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Whitecat 13 hours ago 08:07 PM
Back to life, back to virtual reality as music stars return to stage as holograms | M

As a Whitney Houston 3D tour is announced, the race is on to make hi-tech concerts just like the real thing

Whitecat 1 day ago 08:26 PM
Does a hit song really need 9 writers? - BBC News

Rudimental just won a songwriting prize for a song that credits nine writers. How many is too many?

Whitecat 2 days ago 06:58 PM
Universal Music Group Looks to the Future of Sound Mixing With Dolby Atmos | Billboar

Universal Music Group (UMG) and Dolby Laboratories are teaming up to bring Dolby’s cutting-edge Atmos immersive audio technology to the world of music, the companies announced on Thursday (May 23).

Whitecat 2 days ago 06:11 PM
The Bittersweet Symphony dispute is over - BBC News

Richard Ashcroft says Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have relinquished their claim on the song.

Whitecat 3 days ago 08:45 AM
Morrissey Albums Banned From World's Oldest Record Store Spillers Records - Stereogu

Today, just in time for Moz's 60th birthday, the world's oldest record store Spillers Records banned Morrissey records from its store, as Wales Online reports.

Whitecat 3 days ago 10:58 AM
Forget the songs you love, it's radio dross that's the real soundtrack of your life |

We might hope that the songs that bookmark our most important moments are ones we adore – but, as Louis Theroux revealed, it’s often just the ones that are top of the charts

Whitecat 5 days ago 06:25 PM
Spotify begins testing its first hardware: a car smart assistant

Spotify is about to begin publicly testing its first hardware: a voice-controlled smart assistant for cars, meant to help Spotify learn how people consume audio while they’re driving.

Whitecat 1 week ago 01:22 AM
Imogen Heap Is Building Tech to Change the Music Industry - WSJ

The singer-songwriter discusses her projects to help musicians, including a digital hub for artists and WiFi-connected gloves that control sound with movement

Whitecat 1 week ago 04:13 PM
'It had to be raw and dangerous' – Def Leppard, Saxon and Venom on 80s British meta

Inspired by punk’s energy, the new wave of British heavy metal helped put the ‘snot and piss’ back into rock music. Forty years on, its leading players tell the story

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 11:46 AM
Songwriter Sam Barsh On Streaming Royalties | Advocacy |

The multi-platinum music creator dissects the challenges in the streaming age to make the kind of set-for-life money many associate with successful songwriters.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 07:46 AM
Survey into disabled musicians finds serious failings at UK venues | Music | The Guar

Over two-thirds of disabled musicians surveyed said they hid their disability for fear of damaging their careers, and had to compromise their health to perform live

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 07:42 AM
PledgeMusic Sale Falls Through, Bankruptcy Imminent – Variety

A planned sale of troubled direct-to-fan music marketplace PledgeMusic has fallen through and the company will go into bankruptcy soon.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 09:24 PM
30 years of data shows the music industry peaked when Napster hit the scene

The music industry, like all industries, has changed a lot over the last 30 years due to advancements in technology and the advent of the internet. A new graph from the data experts at Chartr shows just what that change has meant in terms of what kind of media consumers are buying and how much revenue the industry is making from those sales. The transition from vinyl to cassette to CD to digital is familiar to all music fans, but this chart still offers a look at some bizarre moments throughout the industry’s history.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 07:44 PM
UK risks losing classic rock archives, warns ex-Oasis photographer | Music | The Guar

British musical history may be lost unless dedicated museum set up, says Jill Furmanovsky

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 06:51 PM
Logic: "**** Clearing Samples" - Stereogum

Logic may want to rethink his rap name. The superstar Maryland MC just began rolling out his new album Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind with the Eminem collab

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 06:09 PM
Apple braces for EU investigation after Spotify complaint | Technology | The Guardian

Streaming service accuses iPhone maker of abusing its dominance of its App Store

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 07:46 PM
Kamasi Washington says Brexit could make touring UK tricky for artists | Music | The

US jazz saxophonist says international musicians will find Britain less appealing

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 08:10 AM
Which is the world's most musical city? | Cities | The Guardian

Is it a metropolis like London or a New York – or a smaller city where music is the focus?

