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Whitecat 22 hours ago 07:57 AM
Making Space: Inside Total Refreshment Centre's DIY recording studio

Total Refreshment Centre is home to a recording studio in which much of the capital’s jazz and experimental music has been forged.

Whitecat 1 day ago 01:08 PM
London-based startup MUSO raises €4 million to address digital piracy | EU-Startups

London-based MUSO‘s technology removes unlicensed digital content while providing data and insights from piracy audiences.

Whitecat 3 days ago 10:05 AM
Nipsey Hussle's activism lives on as merchandise orders pour in | Music | The Guardia

Teams at the rapper’s Marathon Clothing store say soaring sales aren’t just about fashion: ‘People are trying to change and that’s what Nipsey pushed for’

Whitecat 6 days ago 10:15 PM
Lewis Capaldi arena tour pledges help for fans with anxiety | Music | The Guardian

Mental health charity Mind welcomes chart-topping star’s scheme to provide support workers, gig buddies and an ‘escape room’

Whitecat 1 week ago 11:10 PM
How Gen Z listen to music - i-D

The rise of streaming services and Gen Z acts like Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish are heralding the end of emo, rap, and country as we know them. And bringing in something better.

Whitecat 1 week ago 10:38 PM
Nick Cave: ‘Perhaps rock music needs to die for a while’ | Nick Cave | The Guardi

Responding to a fan letter about censoring musicians accused of misconduct, Cave described rock as ‘nostalgic’, but suggested that ‘dissolute behaviour’ is key to its identity

Whitecat 1 week ago 10:04 PM
This Is How Bad Your Vinyl Obsession Is for the World - VICE

The first instalment of a new fun column, guilt-tripping you about everything you love.

Whitecat 1 week ago 11:11 PM
Dubai International Airport Is Getting Resident DJs - Condé Nast Traveler

Effective immediately, Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the first airport in the world to have resident DJs. We've always thought every overnight flight should end in a dance party.

Whitecat 1 week ago 11:08 PM
Record Store Day 2019: Abbey Road master behind Queen and Abba

Queen, Chic, David Bowie and Pink Floyd vinyl rarities lead Record Store Day 2019. Frank Arkwright is the Abbey Road record mastering expert who makes the stars sound their best on disc

Whitecat 1 week ago 10:41 PM
Mac DeMarco and the artistic slouch: has slack rock come to an end? | Music | The Gua

When women have to put in twice the work to get half the recognition, the alt-rock archetype loses its appeal

Whitecat 1 week ago 01:40 PM
Angell Sound's demise is a blow to the ad industry's creative heart

Angell Sound, one of London's oldest audio post-production and music production studios, has gone into administration, and there's one trend heavily to blame.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 10:47 PM
Spotify's Secret Genius Songwriters Pen Letter to Daniel Ek Over CRB Rate Appeal

In 2017, Spotify launched its inaugural Secret Genius Awards, an annual event to honor the songwriters and producers behind some of the streaming platform's most-played songs. Some of their honorees, however, are now speaking out about something that has been much less celebrated -- Spotify's plan to appeal Copyright Royalty Board rates along with Google, Pandora, and Amazon -- in an open letter to Sweden's greenest export.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 09:37 PM
Apple Music Overtakes Spotify in Paid U.S. Subscribers - WSJ

Apple’s music-streaming service has surpassed Spotify’s in paid U.S. subscriptions yet lags behind its Swedish competitor globally. The milestone sets the stage for the two rivals’ intensifying race for listeners around the world.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 06:23 PM
Home Taping Is Killing Music: When the Music Industry Waged War on the Cassette Tape

The first time I saw the infamous Skullcassette-and-Bones logo was on holiday in the UK and purchased the very un-punky Chariots of Fire soundtrack. It was on the inner sleeve. “Home Taping Is Killing Music” it proclaimed. It was?

