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Whitecat 26th February 2017 09:09 AM
13 Hours: Academy Rescinds Sound Mixing Nomination for Greg P. Russell | Deadline

The Academy rescinded the Sound Mixing nomination for Greg P. Russell from 13 Hours for violation of Academy campaign regulations.

Whitecat 26th February 2017 01:01 AM
'La La Land' sound mixer Ai-ling Lee makes Oscar history

Oscar-nominated sound editor and mixer Ai-ling Lee talks about her work on 'La La Land,' making car horns beep in a key that complements the music.

Whitecat 25th February 2017 01:05 AM
T Bone Burnett Delivers Scathing Message to Copyright Office Urging Reform: 'Our

T Bone Burnett delivered a scathing video message to the U.S. Copyright Office today urging reform of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's safe harbors provision.

Whitecat 24th February 2017 01:59 PM
Jack White makes vinyl beautiful at Third Man Pressing

Splashy new pressing plant, in the back of Third Man’s Cass Corridor retail store, celebrates its grand opening Saturday

Whitecat 23rd February 2017 01:02 AM
Jay Z, Max Martin, Berry Gordy, Chicago and The Time To Enter The Songwriters Hall Of

Shawn Carter joins Swedish hit factory Max Martin, Motown co-founder Berry Gordy, The Time's Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and more.

Whitecat 20th February 2017 10:34 AM
Google and Bing to demote pirate sites in UK web searches - BBC News

Copyright-infringing music and film websites and unofficial sport streams could be made harder to find under a new agreement.

GearAndGuitars 20th February 2017 05:23 AM
High Court upholds Kim Dotcom extradition decision |

The High Court has ruled against Kim Dotcom - and the case is set to head back to court.

Whitecat 18th February 2017 08:55 PM
Chance the Rapper is turning down '$10m offers' to stay independent | The Independent

Chance the Rapper is reportedly turning down some very generous record label offers after he achieved a historic win at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The*New York Post*reports that the Chicago MC has turned down offers worth up to $10 million, after he beat Drake and Kanye West to win*the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Whitecat 15th February 2017 10:38 AM
Viagogo accused of sitting on refunds after overcharging for tickets | Money | The Gu

Dozens of fans who bought gig tickets through website claim to have been left up to hundreds of pounds out of pocket

GearAndGuitars 14th February 2017 08:45 PM
SoundCloud Execs Jump Ship as 'Desperate' Fundraising Begins

As SoundCloud begins a new round of fundraising, it downplayed two key executives suddenly (read: abruptly) leaving the company.

Whitecat 14th February 2017 03:31 PM
UK Gov outlines plans to help protect live music venues | Musical instrument industry

New policy could help retailers expand their businesses to offer more live music events.

Whitecat 13th February 2017 09:40 PM
What would it take to fix the Grammys?

Last night was the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, an event that, year after year, sparks the same debate: Do the Grammys actually matter? And while the question of awarding art is always up in the air, this year it was more apparent than ever that the Grammys really aren’t concerned with the awards themselves.

Whitecat 12th February 2017 12:42 PM
What Big Tech's Quarterly Reports Say About The Future Of Music : The Record : NPR

The past week brought a slew of high-level financial filings from tech and music companies — from which we read the tea leaves.

chrisso 12th February 2017 12:31 PM
The clock is ticking for Spotify - BBC News

Spotify may be "too big to fail", according to Billboard magazine, but the clock is ticking as the company hatches its plans to go public.
'In the interest of finally becoming a profitable company, it would like to lower that percentage, but this is unlikely to go down well with artists, who argue that the royalties they receive from streaming are unfairly low as it is.'
Whitecat 11th February 2017 03:13 PM
The Grammys May Not Be Hip, But For These Nominees, The Awards Still Matter : NPR

In a year when the likes of Frank Ocean and Justin Bieber have dismissed the awards show as irrelevant, Mandalit del Barco speaks to a few artists for whom a Grammy win remains a very big deal.

Whitecat 10th February 2017 02:03 PM
British inventor of stereo sound given posthumous Grammy

Alan Blumlein's family will receive the award later this year, while Sunday's ceremony will remember George Michael and Prince.

Whitecat 10th February 2017 10:16 AM
Universal Music in private Prince songs deal - BBC News

The world's largest music label will be able to release much of the late star's private archive.

