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Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 04:06 PM
UK album chart set for David Bowie takeover | Music | The Guardian

Blackstar already on course to become 10th No 1 before news of his death, which could lead to his other albums charting again

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 03:06 PM
BowieNet: how David Bowie's ISP foresaw the future of the internet | Technology | The

Always a step ahead of the curve, he spotted the potential of the internet as a venue in which to make, share and expand upon art

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 06:17 PM
David Gilmour disc wins record cover prize - BBC News

The avian-themed cover of David Gilmour's fourth solo album wins an annual prize for the year's best album artwork.

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 09:38 PM
Justin Bieber sets UK singles chart record - BBC News

Pop star Justin Bieber pulls off another chart coup by occupying the number one, two and three spots in this week's singles countdown.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 08:44 PM
Recording Industry 2015: More Music Consumption and Less Money, That's Digital Deflation

People are consuming more and more music yet less money finds its way to record labels and artists.
... another shocker...
Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 04:15 PM
Jack Garratt tops BBC Sound of 2016 list - BBC News

Multi-instrumentalist Jack Garratt tops the BBC Sound Of 2016 list, which highlights the best new artists for the year ahead.

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 03:42 PM
Sonic boom: why clubs are cranking up the quality instead of the volume | Music | The

Venues run by music obsessives are cranking up the quality instead of the volume, and bringing acoustic perfection to the public

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 02:20 PM
The Offspring just sold their entire catalog for $35 million | Consequence of Sound

Round Hill Music has purchased the rights to two decades’ worth of pop-punk hits.

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 12:46 PM
Mötorhead's Lemmy stars in milk ad released weeks after his death | Music | The Guar

Kilmister filmed campaign for Finnish dairy giant Valio less than a month before he died and ad agency turned it into a tribute

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 03:46 PM
CES 2016: Revived Technics turntables revealed by Panasonic - BBC News

Panasonic has shown off its revived Technics turntables at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

GearAndGuitars 6th January 2016 12:07 AM
Why Music Makers Are the Real American Innovators Huffington Post - Blake Morgan

Music is one of the things America still makes that the world still wants. The people who make that music should be paid fairly for their work.

Rock & Roll is an American innovation. Hip-Hop is an American innovation. Jazz is an American innovation. Blues, Country, Gospel, Bluegrass, each of these -- and so many others -- are distinct American innovations.

GearAndGuitars 5th January 2016 03:56 AM
Consumer Spending On Digital Music Actually Fell In 2014 (Yes You Read That Right) |

Though the drop was small – 1% – it was still nonetheless a drop at a period when digital spending should be booming. In some key markets the consumer spending decline was significantly larger, such as a 3% fall in the UK.
Shocker... Not.
GearAndGuitars 4th January 2016 07:58 PM
Spotify Slapped With a Second Class-Action Lawsuit...Digital Music News

Just moments after getting hit with class action lawsuit with estimated damages of $150 million, Spotify is now battling a second suit from a second firm.
One, two punch... uh oh.
Whitecat 1st January 2016 11:05 PM
How Aspiro became Jay Z's music-streaming startup, Tidal - Business Insider

Tidal started life as a small Swedish startup selling ringtones and fax messaging technology.

Whitecat 1st January 2016 03:11 PM
Turntables dominated Amazon's Christmas audio sales

A budget Jensen turntable was Amazon's best-selling home audio product this Christmas.

GearAndGuitars 1st January 2016 06:09 AM
Why Exactly Is Spotify Being Sued and What Does This Mean? - Digital Music NewsDigita

Apple Music is most likely just as at fault as Spotify is. Apple Music will probably get sued for the exact same infringement once they start making payments and publishers begin auditing their numbers.
... And in more detail of the details ...
GearAndGuitars 31st December 2015 08:43 PM
Meet the digital dissenters: They’re fighting for a better Internet | The Washingto

Meet the digital dissenters: They’re fighting for a better Internet
... More and more of this to come, the truth will out...
Whitecat 30th December 2015 06:34 PM
Apple Rumored to Be Launching 24/96 Streaming in 2016

Is Apple planning to launch a 24/96 streaming service in 2016? The rumor mill says yes, and Jerry Del Colliano discusses why he thinks it would be a huge boon to the audio industry.

