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Gearslutz - Nominations for - Best Digital Mixing Desk for Live Sound over $5000? by The Press Desk
Gearslutz - Nominations for - Best Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer? by The Press Desk
Gearslutz - Nominations for - Best Active Studio Monitor under $2000? by The Press Desk
Gearslutz - Nominations for - Best Microphone Preamp under $5000? by The Press Desk
Gearslutz - Nominations for - Best Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics under $1000? by The Press Desk
Songwriter Would Need 288 Million Spins To Equal Average Spotify Employee Salary | Th by GearAndGuitars
Spotify strikes deal to stream user-created DJ mixes by Whitecat
My Band Has 1,000,000 Spotify Streams. Want to See Our Royalties? by GearAndGuitars
The British pop talent crash: where have all the new acts gone? | Business | The Guar by Whitecat
Car Seat Headrest Expands On Licensing Fiasco, Recall Cost Matador Over $50k - Stereo by Whitecat
Rock music is dead, says Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea – MyKotori by Whitecat
Wish You Were Here: Royal Mail stamps honour 50 years of Pink Floyd | Music | The Gua by Whitecat
Spotify's Financial Results Reinforce How Broken the Music Business Is - Fortune by GearAndGuitars
Spotify Now Faces One Big Fat $350 Million Lawsuit by GearAndGuitars
The HMRC hold music is -sort of - one of 2015's biggest tunes - BBC Newsbeat by Whitecat
Best Soft Synth Plugins - 2016 by The Press Desk
Pandora investor: Sell this company sooner rather than later • The Register by GearAndGuitars
Paul McCartney to Appear In Six-Part Virtual Reality Documentary Series - Hollywood by Whitecat
Spotify revenues rise but losses widen - BBC News by Whitecat
Google's role in music piracy is much bigger than it first appears - Music Busin by GearAndGuitars
Adele's singular contract shows why she is pop's greatest outlier | Music | The Guard by Whitecat
The new tastemakers: a day in the life of a music-streaming playlister | Technology | by Whitecat
Adele 'to sign £90 million Sony Music contract' - by Whitecat
How I Skipped Spotify and Made 10 Times the Revenue by GearAndGuitars
Family Guy 'stole' a video of Double Dribble from YouTube then claimed the original v by Whitecat
Online video 'value gap' severely damages streaming payouts in France - Mus by GearAndGuitars
The Frame | Hello, Spotify! Goodbye, songwriters? | 89.3 KPCC by GearAndGuitars
Do You Love Music? Silicon Valley Doesn’t | The New York Times by GearAndGuitars
UK - Call for ticket touting to be criminalised | Money | The Guardian by Whitecat
Why is the music industry battling YouTube and what happens next? | Technology | The by Whitecat
Bandcamp Grew 35% Last Year, Monthly Transactions Top $4.3M - hypebot by Whitecat
One in six albums sold worldwide is by a UK star - BBC News by Whitecat
Drake overtakes Justin Bieber on Spotify to become world's most streamed artist - by Whitecat
Congress’s Chance to Be Fair to Musicians - The New Yorker by Whitecat
How UK's Exit From The EU Could Effect Music Industry - hypebot by Whitecat
A Five-Time Grammy Winner Explains Why YouTube are Total Scumbags by GearAndGuitars
Pandora's own biggest shareholder gives damning verdict on company - Music Busin by Whitecat
Response to my brother's open letter... - Dweezil Zappa by Whitecat
Tape recording was introduced 70 years ago today - Recode by Whitecat
SoundCloud Preparing Massive Restrictions on DJ Uploads by Whitecat
Radiohead video breaching copyright, say Trumpton creator's family | Music | The Guar by Whitecat
Hey, YouTube: Pay your 'workers' properly and get with the times • The Register by GearAndGuitars
'It's a System That Is Rigged Against the Artists':The War Against YouTube by GearAndGuitars
How the ticket touts get away with bleeding fans dry | Money | The Guardian by Whitecat
Intellectual Property Office sets out copyright objectives for next four years | Co by GearAndGuitars
Seattle music-licensing firm sues Cruz campaign over songs in ads | The Seattle by Whitecat
Report: Apple will stop selling iTunes music downloads in as little as two years | Ma by Whitecat
Four out of the Top 5 albums in the UK aren't on Spotify - Music Business Worldw by GearAndGuitars
The government's launched a crackdown on illegal downloading - BBC Newsbeat by Whitecat
Study of U2 could help music fans find what they're looking for by Whitecat
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