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Whitecat 7th January 2015 09:14 AM
Vinyl’s difficult comeback | John Harris | Music | The Guardian

The long read: Vinyl is enjoying an unexpected renaissance. Can the creaking machinery of the few remaining record pressing plants cope?

GearAndGuitars 7th January 2015 03:01 AM
Thom Yorke did not make $20 million from BitTorrent downloads – FACT Magazine:

FACT is the UK's best online music magazine and home to the twice-weekly FACT mix series.

Whitecat 6th January 2015 09:37 PM
Thom Yorke May Have Made $20M On Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes - Stereogum

When Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke released his solo album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes in September, he found a novel way to do it, selling the surprise release as

Critic 6th January 2015 05:17 AM
Sony Walkman Reborn (Again) As a $1200 Hi-Res Audio Handset

Last fall, the Sony Walkman sprung from the ashes of the 90s, reborn as a hi-def audio phoenix with lots of lossless codec support and a $300 price tag. Today, the Walkman returns once again. This time it costs about as much as a used '89 Cadillac Eldorado.
Good to see audio quality possibly getting some respect. Despite the article writer's downplay of its significance.
GearAndGuitars 5th January 2015 10:19 PM
The 10 Biggest Artists That Refuse to Stream Their Music | Rolling Stone

There are still some massive names who won't allow their music to stream. Here are some of the biggest and the reasons behind their refusal.

GearAndGuitars 5th January 2015 06:50 PM
The Music Streaming Wars Are Just Getting Started ? Co.Labs ? code + community

2014 was the year music streaming really advanced on iTunes, and found its way into all sorts of apps.

Whitecat 5th January 2015 06:01 PM
Nashville's musical middle class collapses

As world-renowned artists like Taylor Swift, the Black Keys and Keith Urban have been hoisted up as evidence of Nashville's it-city status, the music industry has actually been in a state of unrelenting decline.

GearAndGuitars 3rd January 2015 11:26 PM
Pop Will Eat Itself …Streaming Crippled Music Sales In 2014

Evidence that streaming is crippling music sales in the past year has been revealed in the end of year report by Nielsen Music.

GearAndGuitars 3rd January 2015 11:25 PM
Music Sales Down In Almost Every Category In 2014 [Year End Stats] - hypebot

U.S. music sales were down in virtually every category in 2014 compared to 2013, according to year end stats shared by Nielson. Only vinyl was up, an impressive 54%. The culprit? Streaming music - both free and paid- jumped 54%, as more and more consumers shifted from buying music to borrowing it. Nielsen Music's 2014 At-A-Glance: Overall On-Demand (Audio+Video) Streams 2014 – 164 Billion 2013 – 106 Billion +54% “Digital music consumption continues its robust growth, with On-Demand streaming up 54% over last year and 164 billion song streams being played in 2014 ,” says David Bakula, SVP Industry Insights,...

GearAndGuitars 3rd January 2015 11:24 PM
Sales down, streams up for US music industry in 2014

Figures released by Nielsen SoundScan for the US recorded music market in 2014 confirm trends already seen in the UK from the BPI: sales down, streams up.

GearAndGuitars 3rd January 2015 11:20 PM
2014 was another bad year for music sales — Tech News and Analysis

Remember*iTunes? Digital music downloads may not be dead yet, but the format*is quickly following the CD in its decline. New numbers from Nielsen show that digital album sales in the U.S. declined by 9 percent in 2014, to*106.5 million, down from*117.6 in 2013. Including CDs, album […]

GearAndGuitars 3rd January 2015 11:18 PM
Nielsen Music's Year-End: Streaming Is Not Killing the Record Business | Billboa

Another year, another record business in flux. A great deal of attention will be given to last year's decline in U.S. music purchases -- it's a trend that is hard to ignore.

Whitecat 3rd January 2015 06:00 PM
PJ Harvey’s glass studio will put ‘energy of the recording process’ on view | M

Musician will be seen in Recording in Progress at Somerset House, London, working on follow-up to Let England Shake

Whitecat 3rd January 2015 02:33 AM
Streaming: the future of the music industry, or its nightmare? | Technology | The Gua

Apple and Google are muscling in on streaming as revenues rise, but not everyone is happy

GearAndGuitars 2nd January 2015 05:31 AM
The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur - The Atlantic

Hard-working artisan, solitary genius, credentialed professional—the image of the artist has changed radically over the centuries. What if the latest model to emerge means the end of art as we have known it?

