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Whitecat 1 Week Ago 01:26 PM
Spotify faces user backlash over new privacy policy | Technology | The Guardian


Music streaming service asks to access contacts, photos and GPS locations from user mobiles, as company focuses on personalisation and discovery

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 09:31 AM
Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson sells private jets in Harrods | Music | The Guardian

A company the Maiden singer chairs has set up a private jet pop-up in the luxury department store

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 01:42 AM
A Rational Conversation: Does Anybody Even Have Time For An 80-Minute Album? : The Re

In a musical environment that prizes economy and the listener's ability to shuffle, skip and create playlists, is there still a place for ambitious, sprawling albums meant to be consumed all at once?
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 12:56 PM
Carlos D: Coldplay made me want to leave Interpol | Music | The Guardian


The former Interpol bassist battled many demons while in the band ... but the moment he knew he had to leave was while watching Chris Martin perform on Saturday Night Live

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 12:28 PM
Money in the music streaming business keeps mysteriously disappearing. Here’s why.

The music streaming business has an unsolved mystery: Where is the money going?

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 12:07 PM
Almost half of Apple Music subscribers have already cancelled, claims survey

According to a survey published today, 48 percent of Apple Music listeners polled say they have given up listening to the streaming music -- and the free t

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 11:37 AM
Club promoters are blaming Tinder for the death of the live music scene

While the young 'uns used to trawl pubs and clubs looking for partners, they now just have to unlock their phones and start swiping.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 12:38 AM
Have We Reached Peak Vinyl? - Stereogum

Stewart Anderson has had enough. The frontman for noise-pop veterans Boyracer and head of likeminded label 555 Recordings has been releasing music on vinyl since 1991. But the well-documented manufacturing delays that have gone hand in hand with the format’s unlikely resurgence have finally pushed the artist/entrepreneur to the point of wanting to break it off with analog discs.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 12:26 AM
Google v Hood Not Even a B-Movie Drama - The Illusion of More

If the story of Google V Hood sounds like a bad movie plot, it's because it rings rather hollow. Believe what you want about the players, their actions, and their motives. The details and misrepresentations are so out of proportion now, it’s futile to even go there. For the sake of argument, then, let’s assume companies are companies, all morally or amorally equal, if you will. Yes, the motion picture industry would like to curb piracy; and yes, Google would like to avoid taking responsibility (financial or otherwise) for its role in the problem. That’s business. We get that. But the idea that the story of Hood v Google is an epic tale of good vs evil — about the forces of openness vs the forces of censorship — is preposterous.
... be careful of which wolf you feed ...
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 08:34 PM
‘We’ll retire at 106. What else can we do?’ The rockers who won't quit | Music


From Suzi Quatro to Saxon’s Biff Byford, rock’s pioneers have been making music for more than 40 years. Here they talk about leather jumpsuits, performing when you’re in your 60s – and the enduring appeal of a nice biscuit

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 11:38 AM
The ukulele maker and his race against Parkinson's - BBC News

Master ukulele maker Pete Howlett has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and is trying to speed up his life's work.

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 10:52 AM
How the Beatles made the English accent an asset in America as they rose to fame 50

What was it like to be on the receiving end of Beatlemania? Nigel Robinson thinks he has some idea. Fifty years ago, the sixth-form student from Leamington Spa discovered that his English accent – aided and abetted by a pair of Chelsea boots and a John Lennon-style cap – made him an instant celebrity when he joined the 55,000-strong audience for the celebrated concert at New York's Shea Stadium that cemented their US and global success.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 06:36 AM
10 Inspiring Quotes for Musicians | Performer Mag

10 Inspiring Quotes for Working Musicians By Working Musicians by Performer Magazine
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 09:23 PM
Hendrix Estate Feud Settled After 45 Years

The guitarist's siblings have battled over his estate since he died in 1970 - but they have now reached a deal over merchandise.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 08:25 PM
SoundCloud Facing Legal Action Before Thanksgiving, Sources SayDigital Music News

SoundCloud now faces significant legal action from the major labels, with litigation potentially starting by Thanksgiving.
GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 07:16 PM
Prince Names Tidal the Exclusive Home for Upcoming Record 'HITNRUN' | Billb

After years spent scrubbing nearly every shred of sound he's created from platforms like YouTube and denying licenses to streaming services, the legend is making Tidal the exclusive home to his upcoming record HITNRUN, to be released Sep. 7.
... let's see how long it takes for the Tidal "exclusive" to appear on YouTube...
GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 06:39 PM
How to kill the album: Stop Making Sense - Music Business Worldwide

Current artists likely to benefit from this change in methodology include Ariana Grande, Hozier and Maroon 5… as their streaming and digital song sales have been outperforming their album sales in recent weeks.”

So their song sales have been outperforming their album sales, but it’s best if we attribute them with more album sales than artists who actually achieved more album sales.

