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Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 10:43 AM
‘Blurred Lines’ verdict likely to alter music business - The Washington Post

A jury’s verdict that Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke copied Marvin Gaye’s music to create their hit song “Blurred Lines” won’t just be felt by the singer’s pocketbooks — it has the potential to change how musicians work and could open the door to new copyright claims.
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 11:22 PM
Jazz Has Become The Least-Popular Genre In The U.S. | The Jazz Line - News

The latest Nielsen Year-End Report pegs jazz as one of the least-popular music genres, accounting for just 1.4% of all music consumed in the U.S..
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 10:49 PM
Pharrell's $7.3m Bill For Copying Marvin Gaye

Sky News - First for Breaking News, video, headlines, analysis and top stories from business, politics, entertainment and more in the UK and worldwide.
GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 09:17 PM
Fight Between Apple and Spotify Could Change Digital Music; Labels Said to Reject Pri

Record labels are not giving up on free streaming -- but they're growing weary of its 'unlimited' nature, and want digital services to find more paying customers.
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 02:01 PM
Kraftwerk sue makers of Kraftwerk charging devices | Music | The Guardian

Although the word simply means ‘power station’ in German, Ralf Hütter argues the name clearly suggests a link with the electronic music legends
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 01:48 PM
Smule CEO Jeff Smith Is Weirdly Optimistic About The Music Industry | TechCrunch

"I think this is one of the most exciting times to be in the music business." That's not a sentiment I hear very often, but it's what Smule CEO Jeff Smith..
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 11:21 AM
SoundCloud Says It Has Paid $1 Million To Artists, Labels Via On SoundCloud Partner P

SoundCloud says there has been significant growth to its On SoundCloud program six months since launching it.
Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 11:20 AM
The music industry’s broken business could change in 2015 | Gigaom

The music business has been screwed up for a hopelessly long time, but change*is afoot: Congress, courts and the Justice Department are all poised in coming
GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 01:13 AM
I Heard the $5 Million Wu-Tang Album That Won’t Be Played Again in Public for 8

The new and possibly final Wu-Tang album is more than two hours long. It features 31 tracks, all eight living MCs, most if not all Wu-Tang affiliates (Sunz of Man, Redman, Cher), sirens, bombs, samples from kung fu cinema, and original skits.
Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 10:06 PM
Apple to Unveil Revamped Streaming Music Service at WWDC - Mac Rumors

Apple will launch a revamped streaming music service in June at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, according to 9to5Mac and...
Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 02:46 PM
Hall & Oates sue makers of Haulin' Oats granola | Music | The Guardian

Pop-soul duo take umbrage at ‘artisanal’ breakfast food firm’s ‘phonetic play’ on their brand name

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 11:19 PM
World’s First “Vinyl-Only EDM Label” Goes Bust After Making No Money | Underground Music

“It sucks man, I put all my life savings into this label and even borrowed a few grand from my parents,” claimed label owner, artisan earwax sculptor and son of two, Chad “BoneDog” Murray. “To make literally nothing back is a huge disappointment, I’m totally devastated and can’t believe a vinyl-only label for EDM acts wouldn’t work.”
from the onion of edm...
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 05:52 PM
YouTube’s Content ID : $375.00 Per Million Views… aka “Block In All Countries" | Trichordist

We've been supplied nearly a year's worth of Content ID data from a mid-sized indie label. Over the course of about a year here's what the data shows: After nearly a year and 80 million plays, the net average per play amounts to less than $375.00 per MILLION Plays on YouTube. Ok, that's just for…
GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 10:50 PM
Inside Former CEO Jeff Price's Ouster from TuneCore: 'A Tale of Betrayal an

A lawsuit over severance pay filed by TuneCore co-founder and former CEO Jeff Price against the online music distribution service sheds some light on how the innovative but controversial executive was ousted from the company in 2012.

Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 12:33 AM
Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran lead revamped album chart - BBC News

Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Royal Blood take the top spots in the first UK album chart to count streaming data alongside sales.

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 07:18 PM
Kim Dotcom is running out of money, and his wife has run off with a 17-year-old boy - Business Insider

German internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has been dealt another financial blow after PayPal stopped processing customer payments for his cloud storage site MEGA. The company published a blog post on Thursday that said payments have ceased with immediate effect.

Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 10:21 PM
Music fans should cut their intake to just one hour a day: WHO -

A new report by the World Health Organisation suggests that people should listen to music for no longer than one hour a day in order to protect their hearing.

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 08:32 AM
Dear Facebook, Please Stop Killing Music. | The Skinny

An Open Letter to Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg, Dear Facebook, Please Stop Killing Music! My name is J.R. and I am the Founder of GigDog. GigDog is a streaming music service that only plays the music of bands/artist performing live in your city in the near future.

