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Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Blasts Beyoncé’s Pepsi Money, Live Nation, Havi by Whitecat
Is It Over? Sales of Vinyl Records Down 9.1% In 2016... by GearAndGuitars
European Commission President Calls Out YouTube, Presents Copyright Reforms in State by GearAndGuitars
Music industry is finally making money from streaming (even if artists aren't) | Tech by Whitecat
YouTube, beware: Facebook is ready to do some global music licensing - Music Business by Whitecat
Dr Dre faces return to court in Beats headphones case | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Kaytranada wins Canada's equivalent of the Mercury prize | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Log In - The New York Times by GearAndGuitars
Music industry welcomes EC copyright proposal as 'a good first step' by GearAndGuitars
Stream ripping surpasses file sharing as main form of music piracy | Gigwise by GearAndGuitars
Google-funded group mad that US Copyright Office hasn't abolished copyright yet • T by GearAndGuitars
Stream Ripping: How Google/YouTube Is Slowly Killing the Music Industry - Breitbart by GearAndGuitars
Top Five Audio Interfaces Under $300 by The Press Desk
Pandora is launching a new $5 ad-free service · Newswire &midd by Whitecat
Mercury prize 2016 goes to Skepta's Konnichiwa | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Now That's What I Call Streaming … Major labels plan cut-rate hits feed | Business by Whitecat
Spotify Reaches Over 40 Million Paying Subscribers, Continues to Outpace Apple Music by Whitecat
Apple's Phil Schiller says the biggest criticism of removing the headphone jack i by Whitecat
Publishers May Get Paid for Web News as EU Swipes at Google - Bloomberg by Whitecat
Government urged to help music industry tackle ticket touts | Business | The Guardian by Whitecat
University of Manitoba students receive 'extortion' letters over illegal downloads - by Whitecat
Top Ten Polyphonic Analog Synthesizers by The Press Desk
UK music industry in plea to protect its status during Brexit negotiations | Business by Whitecat
Ten of the Best Microphones under $300 for Recording Vocals by The Press Desk
Disney Blog Goes Behind The Scenes Of Strained Daft Punk TRON Courtship - Stereogum by Whitecat
Any SoundCloud song can be pressed to vinyl thanks to new service by Whitecat
Littersweet Symphony: Album For Cats Released by Whitecat
Absolute Radio founders launch DJ-less national station | Media | The Guardian by Whitecat
Startup Studios: Exploring The Silicon Valley’s Fractured, DIY Recording Indust by Whitecat
DRM products are defective by design. Time to tell users what they're buying | Techno by Whitecat
Fabric closure: What next for the UK's club scene? - BBC News by Whitecat
Ten Active Studio Monitors (under $1,000) by The Press Desk
Jerry Heller, Former N.W.A Manager, Dead at 75 - Rolling Stone by GearAndGuitars
Es Devlin: ‘A touring stadium rock show is a formidable physical phenomenon’ | Mu by Whitecat, the craze turning pop fans into stars | Technology | The Guardian by Whitecat
Top Ten Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones under $1000 by The Press Desk
212 Artists Sign Court Document In Favor Of Williams and Thicke’s Blurred Lines App by GearAndGuitars
Blind Melon Sue Dance-Pop Artist For Ripping Off “No Rain” - Stereogum by Whitecat
Spotify Can't Live on $10 a Month - Bloomberg Gadfly by Whitecat
Spotify Retaliating Against Apple Music Exclusive Artists, Execs Say... by GearAndGuitars
Spotify IPO 'On Hold' as Major Labels Refuse Long-Term Contracts by GearAndGuitars
Spotify is out of contract with all three major labels - and wants to pay them less - by GearAndGuitars
Spotify might not suppress search, but that doesn’t mean artists with exclusive by GearAndGuitars
Spotify Is Burying Musicians for Their Apple Deals - Bloomberg by GearAndGuitars
This same annoying whooping sound is in every popular song, from Katy Perry to Chris by Whitecat
Universal reportedly outlaws streaming 'exclusives' after Frank Ocean release | Busin by Whitecat
Laura Marling launches podcast investigating lack of women in the recording studio | by Whitecat
Lawyers who freed “Happy Birthday” to receive $4.62 million present &mi by Whitecat
Sia is being sued by Israeli fans for a lack of banter – but is on-stage wit a must by Whitecat
Court rules that ISPs do not need to give up information on alleged pirates, copyrigh by Whitecat