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ASP800 is an audio powerhouse designed to transform your sessions into world class recordings, making it the perfect addition to your audio interface. ASP800 provides 8 channels of Audient’s renowned console mic preamps, class-leading Burr-Brown converter technology, two JFET D.I’s and two Retro channels with revolutionary tone control. Just plug in your mics, guitars, keyboards and drum machines and you’re ready to go, so get creative and start thinking big!


Share your "Glyn Johns" drum recordings

...the snare, and Beyerdynamic MC930 in Glyn Johns roughly 2 drumsticks from the snare to both mics. The preamps are Audient ASP800 into Apogee Quartet via adat and into Logic X. I used a little eq, compression and reverb to finish it of. The room is pretty small with low ceilings.

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Updates on Cranborne Audio Camden 500, 500R8, 500ADAT - Test Drive Mojo! for now, as my main use case involves tracking full band, with drums split - 8 tracks from Audient ASP800 and 2 additional tracks on analog inputs (usually Overheads from Silver Bullet). In addition to this we'd have the rest of the bands guide tracks (vox, 2 gtrs and bass) on analog. It wasn't...

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Preamp with lightpipe recommendations

Review of the AudioFuse here. Looks like it covers the bases for what I need.

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