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Bryan Adams retains record for longest time at UK No 1 | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Ten 500-series Mic Preamps by The Press Desk
iTunes Users Targeted In Email Phishing Scam by Whitecat
Apple Music snaps up Carpool Karaoke in bid to gain on Spotify | Media | Music Week by Whitecat
Ten Studio Monitors from $1000 to $2000 by The Press Desk
YouTube's Payment Rate to Labels Halved in 2015, Analyst Finds | Billboard by GearAndGuitars
Best headphones under $200 by The Press Desk
Three Albums Have Sold Over 1 Million Units So Far This Year by GearAndGuitars
KickassTorrents meets its maker, alleged founder arrested by U.S. government by GearAndGuitars
U.S. Record Industry Sees Album Sales Sink to Historic Lows (Again) -- But People Are by GearAndGuitars
Secret Garden Party pioneers drugs testing for festival-goers | Society | The Guardia by Whitecat
US copyright law faces legal challenge - BBC News by Whitecat
Ten mics up to $1,000 for recording acoustic guitars by The Press Desk
We’ve Passed Peak Vinyl – Here Comes The Collapse - Stereogum by Whitecat
Ten Portable USB Audio Interfaces by The Press Desk
Pirate sites are 'affecting dance music in a bad way' - BBC Newsbeat by Whitecat
World's 'biggest online pirate' faces charges over $1bn of illegal copying | Technolo by Whitecat
Ugly: Spotify, Goldman Sachs Accused of Securities Fraud | Digital Music News by GearAndGuitars
Jack White Teases Latest Record-Breaking Stunt… The First Vinyl Played In Space? - by Whitecat
The reinvention of radio: how Spotify, Beats 1, Red Bull changed the airwaves | Music by Whitecat
Has streaming broken the UK singles chart? - BBC News by Whitecat
Healing crystal theft claim puts singer 'at risk of bad energy' - BBC News by Whitecat
Can female-focused events forge the future of the music industry? | Music | The Guard by Whitecat
How Women Are Smashing Misogyny in the Music Business | L.A. Weekly by Whitecat
Is jazz entering a new golden age? | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
U.S. Dept. Of Justice Deals Crushing Blow To Songwriters by Whitecat
Queen's greatest hits crowned as UK's biggest-selling album | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Music Subset of Anonymous Releases Track, Amerikkka by Whitecat
Best Reverb Plugins - 2016 by The Press Desk
Happy Birthday: my campaign to liberate the people's song – video | News | The Guar by Whitecat
Why would Apple want to buy Tidal? | Music | The Guardian by Whitecat
Why Independent Music Publishers Should Wait to Join Class Action Against Spotify [MO by Whitecat
Spotify: Apple Rejected Our iOS Update To Drive iPhone Owners To Apple Music - Stereo by Whitecat
Seven things we’ve learned from the first year of Apple Music | Technology | The Gu by Whitecat
Music Gear Thefts Dealt a Blow After 130 Arrested in Houston | Saving Country Music by Whitecat
Judge Says IP Address Doesn't Prove Anything in Piracy Case by Whitecat
People Can Tell When They Hear Hi-Res Music, Study Finds by GearAndGuitars
Jack White, Trent Reznor, Beck, More Join Petition Against YouTube | Pitchfork by GearAndGuitars
Will Brexit affect touring musicians? - BBC News by Whitecat
Jagger's Vinyl Cancelled After One Season by Whitecat
Led Zeppelin Wins 'Stairway to Heaven' Jury Trial | Billboard by Whitecat
All active voting threads are here! by The Press Desk
Olympia’s K Records puts building up for sale to pay its debts | The Olympian by barney69
More Artists Join the Grassroots Movement Against DMCA and YouTube’s Legacy Bus by GearAndGuitars
Get well, Mr Loaf: it’s wrong that artists must gig so much | Barbara Ellen | Opini by Whitecat
New York Lawmakers Pass Tax Credit to Boost Music Production in State | Billboard by Whitecat
The UK Leaving the EU Would Change the European Music Industry | Pitchfork by Whitecat
Streaming-Only Projects Are Now Eligible For Grammys - Stereogum by Whitecat
ATP Shuts Down - Stereogum by Whitecat
Five Lies In YouTube’s Spin on Content ID | MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY by GearAndGuitars
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