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Dynamic vocal microphone


What's in YOUR mic locker???

3-Audix OM-5 1-Audix OM-6 1-Sennheiser E602 4-Audix ADX-20 Condenser (Micro-D) 2-Audio Technica 3525 Condenser 2-Audix D3 1-Audix D1 1-Audix D6 2-Audix i5 6-Shure SM-57 4-Shure SM58 4-AKG C900 1-Aguilar DB900 Tube Direct Box 3-Radial JDI Direct Boxes 1-Countryman Type 85 Active DI 2-DOD Stagehand Passive DI Box 2-Behringer G-100 Active DI Box 1-M-Audio Sputnik Tube Microphone 2-Karma Audio K-35 FET Microphone 2-CAD M-179 Multi-Pattern 1-Heil PR-40 1 Heil PR-30 1-Heil PR-22 1-Sennheiser MD 421-II 1-Stellar RM-4 Dual-Ribbon Microphone 1-...

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Next step up for vocal mics - Telefunken M80, AKG D7, Senn E935/E945 or condenser?

...although the latter seems to be the dynamic of choice when money (and size) is no object. I tried the Audix OM5 and I found it to be a bit overly-present and shouty, with no bass even when eating the mic, although the treble is buttery-smooth (better than most dynamics I've found). Would work wonders in...

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Telefunken M80/81

Sidenote: I recently did a gig where I brought OM5's and 767a's and, with no advance, the vocalists asked for SM58's. I told them I didn't bring 58's. They pouted, and said "well we'll use our mics then." He pulled out a KMS105 and she pulled out an M80. I sh|t you not.

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