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Whitecat 1 day ago 11:26 AM
How Claiming Creative Control Helps Women Musicians Stay The Course : NPR

The 1990s saw a wave of prominent women musicians who took the reins, creatively and professionally, over their music — and provided a blueprint for lasting careers.

GearAndGuitars 1 day ago 03:50 AM
Snapchat Market Value Drops $1.3B After Single Tweet, CEO Earned $638M Last Year - hy

If you live by social media, you die by social media. Just ask any musician who spent countless hours building an audience on MySpace audience (and now there are signs that Facebook is next). Today, the market value of Snapchat parent Snap Inc. fell $1.3 billion after a single tweet...

GearAndGuitars 1 day ago 03:45 AM
Pandora Is Losing 850,000 Listeners a Month. Now for the Bad News...

Pandora has los 8 million users in 9 months, according to the latest financial disclosures.* What could be worse than that?

Whitecat 2 days ago 09:23 AM
The great big Spotify scam: Did a Bulgarian playlister swindle their way to a fortune

A Bulgarian playlist-maker scammed the Spotify payout system for months last year – and could well have made themselves a millionaire off Daniel Ek’s platform.

Whitecat 4 days ago 03:06 PM
Spotify Job Listings Say Company 'On Its Way' to Launch of First Physical Products, H

Following an ad for a senior product manager last spring that hinted at Spotify's interest in creating a hardware product, this week a collection...

Arthur Stone 4 days ago 01:36 AM
Gibson: Iconic guitar brand reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy | The Independent

One of the world's favourite*guitar*manufacturers*could be forced to pull the plug because of dire financial problems, as the industry struggles to cope with waning interest in rock music.* Gibson, a favourite of musicians*such as*BB King, Slash, Santana and Bob Marley, is struggling with*debt repayment deadlines and the recent departure of its chief financial officer after less than a year in the job.
Gibson: Iconic guitar brand reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy.
One of the world's favourite guitar manufacturers could be forced to pull the plug because of dire financial problems, as the industry struggles to cope with waning interest in rock music.

According to a recent report in the Nashville Post, Gibson Guitars faces a $375m (£268m) deadline for a debt repayment in less than six months’ time. A further $145m worth of bank loans are due to mature immediately, if those notes – which were issued back in 2013 – are not refinanced or repaid by 23 July...

Whitecat 1 week ago 02:08 AM
Who's making money in digital music?

Musicians continue to sing the blues over royalty revenues in the digital era, where success online continues to be a mixed bag. "Nobody's making any money,"says Paul Resnikoff.

Whitecat 1 week ago 05:29 PM
Neil Young Says Pono Was Killed By Record Labels - Stereogum

We all remember Pono, don't we? Neil Young's Kickstarter-funded vanity music player cost $400. It had a 64-gig storage capacity and a tiny, ****ed-up

Whitecat 1 week ago 04:00 PM
Prince collaborator selling 'Soft and Wet' songwriting credit on eBay for $490K

Of all the one-of-a-kind Prince items to go up for sale since his death, Chris Moon's new offering might be the biggest surprise with the highest price tag.

Whitecat 1 week ago 12:24 AM
Gibson ‘running out of time – rapidly’ | Nashville Post

Company faces big debt deadlines; CFO exits after less than a year

Whitecat 1 week ago 07:49 PM
Music Industry Men Join Cry To Change The Recording Academy : The Record : NPR

Nearly forty powerful men in the business have signed a letter calling for the Grammy organization to "transform its member base."

Whitecat 1 week ago 07:32 PM
Here’s why you don’t like new music any more

Every week, Spotify and Apple Music are flooded with a slew of new, zeitgeist-defining albums that are yours for the streaming. Why, then, after a few songs, do we tend to retreat back into the comforting arms of Tupac Shakur, Alanis Morissette, or Robert Smith? No, it’s not because nobody makes ’em like they used to; it’s because, as is the case with pretty much everything in life, we’re still beholden to the things that shaped us as teenagers.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 01:05 PM
EU to review Apple's reported $400m purchase of music app Shazam | Technology | The G

European Commission to investigate deal following requests from Austria, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 10:56 AM
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Slaves To The Algorithm: How Facebook Is Throttling Underground Culture

We turn to the art in times of political strife - it helps us to navigate, and alleviate, our troubles. So what happens when one of the causes of that political strife is absorbing more and more of our arts and culture?

