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Whitecat 2nd March 2020 09:59 PM
Deborah Dugan: suspended Grammys chief fired after misconduct investigation | Music |

Recording Academy chief executive forced out after two independent investigations into allegations against her

Whitecat 2nd March 2020 07:03 PM
'The road will kill you': why older musicians are cancelling tours | Music | The Guar

Health concerns have caused a number of high-profile singers to quit the road but what will it all mean for the industry at large?

Whitecat 2nd March 2020 12:53 PM
warner music claimed my video for defending their copyright in a lawsuit they lost th

The dumbest, most ironic claim ever. (the claim has been released, but keeping this video up) The original video that was claimed
Moderator note: interesting watch about the mechanics and machinations of YouTube copyright claims and it's quite a rabbit hole...
Whitecat 29th February 2020 08:53 PM
Why Are Artists Breaking Up Their Albums Into Separate Releases? | Pitchfork

Hayley Williams, Moses Sumney, and Bill Callahan are among the musicians trying a new strategy to hold listeners’ attention in the age of streaming.

Whitecat 29th February 2020 01:03 AM
'It's terrifying': why young pop stars are suddenly playing arenas | Music | The Guar

Musicians used to start out playing pubs – now the likes of Lewis Capaldi are booking arenas before their debut album. Is this sudden success damaging long-term careers?

Whitecat 27th February 2020 05:35 PM
Two musicians have generated every possible melody to prevent lawsuits

Two musicians have gone to the effort of writing every possible MIDI melody in existence on a hard drive in an ambitious project

Whitecat 26th February 2020 12:51 PM
Who Really Owns Spotify? - Rolling Stone

According to a flurry of new SEC filings, financial giants have acquired big chunks of the streaming service

Whitecat 25th February 2020 03:37 PM
Move over, Chicago: how the UK made drill its own

Thanks to incredible Brit talents such as 67 and Skengdo X AM, the uncompromising rap sub-genre is bigger than ever. Next stop: the world

Whitecat 24th February 2020 03:22 PM
Justin Bieber breaks US chart record held by Elvis Presley | Music | The Guardian

At 25, the Canadian pop star is the youngest artist to score seven No 1 albums in the US, beating Presley’s 59-year-old record

Whitecat 24th February 2020 12:08 AM
Neil Young wants to tour historic venues but is struggling to find many still in oper

Neil Young has shared that he would like to tour some old and historic venues, but he’s having difficulty finding many that are still in operation.

Whitecat 23rd February 2020 12:37 AM
YouTube briefly shuts down popular "lofi hip hop" channel

In a world where very little is certain, we tend to cling to those few bastions of stability that remain. The rising and setting of the sun. The inevitable arrival of another Spider-Man movie every handful of years. And the certainty that “lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to”’s famous Study Girl is never going to finish her damn homework, no matter how much her poor cat needs to be fed.

Whitecat 21st February 2020 08:10 PM
Music industry fears bands will be unable to tour UK without visas | UK news | The Gu

Professional body urges ministers to clarify proposed post-Brexit immigration rules

Whitecat 21st February 2020 09:42 AM
Iconic music video for "Take On Me" hits one billion views on YouTube - CNN

Iconic hit "Take On Me" has become only the second '80s music video to notch more than one billion views on YouTube.

Whitecat 16th February 2020 05:36 PM

Whitecat 15th February 2020 11:53 PM
“Back to the bad old days”: UK crews face Brexit backlash | IQ Magazine

With the ink barely dry on the deal between Britain and Brussels, some touring crews have already had a taste of the barriers that Brexit may bring

Whitecat 15th February 2020 10:58 PM
Rage Against the Machine raise over $3 million for charity while combating ticket sca

Rage Against the Machine have raised $3 million for charity while combating ticket scalpers ahead of their highly anticipated reunion tour.

