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GearAndGuitars 5 hours ago 11:52 PM
My Band Has 1,000,000 Spotify Streams. Want to See Our Royalties?

What do you get for 1,000,000 Spotify streams? Here's an actual statement from a band that did just that, then got signed.

Whitecat 6 hours ago 11:18 PM
The British pop talent crash: where have all the new acts gone? | Business | The Guar

With the charts dominated by North American titans such as Beyoncé and Drake, it is getting harder and harder for the UK’s rising stars to break in. Will we ever see another Adele?

Whitecat 11 hours ago 06:36 PM
Car Seat Headrest Expands On Licensing Fiasco, Recall Cost Matador Over $50k - Stereo

Last Friday, Car Seat Headrest released the digital version of the new LP Teens Of Denial, one of the year's best indie rock records. It would've been even

Whitecat 16 hours ago 12:50 PM
Rock music is dead, says Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea – MyKotori

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea took the opportunity during an interview on SiriusXM’s Pearl Jam Radio to say that rock music is dead. He said that current rock music is nothing alike the old days.

Whitecat 20 hours ago 09:13 AM
Wish You Were Here: Royal Mail stamps honour 50 years of Pink Floyd | Music | The Gua

Stamps mark half-century since group turned professional, with albums and live performances represented

GearAndGuitars 1 day ago 10:36 PM
Spotify's Financial Results Reinforce How Broken the Music Business Is - Fortune

Revenues grew last year, but payments to record labels grew even faster.

GearAndGuitars 1 day ago 10:13 PM
Spotify Now Faces One Big Fat $350 Million Lawsuit

Lowery and Fericks lawsuits against Spotify have now been combined. The lawsuit will see Spotify face $350 million in damage recovery.

Whitecat 1 day ago 08:44 PM
The HMRC hold music is -sort of - one of 2015's biggest tunes - BBC Newsbeat

If you've ever had to ring the government to ask about your tax, you might know the HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) tune.
You hear it when you're on hold, waiting for your call to be answered.

Whitecat 2 days ago 03:13 PM
Paul McCartney to Appear In Six-Part Virtual Reality Documentary Series - Hollywood

Directed by Tony Kaye and produced by VR startup Jaunt, the series is built around the June 10 release of 'PURE McCartney.'

Whitecat 2 days ago 09:16 AM
Spotify revenues rise but losses widen - BBC News

Streaming music platform Spotify saw revenue top 1.95bn euros ($2.2bn; £1.5bn) over the past year, but has yet to make a profit.

Whitecat 3 days ago 09:38 PM
Adele's singular contract shows why she is pop's greatest outlier | Music | The Guard

Sony’s reported £90m deal may not quite stack up to that sum, but the singer can call the shots because she is bankability personified

Whitecat 3 days ago 11:05 AM
The new tastemakers: a day in the life of a music-streaming playlister | Technology |

Once, people like Sam Lee would have aspired to work in music journalism or radio. Now they’re curating playlists for services like Deezer

Whitecat 3 days ago 10:06 AM
Adele 'to sign £90 million Sony Music contract' -

Adele is reportedly due to sign a £90 million record contract, landing the biggest deal ever handed to a British musician.

GearAndGuitars 4 days ago 02:24 AM
How I Skipped Spotify and Made 10 Times the Revenue

How can you beat Spotify at its own game? Meet the label that skipped one of the biggest streaming music platforms in the world, and won.

Whitecat 4 days ago 01:21 PM
Family Guy 'stole' a video of Double Dribble from YouTube then claimed the original v

YouTube is a fantastic source for knowledge - from explainers on the latest Game of Thrones theories, to slow-motion balloons being popped, there is an unprecedented amount*of both brilliant and awful content available to anyone with access to the internet.*

GearAndGuitars 5 days ago 06:06 PM
The Frame | Hello, Spotify! Goodbye, songwriters? | 89.3 KPCC

When you write a song that streams on Spotify or Apple Music or another service millions of times, how much do you get paid? Not enough to by a vente latte at Starbucks. But perhaps just enough to possibly start a revolution.

