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Whitecat 11th February 2016 02:03 PM
Warner Pays $14 Million For Illegitimate "Happy Birthday" Claims - TorrentF

After raking in dozens of millions in licensing fees, Warner/Chappell has admitted that it doesn't own the rights to the song "Happy Birthday". The music company has agreed to set aside a $14 million settlement fund for people who paid to use Happy Birthday in public. In addition, the court has been asked to enter the song into the public domain.

Whitecat 8th February 2016 08:38 PM
Super Bowl Halftime Show Marred By Functioning Sound System - The Onion - America's F

SANTA CLARA, CA—Disappointing the thousands of fans in attendance as well as an estimated 100 million viewers watching at home, the Super Bowl 50 halftime show was marred Sunday by the stadium’s functioning sound system, sources confirmed.

Whitecat 5th February 2016 11:14 PM
In Defense of the CD | Rolling Stone

When and why did the CD become public sonic enemy Number One?

Whitecat 5th February 2016 04:29 PM
The guitar Kurt Russell smashed in The Hateful Eight was an antique not a prop and th

The Martin Guitar Museum has vowed never to loan guitars to movies ever again, after a six-string from the 1870s was smashed to pieces on the set of The Hateful Eight.

Whitecat 4th February 2016 04:32 PM
Warner will pay artists Spotify IPO money when it sells its shares - Music Business W

Warner Music Group has taken the unprecedented step of promising its artists that, should the major ever sell its stake in Spotify, it will pay them a portion of the proceeds.

Whitecat 4th February 2016 10:40 AM
BBC Radio 6 Music reaches record audience figures - BBC News

BBC Radio 6 Music is the most listened-to digital-only station in the UK, new figures from ratings body Rajar reveal.

Whitecat 3rd February 2016 10:28 AM
Rihanna's Anti sold fewer than 1,000 copies in a week. Is it a flop? | Music | The Gu

Sales of the star’s much-delayed album look dire on paper – but in a world of streaming, free downloads and blockbuster tours, that may not matter any more

Whitecat 2nd February 2016 09:45 PM
Racism is Phil Anselmo's problem, not metal's | Music | The Guardian

The ex-Pantera singer’s antics prove metal has its share of racist idiots, but its real purpose is to celebrate the downtrodden, not oppress them

GearAndGuitars 2nd February 2016 08:59 PM
Spotify/YouTube mash-up Wefre 'paused' after legal concerns

Last week, we reported on a new site called Wefre that had the potential to give music rightsholders a few sleepless nights.

GearAndGuitars 2nd February 2016 08:57 PM
How Many Streams Make a Platinum Album? 1.5 Billion...Digital Music News

The RIAA is the organization that issues gold and platinum album awards. Now, the stodgy boys club is trying how to make streaming fit.

GearAndGuitars 2nd February 2016 07:23 PM
Avid Has Another Round Of Layoffs | Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture Music Production Blog

Things are getting ugly at Avid again as the company pink-slipped as many as 60 employees from its Pro Tools, Venue and other audio teams last week.

Whitecat 2nd February 2016 03:27 PM
Jay Z's Roc Nation sues Rita Ora for $2.3m | Music | The Guardian

Company issues countersuit in response to Ora’s demand to be released from the label – but a settlement is expected soon

Whitecat 2nd February 2016 09:14 AM
Forget Selling Albums — Artists Can Now Go Platinum Via Streaming : The Record : NP

As fans' listening habits become more and more focused on streaming, the RIAA is trying to catch up.

GearAndGuitars 1st February 2016 07:59 PM
How Online Piracy Hurts Emerging Artists | Forbes

You may not realize it, but by using pirate sites, you take money from artists and give it to pirates and criminals.

Whitecat 1st February 2016 05:56 PM
TurnRoll: Amazon wants to take on Spotify with a new music streaming service

Long gone are the days when Amazon was just a bookstore. Lately, we can buy all sorts of things. What's even more fascinating is that Amazon recently winks at the streaming music sector.

GearAndGuitars 1st February 2016 08:40 AM
A Journal of Musical ThingsGuest Blog: Consumers Love Music. They Just Don't Wan

Filtering what’s happening in music to save you time, money and effort.

GearAndGuitars 31st January 2016 01:28 AM
Hollywood Battles Digital Piracy

With Amazon, Netflix, iTunes and others joining the studios and networks, content creators have a new weapon to prevent digital piracy -- a better deal

GearAndGuitars 31st January 2016 01:26 AM
4 immersive audio trends we’d like to see in 2016 | Dysonics

2016 will be a breakout year for immersive content. As more and more people, platforms, and creators continue to push this wave of new content (virtual reality, 360° video, augmented reality, etc.) farther into the mainstream, we’re expecting some big things for 2016 in the way of immersive audio.

GearAndGuitars 31st January 2016 01:24 AM
Remixes, Mashups Don't Merit a Compulsory License, Says Task Force | Billboard

The music industry isn't any closer to a compulsory right for remixes. A new white paper by the Department of Commerce suggests the marketplace figure out solutions to remixes and user-generated content without the involvement of legislators or regulators.

Whitecat 31st January 2016 12:24 AM
This is how we will say goodbye to the rock-and-roll generation - The Washington Pos

As boomers enter their golden years, society will increasingly have to cope with grief and mourning.

Whitecat 30th January 2016 10:26 PM
The long, hard road to rock’n’roll success: ‘We’re essentially skint’ | Bus

Marc Burrows talks to fellow musicians about the hard graft of life on the road – and how the thrill of performing sustains them

GearAndGuitars 29th January 2016 02:56 AM
Cash-Burning Spotify Desperately Needs Another $500 MillionDigital Music News

Is Spotify desperately running out of cash? That's the pressing question as the company seeks $500 million in debt, despite $1 billion in previous funding.

