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The MA5 was created to fill the need for a high-quality microphone preamplifier with the characteristic sound of early ‘70s British Class-A consoles. The re-engineering in the creation of the MA5 stemmed from years of experience restoring both American and British modules, deeply rooted in classic transformer-balanced, discrete electronics. Only the best and most suitable components are used throughout, regardless of cost, to attain the best sound. Over a year was spent on the MA5- not only on the engineering side of the design, but also in extensive sound evaluation with observation of specific settings, gain structures, and key components. We have always believed that our ears’ sensitivity coupled with experienced judgment of sound is still unparalleled- even with some of the best audio test analyzers which we own and use. In the end, it is our ears we are trying to satisfy. The MA5’s full and open sound is due to a rich harmonic content, particularly in the very low frequencies- even down to, and below, 10Hz. The clear mids and smooth highs come through without sounding dull or smeared.


Chandler REDD mic next to a vintage U87

...77-DX - My Chandler REDD I also did a few clips at home, for reference: - The REDD again - My 1971 U87 into Avedis MA5 - Shure SM7b into Avedis MA5 EDIT: There is likely something wrong with the Chandler REDD. Out of respect for Chandler - and in fairness to the microphone, so it's being properly represented -...

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Is 500 series not hi quality enough for your master bus??

...damn good drummer, and all around smart guy. If anyone else wants proof as to the headroom claims of the MA5, I can easily supply it or they can test it themselves. We have some great test equipment here and can show those who want to come by our shop. One such audio analyzer we...

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All the hype for the MA5, what about the MD7?

That’s great to hear. I agree that it has a pretty special sound, and I especially love the bit of “natural” compression it imparts. I know ppl talk about that with Neve-style circuits, but I definitely hear it more with the md7 than with the ma5.

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