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 12:09 AM
King Crimson’s Full Catalog Now Streaming on Apple Music | Music News | Consequ

King Crimson have finally made their entire catalog available to stream on Apple Music. The move comes as the prog-rock legends celebrate their 50th anniversary with an extensive world tour. All 13 albums will be added to Spotify and other platforms on June 10th.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 11:45 AM
'Everyone’s feeling lost': despair as Britain's gig venues fight to survive | Music

Arctic Monkeys’ old haunt in Sheffield becomes latest casualty of spiralling costs that threaten to reshape UK’s music landscape

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 08:44 AM
Heavy metal is the fastest-growing music genre: Report – Consequence of Sound

Heavy metal’s popularity grew significantly in 2018, according to a new report from music distribution company TuneCore.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 09:41 PM
Director of Deep Purple royalty management firms jailed for stealing £2.2million fro

 Dipak Rao, 71, invested and lost the money in fraudulent scams

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 11:09 PM
Spotify reaches 100m paying subscribers worldwide | Technology | The Guardian

Streaming service boosted by better-than-expected performance in US and Canada

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 09:25 PM
Woodstock 50th anniversary festival canceled by lead investor | Article [AMP] | Re

A planned three-day concert event to mark the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival was canceled on Monday by the lead investor, saying it was unable to ensure the health and safety of artists and fans.

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 09:02 AM
Music industry takes aim at Fortnite over song royalties | Business | The Guardian

Songwriters and composers look to use new copyright laws to cash in on the boom in online gaming

Whitecat 3 weeks ago 09:51 AM
Forget the DJs: Spotify playlists are the new musical starmakers | Music | The Guardi

The streaming giant’s blessing can lead to fame, but is there room for innovation amid the algorithms?

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 11:48 AM
In the shallow: why does Hollywood hate pop music? | Film | The Guardian

Natalie Portman’s new film Vox Lux is the latest to convey the genre as empty and miserable, while country, rock and rap are revered

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 02:23 PM
Tiny fonts and big egos: the nasty politics of festival lineup orders | Music | The G

Does the placement of a name on a poster really matter? According to insiders, it’s the music world’s touchiest topic

GearAndGuitars 4 weeks ago 01:16 AM
Should Spotify Change The Way It Pays Artists? – Rolling Stone

Some in the industry claim that the streaming giant's setup unfairly advantages A-list pop stars. Could a new payment system be the answer?

GearAndGuitars 4 weeks ago 01:15 AM
Every Music Company is Morphing into the Same Thing – Rolling Stone

Record labels are becoming streaming services; talent management companies are becoming record labels; distributors are having a go at becoming managers. And artists are stuck in the middle

GearAndGuitars 4 weeks ago 01:15 AM
More Monkey Business at the Copyright Office’s DMCA Roundtable

As part of its ongoing study of section 512 of the Copyright Act, the U.S. Copyright Office held a one-day public roundtable.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 11:59 AM
Live Nation National Concert Week 2019: How to Get Tickets - Thrillist

We expect a lot from a concert experience. Cheap tickets are not one of them. (Unless, of course, you're supporting local music, because...

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 09:32 AM
Spotify loses access to major Indian label | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Music streaming service Spotify Technology SA said it will remove all songs belonging to one of India's oldest record labels from its app after they failed to agree on licensing terms, months after the Swedish company's launch in the country.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 07:57 AM
Making Space: Inside Total Refreshment Centre's DIY recording studio

Total Refreshment Centre is home to a recording studio in which much of the capital’s jazz and experimental music has been forged.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 01:08 PM
London-based startup MUSO raises €4 million to address digital piracy | EU-Startups

London-based MUSO‘s technology removes unlicensed digital content while providing data and insights from piracy audiences.

