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GearAndGuitars 4th December 2015 05:37 PM
You're Gonna Pay for All that Piracy, American ISPs | Digital Music News

A groundbreaking court decision could saddle Cox Communications with billions in liability damages. *Other ISPs are watching closely.
...uh oh... the truth will out...
GearAndGuitars 4th December 2015 05:35 PM
Coldplay Says #irespectmusic and Rejects Freemium: Mr. Ek, The Market Calling on Lin

When the market shifts, it hardly ever happens all at once. *That's because on a microeconomic level, a bunch of decision makers are making small decisions. *Successful entrepreneurs spot these small decisions before they become a trend, and react in a profit-centered way. *Observers notice that change. It should surprise no one that Coldplay has…
...uh oh... more artists don't want to give away their work for free, who knew?...
Whitecat 3rd December 2015 02:22 PM
This 'legend' changed a Wikipedia page to sneak backstage at gig - BBC Newsbeat

Exclusive music news, big interviews, entertainment, social media trends and video from the news people at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

GearAndGuitars 2nd December 2015 09:23 PM
Pandora CEO Says A Permanent, Free On-Demand Service Is 'Unsustainable' | AllAccess

PANDORA CEO BRIAN MCANDREWS has written an op-ed piece in BUSINESS INSIDER, writing "it is far too easy for on-demand consumers to continually 'own' music for free. Not just a free trial, but free all the time." "Years ago," MCANDREWS continues, "if anyone could have walked into a record store, legally taken every record home for free, and listened to the exact songs they wanted for as long as they chose, the music industry model would have completely broken down. But that is exactly the situation the music industry faces today."
... shocker...
Whitecat 1st December 2015 05:55 PM
Hip-hop legends Public Enemy squash into fan's Ford Focus on way to gig - Telegraph

Fan volunteers to give hip-hop legends Public Enemy a lift to Sheffield gig with The Prodigy after band's taxi drives off - and takes a selfie with Chuck D and Flavor Flav

GearAndGuitars 1st December 2015 05:21 PM
Lefsetz, 2008: “I seriously doubt Adele can make it in America. Because she’s FAT!”

Can a fat girl from the UK make it in America? Back in 2008, here's what one of the leading music industry pundits had to say about her chances.
this is why bob lefsetz is not mark williams... lol...
Whitecat 1st December 2015 11:21 AM
Youth wins MPG’s Outstanding Contribution to UK Music award - M Magazine

Youth has been named as the winner of the PPL-sponsored Outstanding Contribution to UK Music award at the 2016 Music Producer’s Guild (MPG) Awards.

GearAndGuitars 1st December 2015 05:08 AM
Mike Doughty Responds to John Seabrook at The New Yorker about Adele Doing Windows&#8

Musician Mike Doughty takes on the New Yorker's anti-artist editorial "Who Is Really Paying for Adele?". Seabrook argues that somehow Adele is cheating fans by not giving away her new, historical, record breaking album. Seabrook's piece reads like it was written by the Spotify PR dept with lines like this "Could it be possible that…
GearAndGuitars 1st December 2015 05:04 AM
3.38 Million Reasons Why Spotify Has a Serious ProblemDigital Music News

Adele has sold more albums in a week than most artists in an entire career. Was her boycott against Spotify the reason? Digital Music News examines...

Whitecat 30th November 2015 07:34 PM
Peter Hook sues New Order, claiming they 'pillaged' the group's name | Music | The Gu

Former bassist claims he has lost more than £2m after the remaining three members licensed the group’s name to a new company

Whitecat 30th November 2015 02:00 PM
Once again it’s illegal to copy music to the cloud in the UK | Lotsol

The UK’s 2014 private copying exception, which allowed you to make personal copies of your own music, including format-shifted versions, has now been definitively withdrawn, according to The 1709 Blog

GearAndGuitars 29th November 2015 09:00 PM
German Court Rules Internet Providers Are Obliged to Block Pirate Sites | Billboard

Germany's Federal Court of Justice has upheld a legal ruling that effectively obliges DSPs to block access to copyright infringing websites in instances where the site's operators and hosts are unidentifiable.
Whitecat 29th November 2015 11:46 AM
Lost in music: the world of obsessive audiophilia | Music | The Guardian

Jonathan Margolis is listening to a £3,159 portable sound system. His wife says that high-end hi-fi is like anti-wrinkle cream: it’s expensive with dubious results. But, compared to some, his set-up is modest. He meets the people for whom hearing is believing

GearAndGuitars 28th November 2015 06:51 AM
Shoegaze Band’s Pedalboard Becomes Self-Aware, Demands Creative Control - The Hard

Local*shoegaze rockers accidentally created the world’s first artificial intelligence when their*pedalboard became self-aware Sunday night.