GearAndGuitars 30th December 2015 08:06 AM
Amazon's top home audio product this holiday was a turntable, besting an Apple A

While streaming services like Apple Music and digital downloads from storefronts like iTunes rule the music industry, listener appreciation for analog vinyl audio remains high, as evidenced by new holiday sales data released by retailer Amazon.
...interesting development...
GearAndGuitars 30th December 2015 06:10 AM
Spotify Hit With $150 Million Class Action Over Unpaid Royalties | Billboard

Cracker frontman David Lowery is leading a class action lawsuit against Spotify, alleging it knowingly, willingly, and unlawfully reproduces and distributes copyrighted composition without obtaining mechanical licenses.
... things are getting real..
GearAndGuitars 28th December 2015 01:02 AM
Techno-skeptics’ objection growing louder - The Washington Post

In the new Machine Age, they fight the tech establishment, saying human needs are getting lost in the digital revolution.

GearAndGuitars 26th December 2015 03:34 AM
Artists Rights Advocates Make Gains in 2015… Web/Tech Admissions Laid Bare. | T

So many of the issues we've been talking about for years are finally becoming part of the larger and more mainstream conversations about artists rights and an ethical internet. Seems like there is a little bit more than a slight draft blowing on house of cards that Silicon Valley has built. Here's a quick recap.

Whitecat 25th December 2015 03:41 PM
Justin Bieber beaten by NHS choir to UK Christmas No 1 | Music | The Guardian

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir’s A Bridge Over You pulled ahead in final hours after Canadian singer tweeted fans to support charity single

GearAndGuitars 25th December 2015 04:35 AM
Robert Johnson revelation tells us to put the brakes on the blues | Music | The Guard

Jon Wilde: We've been listening to the immortal 'King of the Delta Blues' at the wrong speed, but now we can hear him as he intended

Whitecat 24th December 2015 03:39 PM
The Beatles let it stream –*showing that the format is the future | Music | The Gu

It was never a question of whether the Beatles would stream their songs, only when – and at what price. Their presence is a boost for streaming services

Whitecat 23rd December 2015 04:53 PM
Beatles music joins streaming services - BBC News

The Beatles' music is being added to nine music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

GearAndGuitars 23rd December 2015 01:26 PM
Kim Dotcom loses fight to stay in NZ | Radio New Zealand News

Kim Dotcom should be sent to the United States to stand trial on criminal charges, a New Zealand court has ruled.

Whitecat 23rd December 2015 02:49 AM
Apple High Quality Audio Format

Bono has hinted at it in the past, but it may soon be a reality. According to Japanese blog Mac Otakara, Apple is reportedly developing a high quality audio format. Supposedly set to be available to A...

Whitecat 22nd December 2015 04:57 PM
Guitar maker Paul Reed Smith launches a technology firm based on the science of sound

Guitar maker Paul Reed Smith has launched Digital Harmonic, a company that plans to apply science exploring sound waves to medical imaging and the military.

GearAndGuitars 22nd December 2015 08:23 AM
Streaming War Pigs: Apple, Tidal, Spotify, & The Year In Music Services - Stereo

In June 2015, a week before the official launch of Apple Music, I was given an in-depth pre-release demonstration of the new streaming service. I was
... A lot to take in ...
GearAndGuitars 22nd December 2015 08:04 AM
Meet The New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss? -Full Post | The Trichordist

By David Lowery (Copyright in the author, used by permission) What follows is based on my notes and slides from my talk at SF Music Tech Summit. *I realize that I'm about to alienate some of my friends that work on the tech side of the music business. *These are good well intentioned people who…
... Detailed breakdown of "old school" record industry economics versus "new school" economics by an artist to work under both systems ...

theblue1 21st December 2015 07:40 PM
The Root Investigates Who Really Gets Paid in the Music Industry - The Root

Still think a music career is an easy path to a blinged-out life? Don't believe the hype. A whole lot of folks have to get paid before the musician does. The Root traces the money trail.
This article is from 2010 -- but its discussion of the economics of the pre-streaming record business should be something of a serious eye-opener for many folks who have fallen for some of the old-line industry mythos about the supposed 'good old days'...
GearAndGuitars 20th December 2015 05:06 AM
Why I started buying music again in 2015 | Music Ally

A sobering statistic: in 2015 so far I have listened to music on Spotify for 877 hours, but my favourite band’s payout from that was around $2.69.
...depressing as it is true...
GearAndGuitars 20th December 2015 12:49 AM
The Neuroscience Of Musical Perception, Bass Guitars And Drake : Shots - Health News