Whitecat 9th February 2017 03:31 PM
Astorg Buys Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo And Digigrid - Bobby Owsinski'

European investment group Astorg as purchased the parent company that owns Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo and Digigrid.

Whitecat 8th February 2017 10:43 AM
Spinal Tap creators aim to 'go to 11' with $400m lawsuit | Business | The Guardian

Harry Shearer joined by fellow band members and director Rob Reiner in claim Vivendi has not fully shared profits

GearAndGuitars 6th February 2017 06:12 AM
Trends: Five contenders for music’s enemy number one (A Free Read) | Complete

CMU Trends presents five contenders for enemy number one of the music industry in 2017.

Whitecat 4th February 2017 08:10 PM
Seven surprising moments from the Super Bowl half-time show - BBC News

From Michael Jackson to Beyonce, some of the more surprising moments of the Super Bowl half-time show.

Whitecat 4th February 2017 03:20 PM
Black Sabbath: 'We hated being a heavy metal band' - BBC News

Black Sabbath reflect on their 50-year career as they play the final gig of their last world tour.

GearAndGuitars 4th February 2017 06:44 AM
Over 400 Labels and Artists Join Bandcamp's Anti-Trump Protest

Several days ago, Bandcamp announced that on Friday, they would donate 100% of their profits to the ACLU. 400 labels and artists followed suit.

GearAndGuitars 4th February 2017 06:43 AM
Is Spotify Going Bankrupt In 2017? Wall Street Delivers Another Red Flag

Wall Street is rejecting their IPO. A $1.5 billion debt pile is now a ticking time bomb. Is this the year that Spotify collapses?

Whitecat 31st January 2017 10:12 PM
Prince’s music is coming to streaming services February 12 · Newsw

Yesterday, we told you about speculation, fueled by cryptic purple Spotify billboards, that Prince’s back catalog—which the Artist fiercely protected during his life—would be coming to Spotify and Apple Music after his death. Well, that speculation has now been confirmed

Whitecat 31st January 2017 10:54 AM
5 Female Producers to Watch in 2017 | Milk

5 Female Producers to Watch in 2017 on Milk | Step aside, gender stereotypes: the music industry is getting a heavy dose of female influence, and it goes…

Whitecat 30th January 2017 11:04 PM
Where concert ticket money goes: who's getting rich off live music's golden age? | Mu

The money you’re forking over to see your favourite band is paying for an entire touring ecosystem, including artists, promoters, sets and medical staff

GearAndGuitars 30th January 2017 07:12 AM
YouTube Pays Indies 10% Of What Spotify Does, says Merlin CEO - hypebot

[UPDATED] One of the many current battles between tech and the music industry is the size and fairness of YouTube payments to creators and rightsholders. Charles Caldas, the CEO of indie licensing trade group Merlin, threw some gas on the fire during a presentation in London. _____________________________________ Music streaming “fundamentally...

GearAndGuitars 30th January 2017 12:33 AM
YouTube’s Value Gap is the Record Industry’s Biggest Problem To Fix, and

If the record industry is serious about growing streaming revenues (and the digital economy in general) it must address the problems with the exploitative practices of Google's YouTube. We've been lucky to be supplied with Content ID data from the same source as our previous data - so we added that into the mix to…

GearAndGuitars 26th January 2017 10:06 PM
Spotify's Latest Offer To Labels: A 14% Lower Royalty Rate - hypebot

Spotify, YouTube and other music streamers are locked in tough re-negotiations with the major labels. But for Spotify, the stakes are the highest. The largest music streamer, which loses millions of dollars quarterly, is planning an IPO this year. __________________________________ Spotify's latest offer to record labels marks an almost 14%...

Whitecat 25th January 2017 02:35 PM
Tributes to WorldStarHiphop founder Lee 'Q' O'Denat - BBC Newsbeat

Lee O'Denat, the founder of legendary website WorldStarHiphop, has died following a reported heart attack.
Known as "Q" and described as a "brilliant businessman" he originally set out to publish and share mix tapes.

Whitecat 21st January 2017 09:23 PM
Cassette album sales rise by 74% in 2016 - FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.

Cassettes are having an unexpected revival with sales almost doubling in 2016, driven by speciality releases by Justin Bieber and The Weeknd.

