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Whitecat 2nd August 2016 04:49 PM
IKEA Is Not Taking Kanye Seriously - Stereogum

Back in March, Kanye West took a tour of the IKEA factory and was impressed by what the utilitarian Swedish furniture maker had to offer. In a new interview

Whitecat 2nd August 2016 01:37 PM
Kesha drops California sexual assault lawsuit against Dr Luke | Music | The Guardian

Singer also delivers 28 new songs to Sony and will continue her New York lawsuit against the Kemosabe Records boss, who has denied her allegations

Whitecat 1st August 2016 04:12 PM
HITS Daily Double : Rumor Mill - ON RECORDS: SALES, SALES, ON SALE

Just last week, for the first time in the digital era, a label employed a once-derided strategy—putting a sale price on a single—as the ultimate hammer. RCA was battling for a #1 position

GearAndGuitars 1st August 2016 05:11 AM
Value gap is crucial for the music sector | Letters | Business | The Guardian

Letters: YouTube does great things. But the justifications cited for the world’s largest music services paying negligible rates for music do not wash

Whitecat 31st July 2016 03:20 PM
Kanye Calls For End To Music Streaming Wars: “Apple Give Jay His Check For Tida

As the competition between streaming services like Apple Music and Tidal has dragged on, the music world has increasingly fragmented into a mess of

GearAndGuitars 30th July 2016 06:50 AM
Kurt Sutter Slams Google, Argues for DMCA Update - Rolling Stone

Kurt Sutter has penned an essay slamming Google for their attempts to prevent a much-needed update to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Whitecat 29th July 2016 10:09 PM
How Drake's One Dance ruled the chart - without a music video - BBC Newsbeat

Exclusive music news, big interviews, entertainment, social media trends and video from the news people at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Whitecat 29th July 2016 06:39 PM
Bryan Adams retains record for longest time at UK No 1 | Music | The Guardian

Rapper Drake is knocked off after 15 weeks at top of charts, having been poised to equal Adams’ 16-week record

Whitecat 28th July 2016 10:08 PM
iTunes Users Targeted In Email Phishing Scam

Apple warns customers to stay vigilant as scammers send iTunes users fake invoices telling them they have spent £20 on a song.

GearAndGuitars 25th July 2016 10:09 PM
YouTube's Payment Rate to Labels Halved in 2015, Analyst Finds | Billboard

YouTube's market-based system of paying recording artists and labels for each stream did rights owners almost no favors in 2015, despite a huge jump in usage of the video platform.

GearAndGuitars 25th July 2016 04:51 AM
Three Albums Have Sold Over 1 Million Units So Far This Year

According to Nielsen Music's mid-year report, three albums have sold over 1 million units so far this year - Adele: 25; Drake: Views; and Beyonce: Lemonade.

GearAndGuitars 25th July 2016 04:21 AM
KickassTorrents meets its maker, alleged founder arrested by U.S. government

The on-again, off-again top torrent site KickassTorrents has been shut down -- maybe for good this time -- after the U.S. government arrested alleged founder Artem Vaulin in Poland last week.

GearAndGuitars 25th July 2016 04:19 AM
U.S. Record Industry Sees Album Sales Sink to Historic Lows (Again) -- But People Are

It's the worst year (so far) for music sales since the 1991 debut of SoundScan (now Nielsen Music).

Whitecat 24th July 2016 01:21 PM
Secret Garden Party pioneers drugs testing for festival-goers | Society | The Guardia

About 200 people use facility offered by The Loop charity, local police and council at Cambridgeshire festival aiming to promote safer drug use

Whitecat 23rd July 2016 02:02 PM
US copyright law faces legal challenge - BBC News

Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) attempts to overturn parts of US copyright law which, it says, are unconstitutional.

