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At last: new Mac Pro!

Folks are acting like there aren't very recently revamped Mac Mini, iMac/iMac Pro and MacBook pros with pretty great specs available also for not outlandish money. This new machine is NOT for the hobbyist or home studio or even a modest project studio. This is a serious machine for studios running ProTools HDX with 48+...

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New Pro Tools Pricing July 1 2019

No, Avid, it is not how people want to license software, which is why DAWs like Studio One are becoming so popular. Subscriptions are only popular with software companies that have run out of new ideas to sell and make a profit (Adobe, Microsoft, Avid, etc). Instead, you adopt a permanent repayment plan...

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Mixing ITB is very un-slutlike.

In our labs at the college where I teach we have various machines with versions 10 - Pro Tools 2019. There is no sonic difference in the base software that I can discern. Certain nothing that would prompt me to change my workflow. I predict that if you were to make a...

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