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Lounge Lizard EP-4 is an electric piano plug-in delivering authentic Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds in an everything-you-need package. NEW Library The completely renewed factory library features the classic Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds as well as over 240 gig- and mix-ready custom electric pianos making good use of the compressor, equalizer, and multi-effect processor. NEW Compressor and equalizer These new additions are perfect to add punch and definition to your sound, letting you cut through any dense mix or stage. NEW Character control The new Character control provides five classic studio and stage signal path emulations—that's the cabinet, pre-amp, microphone, and recorder chain that follows the piano's output—to easily snug fit your electric piano part into your track. NEW Streamlined interface Redesigned from the ground up, the new interface now divides Lounge Lizard EP-4 into three panels: Play presents shortcuts to the main piano and effect parameters including bypass switches for quick edits; Edit lets you get under the hood and voice the piano to taste; while FX supplies equalizer, compressor, multi-effect, and reverb processors for final shaping duties. NEW Limiter The new output limiter protects your ears and monitors during experimentation with the piano's physical modeling parameters while providing a maximum of distortion-free dynamics. NEW Bank and program manager Lounge Lizard EP-4's new manager allows simple and efficient organization, backup, and sharing of your sounds. UPDATED Overhauled effects Reinvigorated, polished, and tuned especially for the electric piano, Lounge Lizard EP-4's multi-effect processor features our best sounding chorus, delay, phaser, flanger, distortion, notch filter, wah-wah, auto-wah, and reverb to date! NEW Microtonal tunings via Scala scale files Lounge Lizard EP-4 now supports the Scala scale file format for microtonal music making. NEW Native 64-*bit AU, VST, and AAX plug*-ins Lounge Lizard EP-4 now runs in native 64-bit on Mac OS X and Windows making it compatible with the latest sequencers. Mac minimum system requirements* Mac OS X 10.7 or later Intel Core processor or later 512 MB of RAM 70 MB of free hard drive space PC minimum system requirements* Windows 7 32‑/64‑bit or later Intel Core or equivalent processor 512 MB of RAM 70 MB of free hard drive space *The minimum system requirements mentioned above are for standalone usage. For plug-in usage, please refer to your DAW software requirements (Sonar, Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, etc.). Neat features Standalone operation for quick jams and experimentations Real-time control over any parameters via your MIDI controller knobs, faders, and switches MIDI clock, tap, and host tempo synchronization for effects and modulations Relaxed editing with unlimited undo/redo capability The benefits of physical modeling Sound manipulation at the source core Presets load in a flash Super smooth dynamics—no velocity layers! Small memory footprint—less than 256 MB of RAM per instance Installs in less than a minute—less than 33 MB on disk


Best sampled Rhodes today?

Very happy with Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard - try the free demo. Does multiple versions of Rhodes and Wurlitzer. AAS - Lounge Lizard EP-3 - Download the demo/trial version

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December 2019 New Gear Thread

...lot (but don’t much anymore) for a new Reface CP with case. I’ve not been happy with the Lounge Lizard plugin, I was looking for a nice Wurlitzer sound, and this Yamaha emulation is very good. I would have liked a module with CP electric pianos and YC organ sounds, minus the...

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Looking for a tonewheel VSTi that can do microtunings

Specifically, I'm after a really good-sounding, feature-rich one that can load arbitrary Scala files. Basically Lounge Lizard / Pianoteq for this type of instrument. I'm looked at the manuals for quite a few of them. While some allow you to tweak the tuning to reproduce historically authentic "deficiencies" in the real instruments, I'm after something...

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