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GearAndGuitars 5th September 2015 02:17 AM
What the Internet's free culture has cost us in art

In the burgeoning days of the Internet, everything was free, says author Joshua Cohen. Or at least it felt free. And then he started writing for himself, learning the pride of making something and receiving the spark of recognition. In this NewsHour essay, he offers a reflection on the value of intellectual property and the evil of piracy.
Whitecat 4th September 2015 07:34 AM
Justin Bieber breaks major Spotify record with 'What Do You Mean?'

Justin Bieber's breathy comeback single 'What Do You Mean?' has made an instant impact, breaking Spotify's record for most streams in a debut week.

Whitecat 3rd September 2015 08:45 PM
Heavenly records at 25: ‘There was never a plan … it was all about what was happe

From Manic Street Preachers to the Chemical Brothers, some of the UK’s best acts have passed through the doors of Heavenly records. As it hits 25, Saint Etienne, Beth Orton and head honcho Jeff Barrett explain how the label pulled it off

GearAndGuitars 3rd September 2015 06:46 AM
A Stream on Apple Music Pays Songwriters And Publishers 33% More Than A Stream On Spo

All streaming music services are not created equal, at least when its comes to payments. A myriad of advances to major labels, fine print and legal trickery makes it impossible to declare one service more artist friendly than another. But occasionally something emerges that sheds a bit of light. _________________________...
GearAndGuitars 3rd September 2015 06:44 AM
Spotify Per Play Rates Continue to Drop (.00408) … More Free Users = Less Money

Down, down, down it goes, where it stops nobody knows... The monthly average rate per play on Spotify is currently .00408 for master rights holders. 48 Months of Spotify Streaming Rates from Jun 2011 thru May 2015 on an indie label catalog of over 1,500 songs with over 10m plays. Spotify rates per spin appear…
GearAndGuitars 3rd September 2015 06:42 AM
The Technics SL-1200 Turntable Is BackDigital Music News

After being discontinued in 2010, Panasonic is bringing back the Technics SL-1200 for 2016. Panasonic unveiled a prototype at IFA in Berlin.
GearAndGuitars 3rd September 2015 06:41 AM
YouTube as well as SoundCloud should worry about PRS lawsuit

PRS for Music is suing SoundCloud for copyright infringement. But it is also clear that this lawsuit may have strong implications for YouTube.
Whitecat 2nd September 2015 11:32 PM
The Last Audio Cassette Factory - Bloomberg Business

Springfield, MO-based National Audio Company opened in 1969 and when other major manufacturers abandoned tape manufacturing for CD production in the late 1990s, the company held on tight. Now, the cassette maker is pumping out more cassettes than ever before. (Video By: Jeniece Pettitt, Ryo Ikegami) (Source: Bloomberg)

Whitecat 2nd September 2015 04:06 PM
What EMI's six-month sample amnesty means for the music industry | Music | The Guardi

The world’s biggest music publisher has announced an amnesty on using samples from its library – a first for the industry

Whitecat 2nd September 2015 11:24 AM
How to Hack the Music Industry: The Audience Problem — Cuepoint — Medium

The hardest thing to do as an artist is to identify and monetize an audience that will allow you to create full time

Whitecat 2nd September 2015 07:02 AM
Tesco becomes first UK supermarket to reintroduce vinyl in stores | NME.COM

New Iron Maiden LP 'The Book of Souls' will be stocked in 55 of their largest stores

GearAndGuitars 2nd September 2015 05:46 AM
[url=]Taylor Swift Video Blasted as Racist, 'White Colonialist'Digital Music

Taylor Swift's latest video, "Wildest Dreams," is blasted by critics for choosing a 1950s, white colonialist African theme that glamorizes exploitation.
... Has she seriously never watched "Get Him To The Greek?...
Whitecat 1st September 2015 12:07 PM
Abbey Road Studios gets planning permission to expand - BBC News

Abbey Road's famous recording studios has been given planning permission for a multi-million pound expansion.

GearAndGuitars 31st August 2015 07:11 AM
The internet is trying to crowd-write the perfect song - News - Music - The Independ

We’ve had crowdfunding, we’ve had Twitch crowd-completing Pokemon, we’ve even had The Button, but now the internet is banding together to write music.
GearAndGuitars 31st August 2015 06:24 AM
Quote: - New Survey Shows Users Willing To Pay Much More For Their Audio Streaming

Survey Of 857 Adults Shows Users Willing To Pay As Much As 100% More For Spotify And Apple
Whitecat 30th August 2015 04:48 PM
B&W owner hopes to become a big noise for speaker firm | Business | The Guardian

Canadian Joe Atkins reveals why he is looking to entrust his high-end electronics company in West Sussex to the likes of LVMH

theblue1 29th August 2015 03:45 AM
Apple Music exec Ian Rogers resigns - San Jose Mercury News

Apple's online music subscription service is losing Ian Rogers, a key player as millions of listeners near the end of a free three-month trial period that has drawn mixed reviews.
(The 'new') Billboard takes a slightly different spin on it -- seeing the reception of Apple Music by critics and the public in a rosier light:
Whitecat 28th August 2015 12:01 PM
Chvrches singer condemns sexist abuse from online trolls - BBC News

Chvurches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has hit back at misogynistic abuse online, after being widely targeted by internet trolls for wearing a short dress in the band's recent video.