Whitecat 22nd July 2016 06:35 PM
We’ve Passed Peak Vinyl – Here Comes The Collapse - Stereogum

From 1996 - 1999, I worked at a New York City record store called Rebel Rebel. I was a student at NYU when I got the job, and then I graduated from school but

Whitecat 22nd July 2016 10:25 AM
Pirate sites are 'affecting dance music in a bad way' - BBC Newsbeat

Exclusive music news, big interviews, entertainment, social media trends and video from the news people at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Whitecat 21st July 2016 10:36 AM
World's 'biggest online pirate' faces charges over $1bn of illegal copying | Technolo

Ukrainian man Artem Vaulin, the alleged ringleader of Kickass Torrents, was arrested in Poland and faces charges in US

GearAndGuitars 20th July 2016 09:01 PM
Ugly: Spotify, Goldman Sachs Accused of Securities Fraud | Digital Music News

We said David Lowery's class action lawsuit was on its last limbs. David Lowery says DMN is getting manipulated by a smooth Spotify Wall Street machine.

Whitecat 20th July 2016 07:36 PM
Jack White Teases Latest Record-Breaking Stunt… The First Vinyl Played In Space? -

Third Man Records has posted a video teaser claiming that they will "making vinyl history again" with an announcement set for 7/30. The video shows an image

Whitecat 20th July 2016 06:21 PM
The reinvention of radio: how Spotify, Beats 1, Red Bull changed the airwaves | Music

Spotify have announced two new shows with presenters. Is this an attempt to steal a march on Apple’s Beats1 and Red Bull’s RBMA Radio – or is it the savviest way of guiding listeners round an endless landscape of music?

Whitecat 17th July 2016 09:21 AM
Has streaming broken the UK singles chart? - BBC News

Fewer records than ever before are making the UK top 40 as fans keep streaming the same songs over and over again. But what does that mean for music and new artists in particular?

Whitecat 13th July 2016 10:39 PM
Healing crystal theft claim puts singer 'at risk of bad energy' - BBC News

Famous musician claims to have 'liberated' a healing crystal stolen from LA health shop, despite warnings of negative energy exposure.

Whitecat 13th July 2016 09:44 PM
Can female-focused events forge the future of the music industry? | Music | The Guard

A series of events this summer hopes to encourage more women into music – the composers, producers and curators the business desperately lacks

Whitecat 12th July 2016 08:43 AM
How Women Are Smashing Misogyny in the Music Business | L.A. Weekly

Using social media as their platform, women are now able to make their voices and stories heard — perhaps more loudly than ever.

Whitecat 8th July 2016 07:22 PM
Is jazz entering a new golden age? | Music | The Guardian

It’s been sidelined for decades, but now the genre is in the spotlight thanks to endorsements by music’s biggest stars and the end of internal bickering

Whitecat 6th July 2016 08:59 AM
U.S. Dept. Of Justice Deals Crushing Blow To Songwriters

'This would create Armageddon in the professional songwriter community.'

Whitecat 5th July 2016 10:16 AM
Queen's greatest hits crowned as UK's biggest-selling album | Music | The Guardian

With 6.1m copies sold, Queen’s 1981 compilation heads list marking 60 years of the album chart first topped by Frank Sinatra

Whitecat 5th July 2016 09:38 AM
Music Subset of Anonymous Releases Track, Amerikkka

It's the fourth of July, and in light of the current political climate and general sentiment of urgency for America to make rational decisions before the...

Whitecat 4th July 2016 12:06 AM
Happy Birthday: my campaign to liberate the people's song – video | News | The Guar

Jenn Nelson tells the story of her four-year legal campaign to prove that global music publisher did not own the rights to the world-famous song Happy Birthday

Whitecat 2nd July 2016 09:53 AM
Why would Apple want to buy Tidal? | Music | The Guardian

It’s struggled to compete with the likes of Spotify, Jay Z pretends it’s not his, and it has relied on three big releases. So what’s the attraction for Apple?

Whitecat 1st July 2016 08:20 AM
Why Independent Music Publishers Should Wait to Join Class Action Against Spotify [MO

Today is the last day for music publishers to sign on to participate in the Spotify and NMPA (National Music Publishers Association) settlement agreement. But independent musician and songwriter David Lowery and independent publishing executive Monica Corton have a one-worded piece of advice: WAIT! __________________________________________________ By MONICA CORTON and DAVID...