Whitecat 1st January 2015 08:06 PM
The new noise bubble: are critics' choice awards for new artists a blessing or a curse?

Caroline Sullivan: Awards such as the BBC’s Sound Of 2015 can be vital in helping new artists break through and get noticed by fans – but can they actually be bad for some musicians?

Whitecat 1st January 2015 06:48 PM
The year Taylor Swift said goodbye to Nashville – and shook off Spotify | Music | T

Although country stars are suspicious of streaming and their fans still prefer radio to Spotify, few followed Swift’s lead after she pulled her music from the service

Whitecat 31st December 2014 02:32 PM
Europe's New Tax 'Solution' May Have Created a Big Problem for Indie A

The regulation, meant to close corporate tax shelters, may adversely affect small artists and businesses throughout the continent.

Whitecat 30th December 2014 11:36 PM
Sam Smith says The X Factor is 'damaging for songwriters' - BBC Newsbeat

Sam Smith says he wouldn't have auditioned for The X Factor and thinks it can be

Whitecat 30th December 2014 07:21 PM
10 Out On The Limb Music Business Predictions For 2015 - Forbes

Here are 10 educated guesses on what might happen in the music business in 2015. You never know what's waiting around the bend that might disrupt the most well-laid predictions, but this is a good place to start.

Whitecat 30th December 2014 04:44 PM
Apple introduces 14-day return on iTunes, scaring coders and musicians | Technology |

Apple’s iTunes will now offer a refund, no questions asked, for 14 days after purchase, leading to worries that unscrupulous users might scam the store

Whitecat 29th December 2014 01:52 PM
Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine Meeting with Musicians Over Exclusive Beyonce-Like Album Relea

Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine has been meeting with a number of music artists over doing exclusive album releases similar to Beyoncé's incredibly...

Whitecat 28th December 2014 06:16 PM
Making music for Scarlett: how an indie composer hit the big time | Film | The Guardi

Mica Levi’s score for Under The Skin, which starred Scarlett Johansson as an extraterrestrial predator, has won her critical acclaim and now a major prize

Whitecat 28th December 2014 05:40 PM
My old piano keeps the previous generations alive | Life and style | The Guardian

I still hear my long-lost grandma tinkling the keys of our family relic – originally bought by my great-great-grandfather, writes Rebecca Hardy

Whitecat 27th December 2014 05:52 PM
Yoon Mi Rae to Take Legal Action against Sony Pictures for Using Her Song in 'The Interview' without permission

Yoon Mi Rae has revealed that the Hollywood film 'The Interview' used her song without permission, and that she will be taking legal action.

Whitecat 26th December 2014 11:55 PM
The giants of rock are leaving the stage: their music never will | John Harris | Comm

John Harris: The Joe Cocker generation’s unsurpassable sounds and amazingly romantic life stories make it truly legendary

Whitecat 25th December 2014 12:39 AM
Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks and hip-hop's appropriation problem | Music | The Guardian

Jeff Chang offers rhyme and reason on the rap beef between the two pop stars that sheds light on the genre’s complex relationship with race and identity

Whitecat 24th December 2014 02:45 PM
Kanye West’s Yeezus turned into Kreezus, the perfect Christmas album | Conseque

"I just talked to Jesus/ He said, 'What up, Kreezus?'/ I said, 'Climbing buildins, trying to gift these childrin'"

GearAndGuitars 24th December 2014 06:05 AM
Pharrell Made Only $2,700 In Songwriter Royalties From 43 Million Plays Of "Happ

A million streams of a song on Pandora yields just $60 in royalties for an artist.

GearAndGuitars 24th December 2014 05:55 AM
An alternative Christmas message to the music industry from Lohan Presencer | Technol

Ministry of Sound chief executive on Apple, YouTube and Spotify: ‘Music has gone from being valued and paid for to being commoditised and free’

GearAndGuitars 23rd December 2014 06:16 PM
Spotify Cares Less about Artists Than IPOs and Taylor Swift Cares About... Taylor Swi

By Tom McAlevey, CEO Radical.FM Regardless of those truths, streaming will save the music industry and Artists will soon make more money than ever before. Daniel Ek is disingenuous when he claims that Spotify’s “reason for existence is to help fans find music and help artists connect with fans through a platform that protects them from piracy”. Spotify is a corporation. Its reason for existence is to make billions of dollars for its owners through an IPO that won’t help Artists at all, but will profit Mr. Ek handsomely. Every major music label will also make hundreds of millions of...