Whitecat 14th February 2020 05:07 PM
Inside the Music Industry's Vinyl and CD Distribution Crisis - Rolling Stone

After a behind-the-scenes business decision, labels and record stores are having trouble stocking shelves with CDs and vinyl

Whitecat 14th February 2020 12:37 PM
UMG confirms Nirvana and Elton John recordings were among those "affected"

Newly obtained legal documents have named Elton John and Nirvana among the artists whose recordings were "affected" by the 2008 UMG fire

Whitecat 14th February 2020 11:07 AM
'Your instrument is your baby': why musicians dread careless airlines | Music | The G

The Malian artist Ballaké Sissoko says US border officials broke his cherished kora. He’s not alone in his plight

Whitecat 13th February 2020 06:10 PM
Artists accused of ripping their hit songs from other songs - Insider

Singers like Cardi B, Lil Nas X, Katy Perry, and Lizzo have been accused of copying other artists, and some have faced lawsuits as a result.

Whitecat 12th February 2020 08:06 PM
Nearly 11 million moochers in US stream music illegally

Apple Music and Spotify pushed their paid subscriber numbers to new heights in 2019, but the number of people that share their account passwords is also increasing.

Whitecat 11th February 2020 12:59 PM
Spotify launches 'walled garden' app Spotify Kids to millions more users

A few months after launching in some smaller markets, Spotify is launching the beta of its Spotify Kids app in Australia and the UK.

Whitecat 10th February 2020 08:40 PM
Pinewood to Close Sound Department | Hollywood Reporter

Iconic U.K. studio Pinewood, the home of the James Bond films, will close its Creative Audio sound department following a review, with 18 jobs expected to be cut.

Whitecat 8th February 2020 12:49 AM
“Devastating” Manufacturing Plant Fire Threatens Worldwide Vinyl Record Supply |

Third Man Records’ Ben Blackwell says the destruction of Apollo Masters’ California facility “will present a problem for the vinyl industry worldwide”

Whitecat 7th February 2020 11:19 AM
Warner Music set for US stock market flotation - BBC News

Billionaire Sir Len Blavatnik's Warner Music Group has announced plans to sell shares via a stock market listing.

Whitecat 6th February 2020 07:11 PM
Tyler, The Creator Reveals New Location Of Amoeba Hollywood - Stereogum

Amoeba Hollywood is moving, and the iconic record store has enlisted Tyler, The Creator to help announce its new location. A first look video featuring the Los

Whitecat 5th February 2020 11:19 AM
Austerity, gentrification and big tunes: why illegal raves are flourishing | Music |

Amid disillusionment with mainstream clubbing, illegal events are harking back to the original spirit of rave – but police maintain they are as dangerous and criminal as ever

Whitecat 4th February 2020 09:10 AM
Magic moments: the indestructible appeal of easy listening radio | Television & radio

The long read: In the age of streaming and limitless choice, Magic Radio pulls in millions of listeners. What is it that keeps people coming back?

Whitecat 3rd February 2020 06:10 PM
”It's going to be devastating” – here's how Brexit will screw o

But all is not lost – sign the petition now to grant British artists a Musicians’ Passport to make touring Europe easier

Whitecat 2nd February 2020 02:17 PM
iHeartRadio Replaces Hundreds of Workers With 'Technology and AI'

Yesterday, we first reported on mass layoff of iHeartMedia and iHeartRadio employees nationwide.* Now, the company has explained why those people were cut.

Whitecat 31st January 2020 09:03 PM
MIA launches crowdfunding drive to avoid platforms that 'sell data to Cambridge Analy

The musician has promised music and videos to her Patreon supporters, and the possibility of recipes and dating advice

Whitecat 31st January 2020 08:44 AM
How a lost recording became a Philadelphia soul classic | PBS NewsHour Weekend

Philadelphia's Sigma Sound Studios recorded more than 200 gold and platinum records before closing its doors in 2003, eventually donating 7,000 tapes to Drexel University, including recordings by Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Gladys Knight and hundreds of other unknown artists. Christoper Booker reports on the search for hidden gems in one of the city's most comprehensive musical archives.

Whitecat 29th January 2020 07:48 PM
StubHub has been ordered to make urgent changes to its UK ticket site or face legal a

StubHub has been ordered to make changes to its UK ticket website by the Competition and Markets Authority.