Gotcha. Crystal. Flawless logic.

As Martin Mills eloquently put it earlier this year: “Including tracks with albums mixes apples with pears, and fails to chart anything meaningful other than sheer brute size.”
... we reap what we sow...
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 05:24 PM
Gibson changes tune: Electronics before guitars

Gibson Brands has emerged as a consumer electronics manufacturer first and foremost and a guitar producer second

theblue1 2 Weeks Ago 03:40 PM
Musicians Union Sues Major Labels For Not Paying Them For Streams On Spotify, Apple M

The American Federation of Musicians claims major record labels haven't paid it a cent of the money it believes it is owed.
The suit will attempt to pry open 'the Black Box' ... at least a little:

Under an agreement initiated in 1994 and renewed and amended most recently in 2012, major labels Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, along with film soundtrack powerhouse Hollywood Records, are required to pay 0.5 percent of “all receipts” that the labels have collected “’as a result of the amendment of the Copyright Act of 1976 to provide copyright owners with the exclusive right, not limited by statutory or compulsory licensing, to publicly perform sound recordings by means of a digital transmission’” into the AFM’s pension fund.

In layman’s terms, those receipts, which include revenue generated from streams, nonpermanent downloads and ringback tones (remember those?), may also include the advances the majors wrung out of services like Spotify in exchange for access to their catalogs. Those advances, whose specific amounts are mostly hidden behind nondisclosure agreements, are widely believed to amount to tens of millions of dollars per label.

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 06:19 AM
YouTube star attacks ‘theft, lies and Facebook video’ | Technology | The Guardian

Vlogbrothers’ Hank Green wants social network to rethink the way it counts views, and crack down on ‘freebooted’ videos ripped from YouTube
... irony ...
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 02:24 AM
Pay the Band | Viewpoint | Memphis News and Events | Memphis Flyer

Several years ago, a very famous Memphis guitar player got sick. He was one of my entertainment-law clients. I drove him to Wiles-Smith Drug Store...
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 07:04 PM
UK police report 73% decrease in top ad spending on piracy sites - Business Insider

'Operation Creative' has been running for nearly two years now, and it has a lot to be happy about.
Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 01:47 PM
Police anti-piracy operation cuts advertising on illegal sites by 70% | Media | The G

Operation Creative, backed by ad industry and film, music and TV trade bodies, seeks to stop legitimate brands’ campaigns appearing on pirate websites

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 02:12 AM
Judge Wants Dr. Luke to Stand Trial Over Breakbeat on Jessie J Hit Song - Hollywood R

Copyright law hits percussion — and the music industry might never be the same.
interesting case.
Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 03:33 PM
Talking Head talks tough: musicians rebel over 3-cent cheques and 'black boxes'

“The black box of hidden transactions in the music business, while maybe not illegal, is a recipe for chicanery,” says Talking Heads frontman David Byrne.

Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 12:06 PM
Columbia House, the Spotify of the '80s, is dead | The Verge

There was a time in the not-too-distant past where you couldn't just open Spotify, your favorite torrent client, or iTunes and get hold of a song you wanted to hear. No, you had to obtain actual...

Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 10:00 AM
Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership draft would force Canada to rework copyright, critic

Canada would have to massively overhaul its Copyright Act just a few years after the last round of painstaking amendments, critics warn, if a secret trade and investment deal the government is negotiating is adopted with the terms outlined in a leaked draft that was made public this week.

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 06:32 AM
YouTube as you know it might be a thing of the past | New York Post

YouTube’s exploding mobile traffic is creating a new source of friction between the world’s No. 1 content distributor and the music industry, numerous sources told The Post. Universal, Sony and...
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 02:09 AM
Did Google & YouTube just Scam The Entire Record Business into Free Streaming Licenses? MusicKey is MIA…

Remember all the controversy over YouTube’s ad-free streaming subscriber service, MusicKey? If the words “Google” and “Ad-Free” sound like a complete contradiction, you are not alone.

Ok, so where is it? We tried to sign up, but we’ll be notified later when the service is available.
theblue1 3 Weeks Ago 03:49 PM
Prince Compares Record Contracts to Slavery: Report | Billboard

Speaking to a group of 10 journalists at his Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis, Prince reportedly voiced his opinion about the state of the music business.

