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Not me, BTW.

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thethrillfactor 1 day ago
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After reading many, many acoustic treatment threads, I've noticed what appears to be a general preference for broadband low...

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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 1 day ago
Avatar for Grovestand

It’s hard to estimate the effectiveness of adding an absorber to a room without measuring it in place. Wouldn’t it be nice...

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Grovestand 3 days ago
Avatar for Maschu

Hey guys, I'm in the process of recording vocals for my first album and therefore facing a couple of problems: 1. my studio is...

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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 3 days ago
Avatar for BT_1234

Hi everyone, provided that there's good bass treatment (such as the entire rear wall or a sufficient amount of corners filled...

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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 3 days ago
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There seems to be much confusing about bass traps so I thought I would start a new thread that discusses the different types and...

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tks0326 4 days ago
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Hello, I'm planning on building a vocal 4x4 booth and looking to use 100mm Rockwool slabs with acoustic plasterboard or OSB...

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djkprojects 5 days ago
Avatar for John Mor

Hi, i'm considering swapping my relatively compact ceiling cloud which is above the listening position with a much bigger one,...

John Mor
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John Mor 6 days ago
Avatar for TRCKZ

Hello all, I've been a long time lurker over here but now it is time to ask you guys some acoustic advice for my small...

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TRCKZ 1 week ago
Avatar for GatorDick_90

Hi! My first post here after years of creeping the boards. I made a small vocal "booth" (approx 7 ft high, 4 ft long,...

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GatorDick_90 1 week ago
Avatar for Macrawn

Nevermind. I found an answer for this sorry.

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Macrawn 1 week ago
Avatar for airmate

hello, on the weekend i finally finished my latest DIY room acoustics project. due to the absolutely great improvement the...

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Avatar for Samuelito
Samuelito 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Tim Farrant

Over the years I have had great success fixing smallish room bass problems with limp mass absorbers. As there are so many...

Tim Farrant
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Avatar for Cheeftain
Cheeftain 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Macrawn

I'm planning on making some bass traps that line my walls. I'm going to build them right into the wall. Probably 18-24 inches of...

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Avatar for Macrawn
Macrawn 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Brandon99

Hey everyone. I'm hoping ya'll can help me! I'm 20 years old (still living at home) and pretty much have no options to move my...

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Brandon99 2 weeks ago
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Hi I wanna ask about soundproofing a very small room 3meters by 2meters. I just want to reduce the high frequencies coming out...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 3 weeks ago
Avatar for RedTone

I have shown this in my build thread for my studio, but though it would be good to post my Ceiling Cloud build as a separate...

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Avatar for Grovestand
Grovestand 3 weeks ago
Avatar for alexlondon

Hi, I'm trying to improve the sound in my living room / kitchen as there is way too much bass when I am standing in the sofa...

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Avatar for alexlondon
alexlondon 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Divico

Hi, After postponing this for way too long I finally decided to treat my room. All DIY. I recently moved to a new flat, where...

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Avatar for Divico
Divico 4 weeks ago
Avatar for jeebles

They’re quite affordable. Can anyone vouch for their quality?...

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jeebles 4 weeks ago
Avatar for intu1tion

I’ve already constructed my own acoustic panels at home with common wood and filled them up with “Rockwool Safe and Sound.”...

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Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 4 weeks ago
Avatar for lanmonkey

OK, So I need to build some bass traps. As I am in the UK rockwool is the easiest available, most of which can be bought off...

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Avatar for avare
avare 4 weeks ago
Avatar for esaias

in other words, what does this mean and how does it relate to acoustical/absortion properties (and compared to for example ever...

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esaias 4 weeks ago
Avatar for G. E.

After having built and used quite a few DIY diffusors for the last 2 years I'd like to share some thoughts on my newest (and most...

G. E.
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Avatar for G. E.
G. E. 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Barncore

What's the best insulation measurements? (choose one) 1. 160mm thickness, 48kg/m3 density 2. 160mm thickness, 32kg/m3...

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Avatar for QifeiLee
QifeiLee 31st May 2020
Avatar for audiovisceral

After several threads here on the relative safety of rockwool, fiberglass, and organic fibers, I did a few days of digging...

