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Stereo Electret Condenser Microphone with Pivoting Capsules


Avalon WHY ???

I will pull my hat off on that one, they do look cool as hell in the rack. only one issue, you have to visit RS often for VU blubs, cause they don't look near as well not lit.

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PRS Keychange Gender discrimination Project

Please cite any source, fact based, that has any successful argument that an optional leisure time activity like making art must be represented by 50% of each gender, and how that could ever be truly validated, policed, and maintained. I won't be checking back anytime soon on that. P.S. Art is what you do to be creative...

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LS10 - Inexpensive External Mic Upgrade?

The AT2022 has a built in gradual bass roll-off. I understand that the Olympus has what amounts to a bass rumble filter built in. This would seem to be a bad combination. I have found the AT2022 to be hard sounding in the upper midrange and this may be exasperated by...

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