Whitecat 1st July 2016 08:17 AM
Spotify: Apple Rejected Our iOS Update To Drive iPhone Owners To Apple Music - Stereo

Do you guys like to live in a state of constant paralyzed technophobic horror? You should read Dave Eggers' 2013 novel, The Circle, or this article about why

Whitecat 30th June 2016 10:04 AM
Seven things we’ve learned from the first year of Apple Music | Technology | The Gu

Changes ahead for streaming service as, with 15m paying subscribers, it continues the battle with rivals Spotify and YouTube

Whitecat 30th June 2016 09:13 AM
Music Gear Thefts Dealt a Blow After 130 Arrested in Houston | Saving Country Music

On Tuesday (6-28), the Houston Police Department, in conjunction with the nearby Pasadena and Baytown Police Departments and the Department of Homeland Security

Whitecat 29th June 2016 10:13 AM
Judge Says IP Address Doesn't Prove Anything in Piracy Case

What do you do if you get busted for pirating a terrible Adam Sandler movie? Deny it. That seems to be the lesson of a recently dismissed federal case, which raises the burden of proof that copyright owner must meet in order to hold you accountable for infringement.

GearAndGuitars 28th June 2016 10:33 PM
People Can Tell When They Hear Hi-Res Music, Study Finds

According to a study carried out by Queen Mary University in London, people are able to tell when they hear Hi-Res audio.

Whitecat 26th June 2016 06:14 PM
Will Brexit affect touring musicians? - BBC News

Musicians at Glastonbury grapple with the implications of leaving Europe for their upcoming tours, anticipating "big changes" ahead.

Whitecat 24th June 2016 12:59 AM
Jagger's Vinyl Cancelled After One Season

HBO decide "not to proceed" with a second series of the Rolling Stones frontman's show about the record industry.

barney69 22nd June 2016 01:20 PM
Olympia’s K Records puts building up for sale to pay its debts | The Olympian

Olympia’s K Records, a mainstay of the independent music scene, is in debt to many of the artists who’ve recorded for the label, so it is selling its headquarters, the former home of Temple Beth Hatfiloh.

GearAndGuitars 20th June 2016 10:57 PM
More Artists Join the Grassroots Movement Against DMCA and YouTube’s Legacy Bus

This ad went out today signed by dozens of recording artists opposed to the archaic DMCA and YouTube's legacy business model.

Whitecat 19th June 2016 09:37 PM
Get well, Mr Loaf: it’s wrong that artists must gig so much | Barbara Ellen | Opini

The rock star’s collapse suggests that the digital music industry is broken

Whitecat 18th June 2016 09:05 PM
New York Lawmakers Pass Tax Credit to Boost Music Production in State | Billboard

If signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the bill will provide a 25 percent tax credit for eligible production costs downstate (NYC), and a 35 percent break for upstate music businesses.

Whitecat 16th June 2016 09:14 PM
Streaming-Only Projects Are Now Eligible For Grammys - Stereogum

It's been the case for many years: Much of the best music out there, rap music especially, will never be commercially available. Instead, free mixtapes and

Whitecat 16th June 2016 04:21 PM
ATP Shuts Down - Stereogum

The All Tomorrow's Parties company began booking small, artist-friendly boutique festivals at UK holiday camps in 1999, and since then, they've run many of

GearAndGuitars 16th June 2016 02:00 AM
Five Lies In YouTube’s Spin on Content ID | MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY

An increasing number of artists are stepping forward to condemn YouTube's sleazy business practices ranging from YouTube's improbable royalty payments to Google's*legacy*DMCA notice and shakedown business practices. *YouTube has struck back with the usual squid ink trying to obfuscate Google's*absurdly ineffective Content ID and Content Management System ("CMS&quot, most recently to the New York Times.…

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