GearAndGuitars 5 days ago 06:02 PM
Do You Love Music? Silicon Valley Doesn’t | The New York Times

Los Angeles — ON Sunday night, the entire music industry will pause during the Billboard Music Awards to commemorate the visionary musician Prince. And while the focus will be on his artistic legacy, Prince also fought throughout his career against digital piracy and for the rights of artists to control their own work.

Whitecat 5 days ago 09:16 AM
Call for ticket touting to be criminalised | Money | The Guardian

There’s a growing outcry over vastly inflated gig prices as the government prepares to publish its review of the secondary-ticketing market

Whitecat 6 days ago 01:58 PM
Why is the music industry battling YouTube and what happens next? | Technology | The

Labels are facing off with Google’s video service over revenues and rights, yet it’s also their biggest partner for streaming music

Whitecat 6 days ago 01:27 PM
Bandcamp Grew 35% Last Year, Monthly Transactions Top $4.3M - hypebot

The indie music community has embraced Bandcamp and its suite of direct to fan monetization tools. And unlike most music tech startups, Bandcamp, which launched in 2008, has been profitable "in the now-quaint revenues-exceed-expenses sense" since 2012. _______________________________________________ Bandcamp grew 35% last year, according to new stats just released by...

Whitecat 6 days ago 11:04 AM
One in six albums sold worldwide is by a UK star - BBC News

The huge success of artists like One Direction and Adele means that British artists accounted for one in every six albums sold worldwide last year.

Whitecat 1 week ago 09:13 AM
Drake overtakes Justin Bieber on Spotify to become world's most streamed artist -

Exclusive music news, big interviews, entertainment, social media trends and video from the news people at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Whitecat 1 week ago 09:50 PM
Congress’s Chance to Be Fair to Musicians - The New Yorker

Jeffrey Toobin on the promise of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, which aims to change the way musicians are compensated for their work.

Whitecat 1 week ago 08:53 AM
How UK's Exit From The EU Could Effect Music Industry - hypebot

As the UK referendum on exiting the European Union approaches, new research looks at how a Brexit could affect the music industry. Ticket reseller Ticketbis has taken a look into the possible impacts, from touring artists to fans travelling for gigs and festivals. The major aspects of the music and...

GearAndGuitars 1 week ago 12:50 AM
A Five-Time Grammy Winner Explains Why YouTube are Total Scumbags

YouTube is a bunch of bullying, abusive, intimidating, duplicitous, law-breaking scumbags, according to this five-time Grammy winning musician.

Whitecat 1 week ago 05:07 PM
Pandora's own biggest shareholder gives damning verdict on company - Music Busin

Pandora’s biggest investor is fed up with seeing the company’s share price slide – and has demanded the firm’s board reconsider its strategy and explore the possibility of a sale.

Whitecat 1 week ago 07:15 PM
Response to my brother's open letter... - Dweezil Zappa

Hello Ahmet,

Now that I've completed my Via Zammata' tour I've had a chance to read your open letter. Since it can be challenging to convey tone in print I will preface this by saying I am not responding to you with animosity.
...The Zappa estate feud gets ugly...
Whitecat 1 week ago 06:06 PM
Tape recording was introduced 70 years ago today - Recode

A case of insomnia led to the introduction of tape recording — and, by extension, the entire home media business.

Whitecat 1 week ago 04:06 PM
SoundCloud Preparing Massive Restrictions on DJ Uploads

SoundCloud is now undergoing a serious platform change, one that could seriously limit the ability of DJs to upload mixes.

Whitecat 1 week ago 11:11 AM
Radiohead video breaching copyright, say Trumpton creator's family | Music | The Guar

Son-in-law of Trumpton mastermind Gordon Murray says the band’s Burn the Witch ‘tarnished the brand’ of the beloved 1960s TV show

GearAndGuitars 1 week ago 01:42 AM
Hey, YouTube: Pay your 'workers' properly and get with the times • The Register

Head of the recording industry trade group BPI Geoff Taylor says that video music consumption doubled, but revenue only rose by 0.5 per cent.

GearAndGuitars 1 week ago 10:39 PM
'It's a System That Is Rigged Against the Artists': The War Against YouTube

As labels, artists and managers go public with their outrage at the video platform's meager payouts, their best -- perhaps only -- hope for change rests in government corridors a continent away.