Whitecat 29th January 2020 04:43 PM
London's Iconic 100 Club Saved

Westminster Council announce 100% Business Rates Relief securing the future of the legendary Grassroots Music Venue

Whitecat 28th January 2020 07:31 PM
Neil Young says the MacBook Pro has ‘Fisher-Price’ audio quality - The Verge

Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel chats with musician Neil Young and tech executive Phil Baker about their new book To Feel the Music: A Songwriter’s Mission To Save High-Quality Audio.

Whitecat 28th January 2020 02:31 PM
Small music venues to get 50% reduction in business rates | Music | The Guardian

230 small and medium-sized venues in England and Wales will see an average saving of £7,500 each

Whitecat 28th January 2020 01:57 PM
Nightmares on wax: the environmental impact of the vinyl revival | Music | The Guardi

From toxic wastewater to greenhouse gas emissions, the boom in vinyl has dangerous effects – but streaming isn’t as clean an alternative as it looks

Whitecat 27th January 2020 09:07 PM
Best Music Scenes: Tulsa, Oklahoma - Rolling Stone

Tulsa's music resurgence is thanks to rappers, folk singers, and a billionaire who wants to make it one of the coolest places in the U.S.A.

Whitecat 27th January 2020 01:05 PM
Discovery Networks Backs Down on Composer Ultimatum – Variety

Following outrage, Discovery Networks has scuttled a business plan that would have all but assured series composers a drastic income drop.

Whitecat 27th January 2020 11:09 AM
Grammy Ratings Hit New Demo Low, Tick Up in Total Viewers – Variety

The Grammy Awards set another new low in adults 18-49 while seeing a small increase in total viewers compared to 2018.

Whitecat 26th January 2020 08:45 PM
Milli Vanilli Won The Only Grammy That’s Ever Been Revoked: A Look Back - Stereogum

Maybe you've seen the clip. There's Rob and Fab, the two model-handsome faces of Milli Vanilli, cavorting around onstage at a July 1989 MTV concert to their #2

Whitecat 26th January 2020 05:52 PM
Peppa Pig Sued For Ripping Off Louise Redknapp's '90s Hit "Naked" - Stereogum

The British children's character Peppa Pig released her debut album, My First Album, last year. The Peppa industry is now quite large: Her North American fall

Whitecat 24th January 2020 06:36 PM
Article 13: UK will not implement EU copyright law - BBC News

Universities and Science Minister Chris Skidmore has said that the UK will not implement the EU Copyright Directive after the country leaves the EU.

Whitecat 22nd January 2020 05:17 PM
Metallica say they "did not make a difference" with Napster battle

Metallica have said their legal battle with Napster, which saw over 300,000 users banned from the service, "did not make a difference"

The Press Desk 22nd January 2020 04:26 PM
'No Fiat 500 techno!': why electronic music in Cork is popping off | Music | The Guar

A crop of hyper-imaginative producers like Lighght, Ellll and those on the Flood label all emanate from Ireland’s ‘rebel city’ – but can it hold on to them?

The Press Desk 22nd January 2020 03:13 PM
Ousted Grammy Awards boss Deborah Dugan makes corruption claims - BBC News

The head of the Recording Academy makes claims of voting irregularities and sexual harassment.

Whitecat 22nd January 2020 01:24 PM
bjork and microsoft use AI to create music that changes with the weather

björk has collaborated with microsoft to create AI-generated music based on on the changing weather patterns and position of the sun.

Whitecat 20th January 2020 12:44 PM
Radiohead launch online 'public library' to let fans stream rare EPs for th

Radiohead have launched their very own 'public library', which will act as an online archive of the band's vast material.

Whitecat 18th January 2020 01:45 PM
Top of the flops: is streaming rendering the charts obsolete? | Music | The Guardian

Record companies might disagree, but exclusives, eligibility algorithms, bundling and ‘streaming farms’ are threatening to ruin the Top 40

Whitecat 18th January 2020 02:19 AM
Rush Music Streams Surge 776% in U.S. After Death of Drummer Neil Peart

In the days following the death of Rush drummer Neil Peart, streams of the band’s songs surged by 776% in the U.S., according to initial reports to Nielsen Music/MRC Data.

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