Whitecat 27th January 2016 07:12 PM
Yahoo News Digest — Strumthing new: Def Leppard to release music video...

Strumthing new: Def Leppard to release music video through Guitar Hero EntertainmentStrumthing new: Def Leppard to release music video through Guitar HeroDef Leppard are to become the first music act...

Whitecat 27th January 2016 08:55 AM
Spotify launches its video and podcasting service for Android and iOS devices - B

Exclusive music news, big interviews, entertainment, social media trends and video from the news people at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Whitecat 27th January 2016 08:42 AM
Is YouTube killing the UK’s live music scene? - BBC News

Are small music venues being put out of business as more and more artists are discovered online?

Whitecat 26th January 2016 07:11 PM
Behind the Brits' all-star insult to Bowie's legacy | Music | The Guardian

As the Brit awards plans to assemble an awkward frankenband, we explore how weird supergroups spectacularly sacrifice both credibility and music

GearAndGuitars 26th January 2016 06:18 AM
Spotify songwriter lawsuits: what, why and what happens next?

2016 was supposed to be the year when Spotify reached 100m users en route to an IPO. The former will happen soon while the latter may still be on the cards.

GearAndGuitars 26th January 2016 06:04 AM
Touring Can't Save Musicians in Spotify Age - The New York Times

But the physical price that artists pay for this easy access is steep. Last summer, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl was forced to cancel shows when he fell from a stage in Sweden and broke his leg. Other artists with 2015 tour-date cancellations on account of injuries, surgeries and other health issues included Sam Smith, Miranda Lambert, Steve Aoki, Little Big Town, Meghan Trainor, Nickelback, the Black Keys and Kelly Clarkson.

GearAndGuitars 25th January 2016 04:43 AM
The digital music industry: New and interesting music is harder to find than ever | T

Despite services like Pandora and Apple Music, the haystacks are multiplying for the needle-seekers

GearAndGuitars 22nd January 2016 08:28 AM
How do you become music's next big thing? You hope your record label will spend, spen

The BBC Sound of … poll has been won 11 times by acts already signed to the world’s richest record company. Coincidence? Probably not

GearAndGuitars 22nd January 2016 02:49 AM
Old music is outselling new music for the first time in history | Chart Attack

So much for the Adele effect. This past year, old records (catalogue albums) outsold the current ones by 4.3 million copies.*

Whitecat 22nd January 2016 12:26 AM
Massive Attack app uses iPhone data to give fans unique remixes

Massive Attack has launched a new app that allows users to remix their music using the iPhone and Apple Watch's sensors.

GearAndGuitars 21st January 2016 08:24 PM
Global music piracy downloads grew by almost a fifth in 2015 - Music Business Worldwi

The amount of music downloaded on illegal piracy sites grew by 16.5% in the second half of 2015 compared to the year’s opening six months.
If streaming is the solution to piracy, why is piracy still increasing?
GearAndGuitars 21st January 2016 06:08 PM
Mainstream Brands Account For Nearly Half The Ads On EU Piracy Sites

An EU group identified more than 1,500 brands in ads displayed on sites that offer access to pirated content.

GearAndGuitars 20th January 2016 01:45 AM
Bitcoin: Just Another Music Industry Fairytale?Digital Music News

It's been declared the great white hope of the music industry. But what if Bitcoin is actually broken and dying? Digital Music News takes a look.

Whitecat 15th January 2016 10:28 PM
David Bowie's Blackstar storms to top of album chart | Music | The Guardian

A quarter of the albums in this week’s chart belong to the star whose death from cancer was announced on Monday

GearAndGuitars 15th January 2016 08:24 PM
No, Piracy Is Not the Sincerest Form of Flattery | Robert D. Atkinson, Ph.D

During the holidays, the piracy-tracking firm Excipio released its annual list of the most-pirated films of 2015, showing that the number of illegal downloads from peer-to-peer networks had dramatically increased in the preceding year.

GearAndGuitars 15th January 2016 07:21 PM
Meet the Disruptor Trying to Get Artists Paid for Streaming Music | Rolling Stone

Jeff Price, founder of a company who helps artists receive royalties from streaming music, breaks down why artists aren't getting paid

GearAndGuitars 15th January 2016 06:30 PM
On Piracy and Promotion - The Illusion of MoreThe Illusion of More

Observations on the argument/rationalization that piracy is good for promotion of motion pictures.
GearAndGuitars 15th January 2016 07:51 AM
Everyone Is Doomed (Except Adele): The Cold, Hard Truth About The Nielsen Music Repor

Last week, Nielsen shared its 2015 U.S. Music Year-End Report, giving a massive statistical overview of how we consume music, how much music we consume, and how
And that great future for artists brought to you by the Internet is where exactly?
GearAndGuitars 14th January 2016 12:29 AM
The (potential) sounds of silence | TheHill

Without songwriters, there would be no music.

GearAndGuitars 13th January 2016 06:19 PM
David Bowie Understood the Vital Import of Intellectual Property | RedState

If we want to allow for and foster the next David Bowies (if that’s even possible for which to hope), we’d better do our very best to ensure that the things they create – they can protect from technological banditry.
Also in an interview in 1999 Bowie said that if were 19 at the time, he would not chose to be a musician. What a loss that would be for all of us...
Whitecat 12th January 2016 10:21 PM
SFX Entertainment Imploding Into Near-Certain BankruptcyDigital Music News

EDM seemed like a great place to invest hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, SFX is learning that DJs and happy pills don't always make good investments.

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