Whitecat 28th August 2015 10:07 AM
Got room for a 60ft teacher? Pink Floyd and Queen stage props go up for auction | Mus

Inflatables used by Pink Floyd and Queen to go under the hammer, for those with the space to deploy them

Whitecat 27th August 2015 11:06 PM
'Katrina Washed Away Our Gigs': How New Orleans Got Its Groove Back

In the decade since the levees failed after Hurricane Katrina, nearly drowning New Orleans, there were concerns that the Big Easy’s unique, crucial music culture had been swept away with the neighborhoods that the storm surge demolished.

GearAndGuitars 27th August 2015 09:25 PM
It's Your Copyright. Don't Apologize for Defending It.Digital Music News

Guest author Peter Csathy tackles numerous myths related to file-sharing, copyright and piracy, and urges artists and rights owners to defend their works.
Whitecat 27th August 2015 01:51 PM
SoundCloud faces legal action from PRS for Music

"This is now a legal matter," says the Performing Right Society in a long email to its members.

Whitecat 27th August 2015 10:21 AM
'Is your boyfriend in the band?' Critic airs tales of music industry sexism | Music |

Music critic Jessica Hopper put out a call for colleagues to tell their stories, which ranged from enduring misogynistic comments to sexual assault

Whitecat 27th August 2015 08:56 AM
Why One Direction's gap year should worry you – even if you can't stand them | Musi

The group was as much a cash cow as a pop phenomenon, and their hiatus will affect all the people – and the bands – whose careers depend on boyband cash

GearAndGuitars 26th August 2015 10:51 PM
New York Times Magazine: Wrong on the Arts, Wrong on Data Journalism | Flavorwire

Johnson vastly inflates the conclusions of number-crunching Data Journalism—and frequently misses the point of the arguments he’s refuting.
... the NY Times beating continues, and deservedly so...
Whitecat 26th August 2015 09:49 PM
Court clears Gibson, Fender and Guitar Center of price fix allegations | Musical inst

US Ninth Circuit refused to revive a class action accusing the brands of conspiring to fix prices.

Whitecat 26th August 2015 11:41 AM
Wu-Tang Clan Still Hasn’t Sold That $5 Million Album | Flavorwire

With a baseline price of $5 million, the Wu-Tang Clan's 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin' has yet to find a willing buyer.

Whitecat 26th August 2015 11:32 AM
Does Unlimited Streaming Cost Too Much? - hypebot

Although streaming services have rapidly become the main source of music for many individuals, having risen above the ashes of both physical album sales and digital downloads, there remains some question over whether a $10 a month price tag is simply too much for the average consumer to pay. _________________________________...

GearAndGuitars 26th August 2015 05:49 AM
Spotify’s New Privacy Policy: Music’s Not the Product, You Are | Flavorwi

In June 2013, Flavorwire ran a piece about Spotify, written in the wake of Thom Yorke's condemnation of the service for not paying enough money to up-and-coming artists.
... you are the product ...
GearAndGuitars 25th August 2015 10:42 PM
The Fall Of SFX: From Billion-Dollar Company To Bankruptcy Watch

SFX Entertainment and its CEO Robert F.X. Sillerman once promised it would dominate the dance music industry. Following a failed IPO and poor management, investors are left wondering what exactly went wrong.
... because live music ...
GearAndGuitars 25th August 2015 08:17 PM
Are Creators Really Thriving in the Digital Age? Doesn't Look Like It | Billboar

In a piece for the New York Times, Steven Johnson examines whether creators as a group are making more money. There’s considerable evidence they’re not.
Whitecat 25th August 2015 01:05 PM
Stock Markets End The Day Battered, Music Companies Suffer Losses | Billboard

It's being called 'Black Monday' -- stocks plunged amidst a worldwide selloff influenced by deep losses on the Chinese stock market, a slowdown in the country's economy and the devaluation of its currency.

Whitecat 25th August 2015 01:04 PM
Japanese Digital Music Revenues Up 5 Percent | Billboard

The physical-reliant Japanese recorded music market saw a rise in digital sales, but a drop in overall revenue.

Whitecat 25th August 2015 12:23 PM
PRS for Music inks new multi-territory deal with Spotify | Music Week

Licensing agreement covers UK, Ireland and territories across Europe

GearAndGuitars 25th August 2015 04:31 AM
The New York Times sells out artists: Shallow data paints a too-rosy picture of “thriving” creative class in the digital age | Salon

The magazine's cheerleading for the post-Napster Internet is being described as "an exercise in gaslighting"

Musicians, writers, and other creative folk are still scratching their heads over the cover story in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine: “The New Making It” — packaged online as “The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t” — looked at how the Internet economy, instead of destroying creative careers, had redrawn them in “complicated and unexpected ways.” The story’s author, Steven Johnson, is an engaging writer, and the piece is told largely through statistics, which most readers assume to be beyond criticism. So why are so many people who work in the world of culture wondering why the article seemed to describe a best-of-all-worlds planet very different from the one they live on?