Whitecat 1 week ago 11:51 AM
How the ticket touts get away with bleeding fans dry | Money | The Guardian

Special report: Resale sites are dominated by touts who buy thousands of tickets and sell them on at exorbitant prices. Can the trade be stopped?

GearAndGuitars 1 week ago 03:09 AM
Intellectual Property Office sets out copyright objectives for next four years | Co

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office yesterday published a policy paper called ‘IP Enforcement 2020’ which “sets out how the government will make effective, proportionate and accessible enforcement of IP rights a priority for the next four years”. Good times.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 12:12 PM
Seattle music-licensing firm sues Cruz campaign over songs in ads | The Seattle

A Seattle music firm has filed a federal lawsuit seeking at least $2 million in damages from the campaign of one-time Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, alleging it improperly used copyrighted songs in political advertisements.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 08:32 AM
Report: Apple will stop selling iTunes music downloads in as little as two years | Ma

A new report claims that Apple is planning to "terminate" iTunes Store downloads in favor of Apple Music streaming.
UPDATE: Apple claims this is "not true." See link for new details.
GearAndGuitars 2 weeks ago 08:36 PM
Four out of the Top 5 albums in the UK aren't on Spotify - Music Business Worldw

Four of the Top 5 current UK midweek albums aren’t on Spotify – and are, streaming wise, particularly fragmented. A quick scan down the rankings, sent to labels today, shows that the same fact applies to five of the Top 6, six of the Top 10 and nine of the Top 13.
Windowing. It just works.
Whitecat 2 weeks ago 07:44 PM
The government's launched a crackdown on illegal downloading - BBC Newsbeat

Exclusive music news, big interviews, entertainment, social media trends and video from the news people at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 02:22 PM
Study of U2 could help music fans find what they're looking for

Music fans' emotions could be used to help them find new songs online, according to research at the University of Strathclyde.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 04:46 PM
Spotify Growing at Faster Pace Since Apple Music Launched Last Year - Mac Rumors

Despite the launch of Apple Music, which recently reached 13 million paid subscribers, rival service Spotify told Reuters that it has experienced a...

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 01:04 PM
A Spotify for elevator music could finally uncover streaming’s elusive profits - Ya

'A Spotify for elevator music could finally uncover streaming’s elusive profits' on Yahoo Finance UK. A music-streaming startup partly owned by Spotify is going after the elevator-music market—and it’s squarely aiming at the company that currently dominates it. Soundtrack Your Brand, which is about 30% owned by Spotify, introduced itself in the US on May 5 with the announcement of a deal with McDonald’s. It won’t be a big revenue…

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 09:18 PM
Led Zeppelin's plagiarism lawsuit: a sign of the times in the music industry | Music

In an age of declining revenue, suing over chord progressions and samples opens a new revenue stream for disgruntled artists – but such action is nothing new

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 07:37 PM
Legendary record store Other Music to close its doors in June | Dangerous Minds

  Other Music opened its doors on East 4th Street in 1995, right across the street from the gargantuan downtown branch of Tower Records. After it opened, for a few weeks I obscurely thought that it must be an adjunct of Tower Records. It seemed perfectly plausible that Tower might open an annex called ‘Other Music’ across the street from one of its major locations. Plus the Internet wouldn’t have had good information on something like that back then, so I just didn’t know. After a couple of visits, however, it became clear that something entirely else was going...

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 05:52 PM
Spotify Announces Original Video Programs Including T-Bone Burnett, Tim Robbins | Bil

Spotify's lineup of 2016 original programming will feature 12 concepts focused on three main themes: music performance, music profiles and music culture. The videos will be offered to free and premium users in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Sweden on iOS and Android devices.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 05:48 PM
Dear YouTube: An open letter from Irving Azoff - Recode

"You have built a business that works really well for you and for Google, but it doesn’t work well for artists," says the legendary artists' manager.

Whitecat 2 weeks ago 04:53 PM
Radiohead's new album isn't on Spotify. So what? Spotify doesn't need it | Music | Th

It’s more dramatic to portray Radiohead and Spotify as being at war, but in truth it’s just business as usual for them both

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