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 03:32 AM
Who will be the First Fired Label Execs over Spotify Fiasco & Cannibalization? | Trichordist

We don't know if the rumors are true, but we're hearing rumblings from the upper echelons of the music business that top management is very unhappy with the cannibalization of the transactional business that is being accelerated in a death spiral towards a $3b record industry. Did you guys get this headline on the midyear…
* david lowery predicted the house cleaning of major label digital executives last year in October.
Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 02:04 AM
Scarlett Johansson told she must change band name | Music | The Guardian

Los Angeles band the Singles issues a cease-and-desist order to Johansson’s new group of the same name

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 08:06 PM
The Future of the US Copyright Office | Copyhype

The Copyright Office has evolved tremendously since it was first created 118 years ago, and I think it’s commendable that its role and status, along with its functions and resources, are being fully examined.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 10:46 PM
Viewers Don’t Add Up to Profit for YouTube - WSJ

YouTube accounted for about 6% of Google’s overall sales last year, but the video website doesn’t produce a profit—despite a billion monthly users. New efforts to build ad revenue include tapping into Google’s search data, subscriptions for non-music content and other changes.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 08:41 PM
Music industry to announce Friday as global release day

Music industry "on the verge" of announcing Friday as global release day

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 08:03 PM
Why Did Rob Wells UMG Chief Digital Exec Resign? | The Trichordist

We saw the surprise announcement that Rob Wells chief of digital has stepped down from UMG. We have no idea why he would have resigned. It seems to be a great mystery.   Who will be the First Fired Label Execs over Spotify Fiasco & Cannibalization?   Let The Heads Roll…More Genius From The Record…

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 08:43 AM
Is Tumblr Cracking Down Harder on Copyright Infringement By Users? | Billboard

Tumblr appears to be taking a harder stance against content infringement by its users.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 08:38 AM
YouTube MCNs Attacked in Lawsuits Over Alleged Use of Unlicensed Music (Exclusive) -

On Tuesday, Disney's Maker Studios, DreamWorks Animation's Awesomeness, Big Frame and BroadbandTV Corp. were all slammed with lawsuits that aim to rip the lid off of unlicensed music on YouTube.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 09:07 PM
Copyright is Broken. Can Congress Fix It? | William Buckley Jr.

With the exception of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, enacted in 1998, just one year before Napster and the beginning of online piracy, many of today's copyright laws and regulations date back to 1976....

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 08:24 PM
If copyright's a dud, what business models do work for creatives?

Much of the creative work we value – whether it’s films, music, novels, or TV shows – requires a significant input of time and resources. The established method for raising the resources to fund such work…

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 10:23 AM
Still Radical: Oscar Nominee Gregg Alexander Says the Music Industry Needs More Class

Having worked both in the music business and the film industry, ex-New Radical Gregg Alexander has developed a strong opinion about the differences between the two entertainment forms and the way award nominees behave during the prestigious events. In the film world, Kanye West's rude and childish interruption of Beck at the Grammys would never happen.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 09:41 AM
Indie Execs Voice Concern Over iTunes Store Changes | Billboard

The changes appear to benefit the major labels at the expense of indies, leaving the indie label sector in a diminished showing compared to where they were previously inside the store. iTunes didn't respond to a request for comment.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 11:11 PM
These are the sounds left behind when you compress a song to MP3 | The Verge

If you're listening to music right now, you can probably hear the vocalist's slight pitch-shifts, or hiss of a drummer's hi-hats, or the padded thump of a synth bed. But do you ever think about...

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 07:46 PM
Audiophiles: Neil Young’s Pono has brought unfair scorn for lovers of high-end

Thirty years ago, I visited a newly opened “high-end audio” store called Excalibur, on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., with the idea of writing a scathing exposé. Back then I read Stereo Review, which insisted that pretty much all audio components sounded alike. (If they measured the same on a...

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 07:33 PM
Where Did the Best Original Song Oscar Category Go Wrong?

We talk to two experts about why the Oscar's Best Original Song category so rarely involves songs we know and love.

GearAndGuitars 20th February 2015 01:28 AM
So Much For Spotify in Sweden, Overall Sales Drop… and Norway Too…Streami

Remember how we've been told for years that Spotify is the solution to the record industry's problems? Remember how we've been told that Spotify is the solution to piracy? Remember the stories of how "sales are growing" in Sweden and Norway? Well guess what? According to Digital Music News (reported by IFPI) overall sales in…

GearAndGuitars 19th February 2015 07:12 PM
Subscriptions Key to Music Industry, Says UMG’s Lucian Grainge | Re/code

Free, ad-funded music services won't sustain artists or labels, says Lucian Grainge.

Whitecat 18th February 2015 12:02 PM
'HMV is not our enemy': 10 rules for running a record shop | Music | The Guardian

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kingston upon Thames’s thriving Banquet Records, owner Jon Tolley shares his tips on how to keep the music playing and the lights on

Whitecat 17th February 2015 07:31 PM
NME denies reports that it will go free after slump in sales - News - Music - The In

Venerable music magazine NME has denied reports that it is to become a free publication, after its sales crashed to a record low.

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