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The Avalon VT-747SP combines a creative STEREO tube-discrete Class A spectral-opto-compressor with a musical six band program equalizer, L-R output level and gain reduction metering and internal regulated power supplies in a 2U space. Ideal for high performance DAW input signal conditioning, stereo buss compression-EQ, stereo keyboards and analog mastering applications. SPECTRAL-OPTO-COMPRESSION The opto-compressor features a minimum signal path design utilizing sealed silver relays for all signal routing and by pass functions. The optical attenuator acts as a passive level controller with a Class A, variable gain make-up amplifier. Full dynamic control from soft compression to hard-knee limiting can be achieved with master threshold, ratio-compression, attack and release controls. Gain reduction indication is a large analog VU meter. Low frequency and high frequency contour parametric spectral controls can be routed into the side-chain path for enhanced frequency dependent compression with variable frequency and threshold levels. SC listen provides side-chain listen mode for monitoring. SIX BAND PROGRAM EQUALIZER The VT-747SP equalizer utilizes 100% discrete, Class A high-voltage transistors for optimum sonic performance. The six band STEREO program EQ incorporates the smooth characteristics of an all passive design. The frequency turnover, Q and amplitude ranges have been carefully chosen for each band to provide the most natural harmonic balance and lowest phase change while offering simple and effective tone control. The EQ can be placed pre or post the opto-compressor for enhanced effects. TSP - TWIN SIGNAL PATH The VT-747SP features TSP which gives you the choice of either tube tone or the classic, Class A discrete transistor sound by exchanging, three (3) high-voltage dual triode tubes with discrete amplifiers in the opto-compressor and primary output stages. INPUT-OUTPUT and METERING Fully balanced DC coupled, Class A discrete amplifiers are utilized for the input and output drive interface with+36dB input headroom. A high quality analog VU meter indicates accurate gain reduction. Twin 60dB range LED meters provide fast L-R output status of all levels.


Impressions of Gearslutz from a newbie

...- the Barefoot speakers or the Dynaudio M3's. And you really need a sub for those. 5. Avalon 737 is trash. 6. Avalon 747 is trash. 7. The Avalon M5 is OK "for bass." 8. The only mics that can be used for classical guitar are the $2500 Schoeps or some equally priced Sennheiser. Otherwise, nothing in your...

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A&H Zed R16 Firewire Mixer

BTW - I bought a Dione! Got a sweet second hand deal locally Just cabling everythign up R16 Mix bus >> Fusion Send >>> Compressor + Karacter >> EQ >> Fusion return >>> Output trim >> R16

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