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Avatar for FelixOlivier
FelixOlivier 29th May 2020
Avatar for galpi

Hi. I just added subwoofers to my 2-channel system and took some room measurements with REW, please find attached. Green is...

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Avatar for galpi
galpi 25th May 2020
Avatar for mat_down_under

TL;DR: I need help deciding what sort of acoustic treatment I should use in my square room (3.5m x 3.5m, 2.5m H), I don't want to...

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Avatar for dinococcus
dinococcus 23rd May 2020
Avatar for scannedlife

I just ordered three 4 inch thick 24" x 48" ATS acoustic panels. Are there stands out there that would work for with...

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Avatar for nosebleedaudio
nosebleedaudio 18th May 2020
Avatar for cashhigh

Hey there gearslutz I am a little lost as to where to go from here. I have a room with 5 corners which I have built floor to...

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Avatar for cashhigh
cashhigh 16th May 2020
Avatar for DreamWalker

Hello all! I have been lurking here and on the JS forum for a number of months while designing and building my electronic music...

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Avatar for Lewis Robertson
Lewis Robertson 13th May 2020
Avatar for RockstarWizkidd

I need to isolate my monitors from my desk. In an ideal world, things would be different, but I have a height constraint...

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Avatar for RockstarWizkidd
RockstarWizkidd 13th May 2020
Avatar for Ipspam

Hi All, long time lurker, first time poster. There is NOT a specific problem I am trying to fix, and therefore no pretty...

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Avatar for IEC
IEC 10th May 2020
Avatar for DownSideUp

Hey all ! I found this video and his back wall looks amazing. I'd be curious if the pattern of the walls are random or...

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Avatar for SkyWriter
SkyWriter 6th May 2020
Avatar for PaulMac

I've just installed lots of 10cm and 5cm thick panels to the walls in my control room, as well as GIK bass traps in the corners....

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Avatar for PaulMac
PaulMac 5th May 2020
Avatar for DaveNJ

Hey all, I'm moving my home studio from an extra bedroom to the basement. Good news - I gain 20' in length and 2' in width, but I...

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Avatar for WJohnston
WJohnston 5th May 2020
Avatar for lyonsno

Hi everyone, first time poster here. EDIT: tldr is that I bought some used low range monster bass traps and the previous owner...

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Avatar for lyonsno
lyonsno 4th May 2020
Avatar for captaink

Hi I have just bought a house and my studio is in a small room which is 2m W x 3m L x 2.5 H. I am looking to treat it and have...

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Avatar for Jens Eklund
Jens Eklund 3rd May 2020
Avatar for dasnub

It seems to be conventional wisdom that we keep our monitors set up vertically- the reasoning being that we are more likely to...

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Avatar for Jens Eklund
Jens Eklund 3rd May 2020
Avatar for travelboy

My room needs more treatment for absorbing very low frequencies. I have a cabinet covering one wall. I thought about putting bass...

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Avatar for lahatte
lahatte 1st May 2020
Avatar for Rick Sanchez

I have a number of Owens Corning 703 panels and a partial bolt of Guilford fabric left from a previous project. Has anyone...

Rick Sanchez
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Avatar for eightinchninja
eightinchninja 26th April 2020
Avatar for canadianaudioboi

Hello once again this is canadian audio boi looking for some advice. The only options i have here in canada are primacoustic,...

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Avatar for kgveteran
kgveteran 25th April 2020
Avatar for IEC

Hey, I am about to purchase some material for bass trapping/treatment in my room. They are semi rigid poly batts that will be...

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Avatar for IEC
IEC 23rd April 2020
Avatar for Stormchild

To avoid wasting everyone's time, I'll just start with a few basic facts that will probably grind this conversation to a halt...

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Avatar for Stormchild
Stormchild 22nd April 2020
Avatar for canadianaudioboi

Hey its canadian audio boi. I want a DEAD room dead and dull. Cant treat the ceiling. But i can get a huge...

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Avatar for canadianaudioboi
canadianaudioboi 22nd April 2020
Avatar for Rtroost

Hi- Im planning on treating most of the back wall of my new studio (will set up a build thread on it once I can get on site...

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Avatar for Rtroost
Rtroost 20th April 2020


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