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 07:39 PM
Apple Music Now Has 36 Million Subscribers, Could Eclipse Spotify in United States Th

Apple Music now has 36 million paying subscribers around the world, an increase from well over 30 million reported last September. Apple...

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 12:05 PM
Pirate Bay warning: internet provider forced to hand over names of illegal downloader

 A landmark ruling in Sweden has forced a popular ISP to hand over the names of those engaged in piracy

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 12:11 PM
Women in music to man in charge of Grammys: 'Time's up, Neil'

"We do not have to sing louder, jump higher or be nicer to prove ourselves."

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 12:23 AM
Best Buy Will Stop Selling CDs, And Target Might Be Next - Stereogum

Even though digital is on the upswing, physical is still performing relatively well on a global basis -- if not in the U.S. market, where CD sales were down 18

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 06:22 PM
Spotify adds songwriter credits to desktop platform - and they're coming to mobi

It’s been a long time coming – but Spotify has confirmed that it is finally adding songwriter and producer credits to its platform.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 12:14 AM
The audio expert behind the Super Bowl halftime show reveals secrets about the year

Sound engineer Patrick Baltzell designed the audio for the Super Bowl halftime show for the first time in 1998, and in that year and the five that followed it all went great. Fans in the stadium could clearly hear performers such as Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder or Phil Collins and U2, and the millions and millions of viewers watching on television never missed a note.

But in 2004, when Super Bowl XXXVIII was headed to Houston, Baltzell realized he had a problem.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 04:59 PM
Chinese Rap In Chengdu Tackles Consumer Culture And More : NPR

In the capital city of Sichuan province, rappers are channeling frustrations about China's education system, economy and the treatment of ethnic outsiders into their music.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 01:01 PM
Lorde: Israeli fans sue activists over tour cancellation | World news | The Guardian

Lorde cancelled Tel Aviv performance as part of ‘artistic boycott’ prompting Israeli law group to file suit against New Zealand women for ‘emotional injury’

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 11:38 AM
'We Shall Overcome' Ruled Public Domain In Copyright Settlement : NPR

The civil rights anthem "We Shall Overcome" is now in the public domain. The music publishers that copyrighted the song in the 1960s settled the lawsuit on Friday.

mikeka 3 weeks ago 05:35 PM
New Ruling Raises Music Streaming Royalties for Songwriters on Apple Music, Spotify,

The Copyright Royalty Board this past weekend ruled on a long-running music streaming royalty case in the U.S., favoring songwriters and music...
Maybe some good news?
Whitecat 3 weeks ago 11:51 AM
My problem with Spotify – even though I’m a subscriber | John Harris | Opinion |

It’s a miracle of the age, but Spotify’s suspect ‘playlists’, shaky finances and low pay are bad for music fans and creators alike

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 12:13 AM
New Study Shows A Grave Lack Of Gender Diversity In The Music Industry : NPR

Among other findings, more than 90 percent of Grammy nominees in the past six years have been men.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 08:58 AM
Spotify's Unusual IPO Model Will Test The Company's Strength : NPR

Spotify's IPO, slated for this spring, gives investment banks a smaller role in the company's trading. It's been seen as a sign of Spotify's strength, but there are many unanswered questions.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 01:37 AM
Competition Bureau sues Ticketmaster for inflating prices with mandatory fees - Natio

Canada’s Competition Bureau is suing Ticketmaster for deceptive practices.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 07:50 PM
Enrique Iglesias sues Universal for lost royalties in multimillion dollar lawsuit | M

The Latin pop star filed a suit in Miami alleging that Universal ‘systematically underpaid’ his streaming royalties

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 04:33 PM
YouTube Unveils Plans to Benefit Artists & Songwriters: Consolidating Content, Im

YouTube announced plans on Tuesday to consolidate artist's channels on its platform, uniting all an artist's subscribers under their Official Artist Channel.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 10:05 AM
Where Are All the Female Music Producers?

Why no woman has ever been awarded the Grammy for producer of the year, non-classical -- and what female producers face behind the boards.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 09:13 PM
Young team: Scottish post-rock band Mogwai sponsor primary school footballers | Music

The band behind Like Herod, A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters and Kids Will Be Skeletons sponsor kits for the school in Roystonhill, Glasgow

Whitecat 20th January 2018 01:46 PM
Music venues hail 'seismic victory' in housing noise battle - BBC News

Developers, rather than venues, will have to deal with complaints from new residents, say ministers.

