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onebigdoor 21st February 2012 01:40 AM

DIY sound treatment using Auralex's placement advice
The folks at Auralex were nice enough to work out a treatment plan for my room at no charge.
If you use google sketchup, the file is here.
Here is a pdf. of the design as well.
The problem is that I don't like the look or cost of their foam stuff. I already own a pile of their T'Fusor panels, so I'll probably use them where suggested on the wall and in the cloud (also to be constructed DIY).
I have sourced Roxul Rockboard 60 locally at a good price. I'm planning on building my own panels using the designs of the Ready Acoustics guy here

My thought is to simply use 2" thick rockboard panels for the 2" foam panels and 6" rockboard at the suggested points for those venus bass traps. Though it does seem strange to not have the bass traps in the wall corners. Would I have better luck spanning the corner with a 6" panel?
Does this plan hold water? Any suggestions on different placements or build techniques?