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What's in your mic locker?

Dynamics - Ribbons AKG D12 (Ecolette 60s) AKG D112 Audix D2 Audix D4 Audix D6 BLUE Ball (2) Peluso R-14 Ribbon Sennheiser 421 (3) Shure Beta 57 Shure SM57 (7) Shure SM7A Yamaha Sub-Kick Condensers AKG C1000 (2) AKG C451e w/CK1s (2) AKG C422 (Stereo) (C12 Capsules) AKG 414 ULS/B (3) Audio Technica 4033 (2) Audio Technica 4060 (Tube) Audix Micro-D w/Cardiod Capsule (2) BLUE Cactus (Tube) BLUE Dragonfly Deluxe (4) BLUE Kiwi BLUE R0 - Elam...

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Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...Audix D6 Kick out: Yamaha Subkick Kick out: Blue Mouse Snare top: Audix i5 (I also tried a 57) Snare bottom: Sennheiser MD441 Tom tops: Audix D2 & Audix D4 Tom bottoms: CAD M179 OHs: AKG 414s Ride: Neumann KM84 Hats: Neumann KM140 Rooms: Neumann U87 & Blue Kiwi

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Mic'ing toms - under or over?

...2:1 box. I've yet to get a tom sound as round and warm as with this device. 421 on top, Audix D2 on the bottom. A side benefit seems to be - with the right settings I get a little less cymbal bleed. Thanks for head's up kfhkh

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Product Description

VLM type-B, high gain capsule, excellent for toms, floor toms, and congas.Compact and lightweight, yet featuring full-size diaphragms, the D Series microphones employ exclusive Sub-Impulse Technology designed specifically to achieve the true 3-dimensional sound of instruments.Sub- Impulse Technology builds on the principles of the VLM diaphragm design to accurately pick up the subtle nuances of sub-impulse harmonics. These harmonics contribute substantially to the richness of the sound.Basically, the lower mass of the diaphragm coupled with an extra-sensitive internal air suspension allows the outer wall of the diaphragm to react to sound waves, harmonics and sub-harmonics quicker than other mics. The result is a faster, more precise sampling of the original sound.Housed in precision tooled blocks of pure aluminum, these mics offer the size, weight and ruggedness required for instrument mics.A tight hypercardioid pickup pattern allows clear definition of sound without the feedback problems commonly associated with placing multiple mics in close proximity.