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Audio-Technica's premier studio vocal microphone – the AT5040 cardioid condenser – proudly stands at the front of its class, continually earning rave reviews across the board. Created as the first microphone in our flagship 50 Series, the AT5040 represents a milestone in condenser design, offering remarkable high-fidelity musical performance, with profound realism and depth, presence and purity of sound. Designed as a first-choice vocal microphone, the AT5040 features an extremely smooth top end with controlled sibilance. Large-diaphragm characteristics and fast transient response also make it ideal for recording acoustic instruments such as piano, guitar, strings and saxophone. Four-part rectangular elementAt the forefront of our design criteria for the AT5040 was purity of sound. To achieve this, Audio-Technica engineers developed a four-part rectangular element, the pinnacle of our recent breakthroughs in sound-capture technology. Four exquisitely matched ultra-thin diaphragms function together (with outputs proprietarily summed) as Audio-Technica's largest-ever element, providing combined surface area twice that of a standard one-inch circular diaphragm. By using four diaphragms in a single capsule, the AT5040 delivers the benefits of an exceptionally large diaphragm — along with an extremely low noise floor — without increased weight, decreased transient response or other drawbacks that typically restrict diaphragm size. Another key AT5040 design feature is advanced internal shock mounting that effectively decouples the capsule from the microphone body. For additional isolation, each AT5040 is also provided with Audio-Technica's innovative new AT8480 shock mount. 100% quality controlEvery AT5040 is hand assembled and individually inspected for 100% quality control. Each microphone is enclosed in an elegant housing of aluminum and brass with high-quality gray finish for durability and low reflectivity. Discrete components have been selected for optimized capsule performance; in fact, every aspect of the microphone has been carefully considered to minimize any effects on the audio signal. Pure innovationAs much as we admire the great microphones of the world, our 50 Series cardioid condenser is pure innovation, not emulation. Wherever your passion for music takes you, listen for the purity, presence, depth and detail of Audio-Technica's AT5040 — the standard in studio condenser microphones.


Anyone using the AT5040? Impressions? Clips?

James, the same question here for a long time. About the Audio Technica AT5040 I find only sparsely informations in the ww world (gearslutz, youtube...) The mic is unfortunately too expensive, to buy one for the own practical experience. Hope, a few guys jump in ! R.

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The 10MX clock has changed my studio

...of one purchase vs another. I can look at the specs and design aesthetic of a U67 vs a pair of AT5040 and make a pretty damn good educated guess as to how those would fit my workflow, and which would be a better buy for me. And I can also make a pretty...

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U87 or save my money

And, yet, no mention of the Audio Technica AT5040. Not the AT4050, which is a solid piece of gear, but the AT5040. ::SMH::

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