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Universal reportedly outlaws streaming 'exclusives' after Frank Ocean release | Busin by Whitecat
Laura Marling launches podcast investigating lack of women in the recording studio | by Whitecat
Lawyers who freed “Happy Birthday” to receive $4.62 million present &mi by Whitecat
Sia is being sued by Israeli fans for a lack of banter – but is on-stage wit a must by Whitecat
Top Five Audio Interfaces Under $300 by The Press Desk
Court rules that ISPs do not need to give up information on alleged pirates, copyrigh by Whitecat
In the groove: Czech firm tops list of world's vinyl record producers | World news | by Whitecat
Reddit Refuses to Disclose Alleged Music Leaker's IP Address - TorrentFreak by Whitecat
No mud but all the music: fans flock to watch festivals online | Culture | The Guardi by Whitecat
Billy Corgan Promoted To President Of Wrestling Company - Stereogum by Whitecat
(Iron) Maiden flight: Bruce Dickinson lands first passenger jet in Djibouti | World n by Whitecat
Boston’s Debut Album Is One of the Best Records Ever | Observer by Whitecat
Ten of the Best Microphones under $300 for Recording Vocals by The Press Desk
Acoustic Prism Invented at EPFL by Whitecat
Research says vinyl buyers are lonely, middle-aged introverts by Whitecat
Now Ed Sheeran’s Getting Sued For Ripping Off Marvin Gaye - Stereogum by Whitecat
A Cappella Singer Defends Proliferation Of Music Online : NPR by Whitecat
Ozzy Osbourne sued by Bob Daisley in unpaid royalties dispute | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
New Order Launch Beer - Stereogum by Whitecat
The Maccabees: the last of the British guitar rock headliners? | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Led Zeppelin lose fight to recoup legal fees from Stairway trial - BBC News by Whitecat
Why Taylor Swift Is Asking Congress To Update Copyright Laws : All Tech Considered : by Whitecat
Sony Plans More Epic AF-Style “Albums” To Exploit New Chart Rules - Stere by Whitecat
Sirius owner savages Spotify business model, warns of Amazon 'commoditization� by GearAndGuitars
How Can We Stop Sexual Assault At Music Festivals? One Group Says, Start By Educating by Whitecat
Ten Active Studio Monitors (under $1,000) by The Press Desk
The Quietus | Opinion | The Quietus Essay | Music For A Purpose: KPM And The History by Whitecat
Ronnie James Dio Hologram Debuts at German Metal Festival - Rolling Stone by Whitecat
From Black Flag to Joy Division: the retro band T-shirts selling for $265 | Fashion | by Whitecat
Spotify launches Release Radar playlists for users every Friday - BBC Newsbeat by Whitecat
Viola Beach's debut album tops the UK charts | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Stream Ripping: How Google/YouTube Is Slowly Killing the Music Industry - Breitbart by Whitecat
BMI & ASCAP Join Forces to Fight the Department of Justice’s Interpretation by Whitecat
Brexit and the creative industries: the legal situation | Lawyer 2B by Whitecat
David Bowie heads Mercury shortlist with his final album, Blackstar | Music | The Gua by Whitecat
Brexit poses major challenges for music performers and the public by Whitecat
Atlantic Subpoenas Reddit To Identify Twenty One Pilots Leaker - Stereogum by Whitecat
Lagos calling: Tony Allen opens up Nigeria's music scene | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Photographer sues Getty Images for $1 billion after she's billed for her own pho by Whitecat
Orfium: The New SoundCloud? - Attack Magazine by Whitecat
1 Percent Of YouTube Channels Get 93 Percent Of The Views - Music 3.0 Music Indus by GearAndGuitars
How Bad Is It? Read the fine print… – Artist Rights Watch by GearAndGuitars
IKEA Is Not Taking Kanye Seriously - Stereogum by Whitecat
Kesha drops California sexual assault lawsuit against Dr Luke | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Ten 500-series Mic Preamps by The Press Desk
HITS Daily Double : Rumor Mill - ON RECORDS: SALES, SALES, ON SALE by Whitecat
Value gap is crucial for the music sector | Letters | Business | The Guardian by GearAndGuitars
Kanye Calls For End To Music Streaming Wars: “Apple Give Jay His Check For Tida by Whitecat
Kurt Sutter Slams Google, Argues for DMCA Update - Rolling Stone by GearAndGuitars
How Drake's One Dance ruled the chart - without a music video - BBC Newsbeat by Whitecat
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