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 06:19 AM
Music is the product. |

It's a double edged sword, and Vernon admits as much. On the one hand, Bushmills paid him enough money to finish his recording studio. Whatever money he made from his albums and going on tours must not have brought in enough cash to do so. On the other hand, by aligning himself with a brand, the Bon Iver brand if you will, was ultimately compromised. At least in Vernon's mind. This is far deeper than just "selling out."[/url]
... music is the product, indeed...
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 04:45 AM
Spotify Preparing to Offer Premium-Only Content, Sources Say - Digital Music News

Spotify will soon be shifting towards a premium-only, ‘gated access’ model, according to several sources speaking in confidence with Digital Music News over the weekend. The decision will mean that certain releases will only be available to paying Spotify subscribers, or offered for an extremely limited time to non-paying users, according to preliminary details shared.
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 05:26 AM
Fun with Digital Royalties - The Cynical Musician

The Trichordist posted a challenge to disassemble Rethink Music's royalty chart today and I do so love a challenge. I won't be pasting the whole of it - just the juicy bits - so
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 06:16 AM
SoundCloud 'Could Become the Next Grooveshark,' Sources Say - Digital Music

The comparison may be closer than you think. SoundCloud says they’re obeying the law, unlike Grooveshark, whose top executives ordered employees to infringe copyright while actively lying to frustrated artists and labels (Grooveshark’s co-founder, 28-year-old Josh Greenberg, died last month under suspicious circumstances). But the stark similarity is this: both sites amassed tens of millions of users by offering unlicensed content from major artists, and both attracted the furious, unrelenting ire of the major recording industry.
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 12:02 AM
How to ignore YouTube completely: One Direction's radical gamble - Music Busines

Search YouTube for 1D’s new comeback single Drag Me Down, and you’ll discover Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam are nowhere to be found.

Sony won’t confirm it, but the major appears to have a taskforce stamping out any attempt to upload the track onto the platform.

Why? Because One Direction are using their colossal social media presence (Twitter: 24.5m; Facebook 37m; Instagram: 9.7m) to actively push fans towards iTunes and Spotify instead.
unlikely they'll be able to keep anything OFF of youtube...
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 12:15 AM
It will be interesting to see if that number goes up or down once the free stops.
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 11:41 PM
The Copyright Hub – Copyright Done Right | The Copyright Hub

Copyright gives creative people the right – and freedom – to have a say in how their work is used. However, having the freedom and being able to use it are two different things. If it doesn’t work well, it’s hard for users to ask permission and hard for creators to give it and get rewarded. The Copyright Hub helps the whole thing work the way the internet works. That’s how copyright can be done right. Now we are asking for your support.
Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 10:16 AM
How 'the Blockchain' Could Actually Change the Music Industry | Billboard

Two companies, PeerTracks and Ujo, are exploring blockchain technology's potential for the music business.

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 09:25 AM
iTunes is Illegal Under UK Copyright Law - TorrentFreak

The High Court recently overturned private copying exceptions introduced last year by the UK Government, once again outlawing the habits of millions of citizens. The Intellectual Property Office today explains that ripping a CD in iTunes is no longer permitted, and neither is backing up your computer if it contains copyrighted content.

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 08:52 AM
Stakes Is High: Drake Ghostwriting Accusations Matter More Than You Think : The Recor

With the notion of authorship dispatched as silly and inconsequential, the way has been paved for even greater corporate influence over hip-hop.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 02:15 AM
Dick Dale, 78, Currently Tours Despite Having Rectal Cancer, Renal Failure, and Massive Vertebrae Damage | Digital Music News

Sadly, the reason Dale still tours is because he needs the money to cover medical costs that insurance won’t. “I can’t stop touring because I will die,” Dale admitted in an interview with the Pittsburgh City Paper. “Physically and literally, I will die.”
... because "t-shirts and touring"...
GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 02:11 AM
Beatport, SFXE "Unable" To Pay Artists, Labels As Stock Deadline, $100 Million Lawsui

Beatport looked like a success story creating a leading online hub for electronic dance music and culture. Now its caught in the crossfire, as parent company SFXE struggles to overcome a tanking stock price, a stock buyback deadline and at least one lawsuit.

Musician Morgan Geist quipped that Beatport "Couldn't seem to find the word 'Sorry' in this email."
... the futures so bright I gotta wear shades ... lol ...
Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 10:45 AM
'Permission granted': Taylor Swift's 11th-hour rescue for Sydney theatre show | Stage

Singer responds to Belvoir theatre company’s last-ditch plea on Twitter to use her hit Shake It Off after permission had been refused days before opening night

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 02:02 AM
Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: Labels Considering Removing Artist Videos From YouTube

In a dispute that's reminiscent of what happened with MTV in the 1980s, the 3 major labels are considering removing videos of their most prominent artists from YouTube, according to various reports.
GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 02:01 AM
Why Grooveshark failed | The Verge

Sometime in early 2006, Josh Greenberg, a freshman at the University of Florida, began attending meetings at a school club for budding business types. The son of an electronics repairman, Greenberg...
GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 01:54 AM
The Jam’s Paul Weller on the music industry today: “I can’t think of

"I can’t think of any other job or art form where people don’t get paid for what they do”

Salon talks to the Modfather about politics, inequality, his time with the Jam and his new album
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