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 04:04 PM
She loves you… sí, oui, ja: how pop went multilingual | Music | The Guardian

Pop stars once had to sing in English to win global fame. Now Spanish and other languages are taking over

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 02:49 PM
Alan Lomax's Massive Music Archive Is Online: Features 17,000 Historic Blues &am

A huge treasure trove of songs and interviews recorded by the legendary folklorist Alan Lomax from the 1940s into the 1990s have been digitized and made available online for free listening.

bgood 2 weeks ago 11:14 PM
Dahvie Vanity Raped A Child. Police Gave Him A Warning. Now 21 Women Accuse Him Of Se

The Blood on the Dance Floor singer is an expert at winning teenage girls' trust — and their silence.
See something? Say something... dope, drinking, womanizing, etc... I totally understand that any combination of those are lifestyle choices, but, child rape? Come on, bro. I imagine there are audio folks here that have come across this dude and seen some of this exact behavior..
Whitecat 2 weeks ago 05:43 PM
Is it worth paying to meet your heroes? - BBC News

The 1975's Matty Healy says paid fan meet and greets at gigs shouldn't happen. Is he right?

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 09:44 AM
The Weeknd sued for ripping off British songwriters on 'A Lonely Night

The Weeknd is reportedly being sued by a trio of British songwriters who claim that he ripped them off on his track ‘A Lonely Night’.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 10:34 PM
Spotify and YouTube Fight To Keep Artists' Royalties Ridiculously Low – By

Digital platforms greed and lack of support for music artists knows no boundaries and remains suspiciously concealed from the general public…

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 09:26 PM
‘We’re not being given a viable future’: how Brexit will hurt British music | M

From customs holding up CD and vinyl deliveries to visa issues putting roadies out of work, the UK music industry is nervous about what Brexit may bring

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 04:45 PM
RA News: Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Radio to shut down this year

The energy drink is ending its association with the consultation company Yadastar, which oversaw both operations.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 04:13 PM
IHeartMedia, a Radio Giant Coming Out of Bankruptcy, Files for an I.P.O. - The New Yo

The largest radio broadcaster in the United States, iHeartMedia, says it offers “companionship” to compete against streaming music services.

Pale Pyramid 3 weeks ago 02:14 PM
Global Music Sales Hit $19 Billion in 2018 - Pitchfork

The latest IFPI Global Music Report shows a 9.7% increase, almost half of which came from streaming
Streaming is doing better. 10 percent decrease in physical sales. 20 percent decrease in downloads. Are the streaming services still paying artists 100th of a penny on a dollar?
Whitecat 3 weeks ago 11:50 PM
'Consumers and creators will benefit': PRS CEO Robert Ashcroft on how Article 13 will

While the fixing of the so-called value gap with YouTube could be a big win for the biz, Ashcroft says that the Copyright Directive will go far wider and create a “level playing field” in the streaming economy that covers all the tech giants, DSPs and new platforms...

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 10:15 AM
School music report reveals cuts, inequality and demoralised teachers | Education | T

Subject is in a ‘perilous state’ and is being squeezed out of the curriculum by competing demands, says new research

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 07:29 AM
Skrillex dubstep 'could protect against mosquitoes' | Offbeat News | Sky News

Skrillex released Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites in 2010, when it peaked at number 77 in the UK's streaming chart.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 02:03 PM
‘Be urself’: meet the teens creating a generation gap in music | Music | The Guar

Instead of radio or the music press, today’s teens are discovering songs in the background of YouTube videos – creating a new breed of superstars unknown to adults

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 10:21 PM
Sigur Rós band members charged with tax evasion by Icelandic authorities | Sigur Ros

Musicians accused of evading 151m Icelandic krona in tax through incorrect tax returns from 2011 to 2014

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 12:46 PM
Guitar firm fined for concealing documents during CMA inspection - GOV.UK

Guitar supplier Fender Europe has been fined £25,000 by the CMA for hiding relevant documents during an inspection of its UK headquarters.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 09:58 AM
Ariana Grande's Tour Photo Agreement Prompts Protest by News Outlets | Billboard

Ariana Grande has created a stir with a highly restrictive photo agreement for her upcoming Sweetener tour that has photographers crying foul.

razorboy 4 weeks ago 06:21 PM
Article 13 PASSED: Huge blow for Kodi add-on and Pirate Bay users in major EU vote |