Whitecat 19th January 2018 07:35 PM
Def Leppard Finally Stream Their Classic Albums - Stereogum

Long-running pop-metal greats Def Leppard were, until today, one of the last multi-platinum titans whose music still wasn't available on streaming platforms.

Whitecat 19th January 2018 01:22 PM
The Eagles settle Hotel California legal battle - BBC News

The veteran rock band had sued a Mexican hotel that named itself after their biggest hit.

Whitecat 19th January 2018 01:18 AM
UMPG Partners With Max Martin's Auddly to Tackle Music's Song Data Problem

Today, Auddly announces a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group for the company to begin using its software to help manage and track song data. Although Auddly already works with several large performance rights organizations, this is its first deal with a major publisher.

Whitecat 18th January 2018 12:40 AM
Native Instruments' new subscription service is Spotify for samples

Native Instruments is launching a new subscription service for musicians called Scott Wilson talks to the company to find out how it works and what it means for producers.

Whitecat 17th January 2018 11:46 AM
Facebook sets 12 March licensing deadline for indie publishers

Earlier this month, Facebook announced a partnership with HFA/Rumblefish that would enable independent publishers and self-published songwriters to opt in.

GearAndGuitars 17th January 2018 02:23 AM
Cassette Sales Rose 35% in 2017 | Pitchfork

Guardians of the Galaxy, Stranger Things soundtracks among top-sellers

GearAndGuitars 17th January 2018 02:20 AM
Sales of Cassette Tapes Have Quietly Grown 136.1% In the Past Year

Over the past few years, the classic cassette tape has been growing in popularity alongside the classic vinyl record. Their sales are up 136.1%.

Whitecat 16th January 2018 11:04 PM
Former Ataris Bassist Facing Decades In Prison For Telemarketing Scam - Stereogum

The Ataris are a successful pop-punk band best known outside those circles for their Don Henley-despised cover of "The Boys Of Summer." The band has experienced

Whitecat 16th January 2018 01:16 PM
Chicken and tunes: Nando's has opened a music studio in London

Nando's has opened a music studio at one of their main London restaurants, giving budding musicians the chance to lay down their own tracks

GearAndGuitars 15th January 2018 11:24 PM
2017 Streaming Price Bible! Spotify per Stream Rates Drop 9%, Apple Music Gains Marke

We first did this back in 2014, and then again last year, so here we are again. As we predicted as streaming consumption grows, the per stream rate will continue to drop, every year, year to year. This data set is isolated to the calendar year 2017 and represents a mid-sized indie label with an…

Whitecat 15th January 2018 03:51 PM
Baby boomers destroyed their hearing. Biotech is trying to fix it

Baby boomers grew up with music blasting from dorm room turntables, car stereos, and arenas where the sound of a band at full throttle could rival the roar of a jet engine. Volume became an act of generational defiance. As rocker Ted Nugent put it: “If it’s too loud, you’re too old.”

GearAndGuitars 14th January 2018 10:13 PM
'Music Modernization Act' Page 38: Artists Forfeit ALL Unclaimed Royalties

Major publishers and streaming services love the bill.* But is the 'Music Modernization Act' screwing the rest of the music industry?

GearAndGuitars 14th January 2018 10:10 PM
The Huffington Post Rips Down an Article Sharply Criticizing Spotify — Here's

The Huffington Post abruptly yanked an article critical of Spotify this week, for reasons that are unclear. Here's what was removed*— in its entirety.

Whitecat 14th January 2018 01:10 AM
The death of the best of: why Rihanna will never get her greatest hits | Music | The

Unless you’re a veteran like Vera Lynn, a career spanning compilation is unlikely to happen - and it’s all thanks to streaming

Whitecat 11th January 2018 10:40 AM
Ed Sheeran Sued For Copyright Infringement Again - Stereogum

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who together released a song in October titled "The Rest Of Our Life," along with Ed Sheeran who is credited with co-writing this

Whitecat 11th January 2018 10:40 AM
Spotify Is in the Business of Selling You Spotify, Not Music

Make no mistake—Spotify is only interested in selling you Spotify.

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