Recent research hints at how the human brain is uniquely able to recognize and enjoy music. Timing in your brain is nearly everything.
... and now for something completely different ...
GearAndGuitars 19th December 2015 09:36 PM
T Bone Burnett and Anthrax's Scott Ian Chime In on Streaming Debate | Billboard

Music should be worth something. It is worth something. We're creating art, and these businesses have completely devalued what we do, and obviously I think that's bull****."
... different artists, same perspective...
GearAndGuitars 19th December 2015 12:49 AM
EPISODE 2.09: Anthrax’s Scott Ian on legal streaming, playing great gigs and to

“I’m*sure a lot of people saw us last night, probably went home and stole the record online somehow. But at least now they’re*a fan and ...
GearAndGuitars 19th December 2015 12:22 AM
Are Streaming Music Services Providing Useless Artist Data? - hypebot

While many streaming services may talk up the fact that they provide artists with data and analytics regarding their listeners, closer inspection reveals that, in addition to not being all that useful, a lot of this information isn't always accurate, says Chris Castle.
... shell game... want to help artists, allow users to opt into artists controlled email lists ...
GearAndGuitars 18th December 2015 08:35 PM
Our culture loves music. Too bad our economy doesn’t value it. - The Washingto

Too much of the emotional, cultural and economic value that music creates is simply lost now, slipping through the digital cracks in some cases, outright hijacked by bad actors and online parasites in others.
... T-Bone Burnett Breaks It Down... T Bone Burnett is an award-winning singer, songwriter and producer, whose numerous recognitions include 13 Grammy awards, an Oscar and a Golden Globe.
GearAndGuitars 18th December 2015 06:02 AM
h3h3productions Exposes Facebook's Awful Approach to Stolen Videos - CraveOnline

You've likely seen various popular Facebook pages uploading videos to the site ripped straight from YouTube/Vine, failing to attribute a source to these videos and instead passing them off as if they have produced them.

Now Ethan's only real plan of action would be to file a DMCA claim, effectively taking his problem to the government, though this isn't an ideal solution given that it should be Facebook's responsibility to remove it.
... Sounds strangely familiar, like youtuber's uploading musican's songs - hey guys, it's not piracy, it's promotion... LOL....
Whitecat 18th December 2015 05:11 AM
FBI: we don't have the Wu-Tang album, leave us alone | The Verge

According to a tweet by FBI New York, the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not seize the new Wu-Tang Clan album. How this tweet came to be is one of the stranger stories of recent months. E...

GearAndGuitars 17th December 2015 07:24 PM
Facebook freebooting problem continues - Business Insider

Facebook's tools to prevent freebooting still let theft slip through the cracks.
... the snake eats it's own tail...
GearAndGuitars 17th December 2015 06:32 PM
Goodbye “Incentive.” We Hardly Knew Ye. — Medium

This article is one of a growing series of pieces I am writing in response to some of the silly yet pernicious illogic in free-culture arguments against copyright. My aim is to raise copyright discussion out of the abstract muck of free-culture theory, and bring it back onto the dry land of pragmatic reality. Please share widely if you agree with the aims of this project.

GearAndGuitars 17th December 2015 03:12 AM
Copyright Royalty Board Raises Pandora, Non-Interactive Music Streaming Rates By 20%

In a landmark decision, the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board today raised the rates that commercial non-interactive webcasters like Pandora effective January 1st, 2016. But the news could have been much worse for Pandora. Non-interactive webcasters will now pay 17 cents per 100 plays for those listening to free and ad...

GearAndGuitars 16th December 2015 07:01 PM
The sad economics of being famous on the internet | Fusion

You can have millions of subscribers on YouTube and still be flat broke., about that "internet empowerment" for artists...
Whitecat 16th December 2015 09:12 AM
Sir Elton John: Secondary ticket prices 'disgraceful' - BBC News

Sir Elton John describes secondary ticket sites as

Whitecat 16th December 2015 09:06 AM
The British Electronic Music Scene Is Alive and Kicking | Carl Loben

In geographical terms, Britain may be small compared to the land mass of many other countries, but what's packed into these islands is a wealth of creative talent. In electronic music, there are a disproportionate number of acts from the UK lighting up the world's stages when you take into account that we're just a fairly insignificant territory off the west coast of Europe.

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