ARTICLE 13 - a controversial change to European copyright laws - has been passed in an EU vote today, and it could have major knock-on effects for the internet.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 08:34 PM
Music’s next big startup Splice raises $57.5M to sell samples – TechCrunch

Tech has a bad reputation for pulling money out of musicians’ pockets, but Splice is changing that. The audio sample marketplace and music production collaboration tool has now paid out $15 million to artists since 2013, doubling in the last year.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 03:03 PM
Top Scores - BBC News

From Pong to Red Dead: How video game music has always played players

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 08:53 PM
Warner Signs Algorithm to Record Deal | Pitchfork

Expect 20 albums this year from the mood music app Endel

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 06:35 PM
Streaming accounts for more than half UK record label income | Business | The Guardia

Revenue from Spotify, Amazon and Apple rises as CD sales continue to fall

Whitecat 20th March 2019 06:20 PM
Ariana Grande signs away 90% of '7 Rings' royalties

Ariana Grande has reportedly signed away 90 percent of the royalties from ‘7 Rings’ to the estates of Rodgers and Hammerstein, after it sampled their iconic track ‘My Favourite Things.

Whitecat 20th March 2019 07:35 AM
JAY-Z, Miley Cyrus, Dead And Company, and Chance The Rapper to headline Woodstock 50

A whole generation’s innocence was shattered by the disastrous Woodstock ‘99, an event that updated one of music’s most iconic symbols of peace and love by throwing in the sort of butt-rock, nu-metal bull**** that people liked in 1999. Now that it’s another year that ends in a nine, though, original Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang has returned to try and reclaim some of that positivity with a 50th anniversary festival called—appropriately enough—Woodstock 50. When the event was first announced at the beginning of the year, Lang would only confirm that the three-day festival would feature “big-name headliners,” but he wouldn’t name any specifics.

Whitecat 20th March 2019 12:25 AM
Counterfeit Pro Audio Gear Factory Raided In China - ProSoundWeb

Police raid on Enping Soundpu Electronics Equipment (aka Voxpu Electronics Equipment) finds counterfeit products from several leading audio companies

Whitecat 19th March 2019 06:56 PM
Scientists Played Music to Cheese as It Aged. Hip-Hop Produced the Funkiest F

Researchers played nonstop loops of Led Zeppelin, A Tribe Called Quest and Mozart to cheese wheels to find out how soundwaves impacted flavor

Whitecat 19th March 2019 04:13 PM
Discrimination against urban music persists, says report to MPs | Music | The Guardia

Institutionalised racism continues to affect the live sector, committee told

GearAndGuitars 18th March 2019 06:47 PM
Music Keynote T Bone Burnett at SXSW 2019 [Video]

Just moments before Facebook went down for hours on March 13, Keynote Speaker T Bone Burnett sounded the alarms about deregulated tech.

GearAndGuitars 18th March 2019 06:46 PM
Full text: T Bone Burnett rips Big Tech “surveillance capitalists” in

“These surveillance capitalists do not have the ethical foundation to be able to order society as they have presumed to do.

Whitecat 18th March 2019 05:35 PM
Myspace loses all content uploaded before 2016 | Technology | The Guardian

Faulty server migration blamed for mass deletion of songs, photos and video

Whitecat 16th March 2019 02:48 PM
Joss Stone performs in bar in North Korea | Ents & Arts News | Sky News

The singer, who rose to fame with debut album The Soul Sessions in 2003, has already performed in Syria for her Total World Tour.

Whitecat 16th March 2019 12:35 AM
The BBC cutting Late Junction is a blow for experimental music | Music | The Guardian

The Radio 3 show dropping from three nights a week to one deprives audiences of musical diversity and removes a vital lifeline for left-field musicians

Whitecat 15th March 2019 10:36 AM
Addressing Spotify’s Claims - Apple

We want more app businesses to thrive — including the ones that compete with some aspect of our business, because they drive us to be better.

Whitecat 15th March 2019 10:23 AM
Sony/ATV Chief Slams Streaming Services’ Copyright Appeal

Outgoing Sony/ATV chairman Martin Bandier is certainly not phoning it in during his last month on the job.

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