GearAndGuitars 23rd December 2014 06:20 AM
Pharrell's Lawyer to YouTube: Remove Our Songs or Face $1B Lawsuit | Billboard

There are songs, and then there are dances. Here's a song-and-dance routine that according to one of the lawyers involved, could amount to a billion dollar lawsuit against YouTube.

GearAndGuitars 23rd December 2014 05:55 AM
Madonna Responds to 'Rebel Heart' Leak by Releasing Six Songs | Rolling Stone

Madonna has taken action after a devastating leak of early versions of tracks from her 13th album, 'Rebel Heart.'

Whitecat 22nd December 2014 02:04 AM
Ben Haenow beats Mark Ronson to claim Christmas number one - BBC News

X Factor winner Ben Haenow wins the race for the Christmas number one single, with his song Something I Need.

GearAndGuitars 20th December 2014 12:40 AM
David Lowery: Someone Has to Be the Bad Cop | Wondering Sound

In the last three years, David Lowery has become perhaps most the important and ardent spokesperson for artist rights in the digital era. Who is he?

Whitecat 19th December 2014 12:21 PM
Stitch up: decade-old Jack White record found inside furniture | Music | The Guardian

According to the musician’s Third Man Records, two separate owners of furniture have discovered copies of a 2004 single recorded by White’s former band the Upholsterers

GearAndGuitars 18th December 2014 10:11 PM
Gregory Butler, WholeWorldBand Managing Director, North America Looks Back on 2014 -

WholeWorldBand Managing Director, North America Gregory Butler is up next on's year end virtual panel. "We have enough data to show that people believe music has value - more options for people to choose how music can be devalued isn't exactly positive. I'm not specifically saying the options mentioned are positive or negative, but until a fair, multilateral system exists for streaming, every option is suspect." Find out more about Gregory Butler's position on where music streaming is headed below. 1. Do you see the current debate questioning the effect of ubiquitous free music online leading to real change?...

Whitecat 18th December 2014 09:06 PM
Sam Smith only artist to shift 1m album sales in UK and US in 2014 | Music | The Guar

Midway through the year it didn’t look as if any artists would get past this milestone, but thanks to the Christmas push, the British singer has become the only artist on both sides of the Atlantic to pass the million mark simultaneously

Whitecat 18th December 2014 06:10 PM
How the music industry can save the UK’s small venues | Music | The Guardian

Independent venues are more than just places to see bands – they’re at the heart of their communities. But if the music industry doesn’t step in soon, Jehnny Beth says we’ll be writing even more obituaries for these vital outposts of culture

Whitecat 18th December 2014 11:52 AM
Madonna new music leak is 'form of terrorism' says singer | Music | The Guardian

After hackers trade what they describe as the singer’s 13th studio album, Madonna claims unreleased tracks are ‘unfinished demos stolen long ago’

GearAndGuitars 18th December 2014 01:22 AM
The Industry in 2014: Digital Is the New Mainstream, Despite Taylor's Protestati

It was a year of major companies and major artists making waves in the new music business.

Whitecat 17th December 2014 01:47 PM
Apple wins iPod antitrust case, dodges potential $1-billion liability - LA Times

A federal jury sided with Apple Inc. on Tuesday, ruling that the tech giant did not violate antitrust laws when it blocked music downloaded from rivals from playing on iPods. The unanimous decision ended a decade-long class-action suit that could have cost Apple as much as $1 billion.

GearAndGuitars 16th December 2014 06:21 PM
If you take the advertising out of the illegal sites, 95 per cent of them would disap

Read more about If you take the advertising out of the illegal sites, 95 per cent of them would disappear: Mike Weatherley on Business Standard. Interview with Conservative MP for Hove and Portslade

Whitecat 16th December 2014 03:48 PM
Kobalt: The Other Swedish Startup Trying To Disrupt The Music Business

Sweden gave us Spotify and Soundcloud, but Kobalt could be the most transformative.

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