Whitecat 27th November 2015 09:36 AM
Pirate needs 200,000 video views to avoid being sued - BBC News

A convicted Czech software pirate agrees to make an anti-piracy film in order to avoid being sued by the firms whose software he pirated.

GearAndGuitars 26th November 2015 07:04 PM
Bill Gates said content would be king. So why are ad-funded services paying us so lit

This is not a question, as some would suggest, of choosing between growth from digital platforms and growth from the creative sector. Rather, a healthy creative sector generates the content that powers the growth of the digital economy. Bill Gates understood this synergy in 1996. He wrote: “For the Internet to thrive, content providers must be paid for their work”.

GearAndGuitars 26th November 2015 06:52 AM
For Those Who Bought Adele's CD And Don't Know How To Play It - BuzzFeed News

So you've purchased a "compact disc".....

Whitecat 25th November 2015 08:53 PM
Paris Live Music Industry Seeks Emergency Aid | Billboard

France's live music industry has appealed for €50 million ($53 million) in state aid, following the Paris terrorist attacks.

Whitecat 25th November 2015 07:38 PM
Adele says she'll 'probably' let '25' stream someday

Adele says she'll "probably" put her album on a streaming service in the future.

Whitecat 25th November 2015 01:02 PM
Wu-Tang Clan sell copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for 'millions' | Music | The Gu

As the album’s only copy is sold at auction, RZA says ‘the impact of this historical sale will echo through the ages’

Whitecat 24th November 2015 11:20 AM
Ticket fraud: Fans lose £1.2m in six months - BBC News

Music and sports fans have lost £1.2 million to ticket fraud in the last six months, police figures reveal.

GearAndGuitars 23rd November 2015 08:33 PM
What’s Good for Adele, Sucks For Everyone Else… And Here’s Why

We celebrate in all the success that Adele deserves. Like Taylor Swift and Beyonce' before her the ladies are leading the industry with common sense. We applaud all three for windowing their new albums off of Spotify and other FREE streaming services. We also have some concerns about the implications for other artists who currently can’t do the same.

Whitecat 23rd November 2015 02:41 PM
Glastonbury myths 'made up by 12th-century monks' | Science | The Guardian

Archaeological study dismisses abbey’s links to King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea, saying many stories were created to raise funds after a fire
A tenuous music industry link perhaps but Glastonbury is the site of one of the world's biggest & most famous music festivals and the historical connections are oft-touted when it comes to the "vibe" of the place. Enjoy!
Whitecat 23rd November 2015 01:24 PM
Adele is NOT No.1 on this chart (and it's a really important one)

If you didn’t catch the news over the weekend, Adele’s 25 is currently on course to smash records on both sides of the Atlantic.

As revealed on MBW yesterday, the star’s third album sold approximately 1.9m copies in its first two days on sale in the US.

Whitecat 23rd November 2015 12:18 PM
Last trance saloon: why is music's cheesiest genre making a comeback? | Music | The G

Once maligned for its naff image and sugary euphoria, trance is being embraced by DJs such as Evian Christ and Rustie. Time to break out the confetti canons

GearAndGuitars 23rd November 2015 05:55 AM
Adele Proves Again that Spotify Needs Hits but Hits Don’t Need Spotify | MUSIC

Following what is rapidly becoming standard industry practice, Adele’s “25” will not appear initially on streaming platforms.
... streaming services need hits, hits don't need streaming services ...
GearAndGuitars 23rd November 2015 05:14 AM
Why safe harbour will be the music industry's big battle in 2016

The heads of music industry bodies have been speaking out about safe harbour increasingly openly and at length in the past year.

GearAndGuitars 23rd November 2015 05:07 AM
Federal Judge Rules That Cox Communications Isn’t Protected by the DMCA | Digital Music News

Last year, two music publishers had the balls to sue a major ISP, an expensive and risky undertaking. Now, that gamble is paying off: late last week, a federal judge ruled that Cox Communications, one of the largest ISPs in the U.S., has forfeited its right to DMCA ‘safe harbor’ protections based on its failure to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers.
... this is big ...
GearAndGuitars 23rd November 2015 05:06 AM
Rdio Owed $220M to Creditors When it Filed for Bankruptcy* | Digital Trends

Music streamer Rdio, which Pandora bought key assets from yesterday, owes about $220 million to creditors.
... so advances to labels are a bad idea, but stiffing folks with $220 million in Debt is good? ...
GearAndGuitars 23rd November 2015 05:02 AM
TuneCore Reports 90% Streaming and Download Growth, But Just 6.3% Rise in Payments To

D.I.Y. digital distributor TuneCore announced today that is artists had a collective 3.6 billion downloads and streams in the last 3 months. That resulted in 90% increase versus the same time last year, and artists saw a 6.1% in earnings over the same time period, totaling $34.7 million. 90% growth...