GearAndGuitars 25th August 2015 04:26 AM
Why is the New York Times Coverage on Artist Rights So Oddly Inconsistent? | MUSIC TECHNOLOGY POLICY

If you read the New York Times Sunday Magazine (which probably means you’re over 40 or live inside of the Acela corridor), you may have noticed a story last week titled “The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t“. This piece is another of these “Sky is Rising” type things bankrolled by the Computer & Communications Industry Association, aka Google. I’m not accusing the author of being on anyone’s payroll (except perhaps the Times itself…more about that later), but I can’t help noticing the similarities.

GearAndGuitars 25th August 2015 04:19 AM
The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t - The New York Times

There are certainly pockets of the creative world, like those critically acclaimed books dropping off the mainstream best-*seller lists, where the story is discouraging. And even the positive trends shouldn’t be interpreted as a mindless defense of the status quo. Most full-time artists barely make enough money to pay the bills, and so if we have levers to pull that will send more income their way — whether these take the form of government grants, Kickstarter campaigns or higher fees for the music we stream — by all means we should pull those levers.
... epic display of dis-information... merchants of doubt style...
GearAndGuitars 24th August 2015 09:01 PM
They didn’t write that?: Hits you (probably) didn’t realize were cover s

  Recently I had a friend hip me to a song that I had no idea existed, having thought for decades that the later cover of it by an ‘80s one-hit-wonder band was the original and only version ever recorded. This epiphany led to a conversation about hit songs that we didn’t at first realize were covers—sometimes not discovering the existence of the original versions until many years after the fact. A few friends joined in, and at the end of the conversation I was sitting on a list of nearly 50 well-known hit songs that were “surprise” cover...
... why songwriters deserve fair compensation ...
GearAndGuitars 24th August 2015 08:00 PM
Could a new sound format change music production? - BBC News

LJ Rich gets to grips with the new stems music format
GearAndGuitars 24th August 2015 06:45 PM
Location, Sensors, Voice, Photos?! Spotify Just Got Real Creepy With The Data It Coll

Spotify has updated its privacy policy, and users should be careful about what they agree to. The music streaming giant now wants phone sensor information to determine if users are moving or standing still, GPS location, photos, contacts and much more.
... oh boy ...
theblue1 24th August 2015 04:30 PM
“It takes something democratic and makes it so that money wins,” grouses a digital executive.
How 'Playola' Is Infiltrating Streaming Services: Pay for Play Is 'Def

Playlists were once a democratic realm of tastemakers, but the most popular ones have been influenced -- and in some cases purchased -- by promotion companies, one of which was recently hired by the world’s largest music corporation.
[an article seemingly based on this was posted several days ago, but it was only the 'lead' article for one minute and many may have missed it; this Billboard article preceded the earlier posted article and was likely the source for many of its points of fact]
Whitecat 24th August 2015 04:03 PM
One Direction: the plight of the Directioners is familiar to anyone who ever loved a boyband

Boybands’ careers are built on the constancy of teenage girls and young women – and the nature of their love is unchanged since Beatlemania

Whitecat 24th August 2015 08:44 AM
Why Is 'Billboard' Asking Industry Execs If They Believe Kesha? : The Record : NPR

After an anonymous questionnaire circulated to "top music-industry executives" leaked online, questions arise about the industry publication's ethics and objectives.

GearAndGuitars 23rd August 2015 06:05 PM
Jason Aldean on Spotify: “Artists Don’t Make Crap, Writers Are Getting Cheated” | Digital Music News

For me, I got a lot of friends who make a living writing songs, and those guys are getting cheated. Taylor Swift, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore and myself, a lot of guys are starting to see that as well. That’s all it was about. You want it to be fair.

As artists, we don’t make crap off of streaming.
... you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time ...
GearAndGuitars 23rd August 2015 06:04 PM
Labels handing out 'playola' to get songs on streaming playlists | Digital

Record labels now pay for placement on particularly popular streaming music playlists, according to Billboard.
... the more things change, the more they stay the same...
Whitecat 23rd August 2015 09:40 AM
Spotify's 'Sorry' Fails to Cut Through Confusion | Privacy | TechNewsWorld

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on Friday issued a public apology for poor communications regarding the company's new privacy policy. The new policy, which took effect Wednesday, immediately triggered alarm. Several tech publications railed against the terms, and Minecraft creator Markus Persson engaged Spotify CEO Daniel Ek in a Twitter debate that ended with Persson and others quitting the music service.

GearAndGuitars 23rd August 2015 07:49 AM
What would user-centric streaming payouts mean for artists?

Could Spotify and other music streaming services answer their musician critics by changing the way they calculate their payouts?
GearAndGuitars 23rd August 2015 07:42 AM
The Knights Who Say SOPA - The Illusion of More

The EFF sticks to its playbook, crying SOPA at every case. It's tedious and offensive.

Of course, Silicon Valley doesn’t like this sort of thing, but not because of anything to do with your freedoms so much as with their bottom line. News flash: industries don’t like regulation.
... The EFF becomes a parody of itself ...
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