Whitecat 20th January 2017 10:12 PM
Spotify has a lot of catching up to do to reach Netflix's numbers - Business Insider

Netflix’s numbers shine some stark light on the distance Spotify has to travel in order to reach an important goal.

Whitecat 20th January 2017 08:50 PM
Jam band Slightly Stoopid presses $6,000 worth of hash into entirely stupid LP

Slightly Stoopid, a San Diego jam band that describes its music as “a fusion of folk, rock, reggae, and blues with hip-hop, funk, metal, and punk,” likes to smoke weed. The group has released albums like Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid, and has given a number of its tours pot-related names—the Blazed And Confused tour of 2009, the Legalize It tour of 2010, the Seedless Summer tour of 2011, and so on.

Whitecat 20th January 2017 12:58 AM
Jack White’s Third Man Records is opening a vinyl production facility in Detroit

Penning a figurative love letter to the alt-rocker’s preferred musical medium, as well as to his financially troubled hometown, Jack White’s Third Man Records has announced that it’s opening its own vinyl pressing factory in Detroit.

Whitecat 19th January 2017 12:56 AM
Paul McCartney Sues Sony Over Beatles Copyrights - Stereogum

Paul McCartney has sued Sony Music, asserting that he intends to reclaim US publishing ownership of Beatles songs that he wrote or co-wrote -- songs whose

GearAndGuitars 18th January 2017 06:15 PM
Here’s Why Vinyl Isn’t About To Save The Music Business And Why Albums Ne

The BPI announced that ‘album equivalent sales’ were up by 1.6% in volume terms in 2016, with vinyl and streaming identified as the key drivers. Many people retain a nostalgic soft spot for vinyl, so an apparently vinyl led revival is always going to get people’s attention. But not only is vinyl not the future…

Whitecat 17th January 2017 05:26 PM
The Academy won’t hear The Neon Demon’s terrific sound design over its unpopularity

What it would do as an Oscar nominee for Sound Mixing is offer a decidedly different approach than the more realistic recreations of gunfire or drum solos.

Whitecat 17th January 2017 03:59 PM
Remembering Trash: the London club night that defined the rock'n'rave era | Music | T

Erol Alkan, LCD Soundsystem, 2ManyDJs and Bloc Party were all regulars at the feted Monday night party destination, which shut its doors 10 years ago this month. They recall an eclectic, eccentric event that reshaped UK nightlife

GearAndGuitars 16th January 2017 10:10 PM
Updated! Streaming Price Bible w/ 2016 Rates : Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal,

The last time we did this was back in 2014, so we thought it was time for an update. Not a lot of surprises but as we predicted when streaming numbers grow, the per stream rate will drop. This data set is isolated to the calendar year 2016 and represents an indie label with an…

Whitecat 16th January 2017 07:49 PM
A day at the Village - how L.A.'s legendary record studio cleaned up its act

It’s more than fate that has brought Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie to Studio D, the recording suite inside this one-time Masonic temple.

Whitecat 16th January 2017 07:35 PM
From anti-releases to 1-inch records: 13 albums you have to work too hard to hear

Obsessive music fans are a strange ilk. Not only will they fill their homes with every deluxe reissue of a record, but they’ll take on some barely functional curiosities, too.

Whitecat 16th January 2017 12:35 AM
Jimmy Iovine on Apple Music Expansion Reports | Hollywood Reporter

"We're going to do whatever hits popular cultural smack on the nose," Iovine said when asked about Apple's reported expansion.

GearAndGuitars 15th January 2017 05:14 AM
Trent Reznor blames “toxic” social media for ruining music

Nine Inch Nails mastermind and Oscar winning composer Trent Reznor is disappointed with music and he thinks social media is to blame.

Whitecat 14th January 2017 10:45 PM
Are Coldplay and Justin Bieber's fan-made music videos just cheap marketing ploys? |

Chris Martin and co are the latest act to succumb to the fad for homemade vids. When will this lazy trend end?

Whitecat 13th January 2017 09:31 PM
Top 10 Schools for Music Recording Technology & Audio Design - College Magazine

Do you dream, sleep and breathe music recording? Does the thought of getting down and dirty in technology make your heart sing? Look no further.

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