Whitecat 22nd November 2015 09:55 PM
Feline groovy: one man's Kickstarter quest to make the purrfect music for cats | Life

More than 7,000 investors have already put up money to help composer David Teie fund his project: music which he claims is scientifically proven to enrich the lives of cats

Whitecat 22nd November 2015 10:21 AM
Adele's Spotify boycott isn't selfish - it's savvy

Superstar singer Adele might be the patron saint of heartbreak, but she’s definitely the one calling the shots. Today, with the release of her new album, she’s called time on her relationship with music streaming service Spotify - and Spotify is currently doing an excellent impression of a passive aggressive ex partner.

theblue1 20th November 2015 08:53 PM
What Happened to Kesha?: A Timeline | Passion of the Weiss

If Kesha's lawsuit against Dr. Luke is the first-of-its-kind, precedent-setting decision her lawyer says it will be, all women in the music industry...
Extremely disturbing accounts from the singer, her lawyer, and supporters about her treatment by her longtime producer, Dr. Luke.
Whitecat 20th November 2015 01:47 PM
‘Women find it difficult to find music’, say Apple’s Iovine

Women - do you find it hard to make your mind up? Do you wonder where men get all their music from? Do you wish someone could help you and that little brain of yours?

Whitecat 20th November 2015 01:19 PM
Google offers YouTube copyright support - BBC News

YouTube owner Google says it will help fund up to $1m (£650,000) in legal fees for some content creators who receive copyright takedown notices.

Whitecat 20th November 2015 11:18 AM
Adele's 25 goes on sale – with no queues outside record shops | Music | The Guardia

The days of the megastores opening overnight to sate the appetites of fans have been killed by downloading – and it’s rather a shame

GearAndGuitars 20th November 2015 05:08 AM
Adele's new album 25 will not be streamed on Spotify | Music | The Guardian

The artist is taking the Taylor Swift route by not making her new album available for streaming, according to multiple sources

Whitecat 19th November 2015 10:15 PM
Apple's iTunes Is Alienating Its Most Music-Obsessed Users | WIRED

People with terabytes of MP3s who want a solid app to catalog and organize their libraries feel abandoned by Apple's new cloud-based music strategy.

Whitecat 19th November 2015 04:11 PM
Let's move the Time Warp again: how a techno festival fell foul of New York's gentrif

The dance music event has switched locations after pressure from local residents and politicians, who argue it’s a symptom of creeping gentrification

Whitecat 18th November 2015 03:14 PM
Adele's record company moves quickly to plug leaks of 25 | Music | The Guardian

Two-minute snippets of 25 reportedly available on the web three days before the album is officially released, then taken down

Whitecat 18th November 2015 02:31 PM
Abbey Road Studios and remastered music: Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Van Morrison and

“Can you hear it?” I can’t. “There it is.” I still can’t. I can see it on the screen, but for the life of me I can’t hear it. The man next to me can, though. He’s Ian Jones, one of the top engineers at the most famous recording studios in the world, and he’s helping on a quest that began with yet another review CD of remastered music arriving at The Independent: I was asked if I could hear the difference between remasters and the originals. “Not really,” I said. Which started me on my quest to find out what’s so special about remastered music.

Whitecat 18th November 2015 08:16 AM
The long, sad and totally predictable death of Rdio

Pandora is acquiring Rdio's assets, but the company has been on life support since 2011.

Whitecat 17th November 2015 09:29 PM
A Point of View: Why it's time to turn the music off - BBC News

It's necessary in order to rediscover its true value, says Roger Scruton.

Whitecat 17th November 2015 09:37 AM
Beats Music IS Shutting Down November 30 | Variety

Beats Music is finally shutting down, and remaining subscribers are urged to switch to Apple Music.

GearAndGuitars 17th November 2015 02:55 AM
Barnes & Noble Has a Full-Blown Vinyl Section In Every StoreDigital Music News

How giant is the vinyl comeback going to be? Mega-retailers like Barnes & Noble are getting on board and promising another huge year.

GearAndGuitars 16th November 2015 02:50 AM
Users of Music, from Tech Giants to Fans, Need More Incentive to Fix a Broken Market:

If we value music as a society, or as a commodity for businesses to use, less money going to those who create or control it means less incentive and resources to write and record it
... jeff price might be right, God help us ...
GearAndGuitars 16th November 2015 02:44 AM
New York Attorney General asked to investigate Spotify’s unpaid mechanicals |

Some music publishers acknowledge that weakness and forgive the digital services to an extent, but others argue that – even if the music industry is to blame for some of the inefficiencies – that doesn’t alter the digital services’ obligations to ensure royalties are paid.
... show me the money ...
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