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This versatile addition to the Artist Series features a new multi-stage flat grille design for precise positioning close to the sound source. Equipped with a neodymium magnet for high-output performance, the ATM650 has a frequency response tailored for clear sound reproduction of guitar cabinets, snare and percussion. A-T’s innovative dual-wall floating construction banishes handling noise.


How to setup drum overheads?

I re-opened the project and reduced the drum panning from 100% to 60%. Got enough spread to sound stereo and got rid of the ride bouncing. With the hard panned guitars the project sounder better than it was before. Thanks!

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Alternatives to the classic SM57 for Snare Drum?

...MBD 219 C (highly recomended!) - Blue Encore 100i (very nice!) - Microtech Gefell MD100 - Sennheiser e906 - Sennheiser e905 - Audio Technica ATM650 (very nice!) - Audio Technica AE3000 (highly recomended!) - Audio Technica AE5100 - CAD E100 (very nice!) The more common ones were already mentionend. Best, Steph

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Tracking live drums

Sennheiser 431 mk2 is beefy and has really nice rejection but pricey SM57 with the crimson white mod is nice and I normally hate 57's An ATM650 is a sleeper is beefy and punchy. Also if you have a 441 under the snare it adds a lot of body. Good Luck

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