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The AT4040 side-address condenser microphone features an advanced large diaphragm tensioned specifically to provide smooth, natural sonic characteristics. A marriage of technical precision and artistic inspiration, the AT4040 offers exceptionally low noise, wide dynamic range and high-SPL capability for greatest versatility. This ultra-consistent microphone may be used with confidence in a wide variety of studio and live miking applications, even under the stringent demands of digital recording systems. The AT4040’s low-noise circuitry is symmetrical and transformerless, resulting in exceptional transient response and clean output signals for transparent reproduction of even the most troublesome of instruments and sound effects.


Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet first impressions

...keeping anything else :lol: I can't get near its quality ITB. Effortlessly smooth and musical. Just nabbed a pair of Miad 4040's to partner the SB (cheers Paul G for pointing those out), that'll give me more EQ and tonal flavour. I doubt the SB EQ will ever leave Air mode now, so good.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

Pair of Miad 4040 EQs and HCL Varis comp to be added this week (come on post!). Kii Three and Silver Bullet in the pic... Philips Hue is quite expensive, but fook me, can't get enough of it! rockout

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Looking for a mic, I read so many threads can't decide...

The 4040 is the only one in that series I've never owned. But you bring up a good point... You can get a lot of mic for not a lot of money. I actually ike the 4033 better than the TLM102.

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