Whitecat 4 weeks ago 10:05 AM
Nipsey Hussle's activism lives on as merchandise orders pour in | Music | The Guardia

Teams at the rapper’s Marathon Clothing store say soaring sales aren’t just about fashion: ‘People are trying to change and that’s what Nipsey pushed for’

Whitecat 18th April 2019 10:15 PM
Lewis Capaldi arena tour pledges help for fans with anxiety | Music | The Guardian

Mental health charity Mind welcomes chart-topping star’s scheme to provide support workers, gig buddies and an ‘escape room’

Whitecat 17th April 2019 11:10 PM
How Gen Z listen to music - i-D

The rise of streaming services and Gen Z acts like Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish are heralding the end of emo, rap, and country as we know them. And bringing in something better.

Whitecat 15th April 2019 10:38 PM
Nick Cave: ‘Perhaps rock music needs to die for a while’ | Nick Cave | The Guardi

Responding to a fan letter about censoring musicians accused of misconduct, Cave described rock as ‘nostalgic’, but suggested that ‘dissolute behaviour’ is key to its identity

Whitecat 15th April 2019 10:04 PM
This Is How Bad Your Vinyl Obsession Is for the World - VICE

The first instalment of a new fun column, guilt-tripping you about everything you love.

Whitecat 14th April 2019 11:11 PM
Dubai International Airport Is Getting Resident DJs - Condé Nast Traveler

Effective immediately, Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the first airport in the world to have resident DJs. We've always thought every overnight flight should end in a dance party.

Whitecat 12th April 2019 11:08 PM
Record Store Day 2019: Abbey Road master behind Queen and Abba

Queen, Chic, David Bowie and Pink Floyd vinyl rarities lead Record Store Day 2019. Frank Arkwright is the Abbey Road record mastering expert who makes the stars sound their best on disc

Whitecat 12th April 2019 10:41 PM
Mac DeMarco and the artistic slouch: has slack rock come to an end? | Music | The Gua

When women have to put in twice the work to get half the recognition, the alt-rock archetype loses its appeal

Whitecat 11th April 2019 01:40 PM
Angell Sound's demise is a blow to the ad industry's creative heart

Angell Sound, one of London's oldest audio post-production and music production studios, has gone into administration, and there's one trend heavily to blame.

Whitecat 9th April 2019 10:47 PM
Spotify's Secret Genius Songwriters Pen Letter to Daniel Ek Over CRB Rate Appeal

In 2017, Spotify launched its inaugural Secret Genius Awards, an annual event to honor the songwriters and producers behind some of the streaming platform's most-played songs. Some of their honorees, however, are now speaking out about something that has been much less celebrated -- Spotify's plan to appeal Copyright Royalty Board rates along with Google, Pandora, and Amazon -- in an open letter to Sweden's greenest export.

Whitecat 6th April 2019 09:37 PM
Apple Music Overtakes Spotify in Paid U.S. Subscribers - WSJ

Apple’s music-streaming service has surpassed Spotify’s in paid U.S. subscriptions yet lags behind its Swedish competitor globally. The milestone sets the stage for the two rivals’ intensifying race for listeners around the world.

Whitecat 6th April 2019 06:23 PM
Home Taping Is Killing Music: When the Music Industry Waged War on the Cassette Tape

The first time I saw the infamous Skullcassette-and-Bones logo was on holiday in the UK and purchased the very un-punky Chariots of Fire soundtrack. It was on the inner sleeve. “Home Taping Is Killing Music” it proclaimed. It was?

Whitecat 6th April 2019 04:04 PM
She loves you… sí, oui, ja: how pop went multilingual | Music | The Guardian

Pop stars once had to sing in English to win global fame. Now Spanish and other languages are taking over

Whitecat 6th April 2019 02:49 PM
Alan Lomax's Massive Music Archive Is Online: Features 17,000 Historic Blues &am

A huge treasure trove of songs and interviews recorded by the legendary folklorist Alan Lomax from the 1940s into the 1990s have been digitized and made available online for free listening.

bgood 5th April 2019 11:14 PM
Dahvie Vanity Raped A Child. Police Gave Him A Warning. Now 21 Women Accuse Him Of Se

The Blood on the Dance Floor singer is an expert at winning teenage girls' trust — and their silence.
See something? Say something... dope, drinking, womanizing, etc... I totally understand that any combination of those are lifestyle choices, but, child rape? Come on, bro. I imagine there are audio folks here that have come across this dude and seen some of this exact behavior..
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