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Evaluating AD/DA loops by means of Audio Diffmaker

...dBFS (L), -45,2 dBFS (R) Matlab; 9.10 µs, 2.276 dB (L), 2.261 dB (R) Difference: -45.7 dBFS (L), -47.0 dBFS (R) Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt ADM: -7,825usec, 0,228dB (L), 0,259dB (R)..Corr Depth: 25,2 dB (L), 26,8 dB (R) Difference: -44,9 dBFS (L), -46,0 dBFS (R) Matlab: -11.20 µs, 0.223 dB (L), 0.255 dB (R) Difference: -45.7 dBFS...

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Warm Audio WA-73 + WA-273EQ !! so this test was mainly for myself but I'm sure you guys would like to hear it. Signal chain is Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt to Redeye 3D reamp box to TS808 to Peavey 6505 to Mesa Rectifier cab to SM57 to mic pre. WA73, GTQ2 and NV73 to Ensemble analog in. ISA828 and A2D using their own...

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At $2K any other interface than the Apollo?

Apogee Ensemble

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8 Mic preamps with up to 75 dB of gain and Advanced Stepped Gain circuit Front panel Guitar I/O with Class A JFET inputs, dual mode re-amp outputs Includes special offers on Waves plugins (available upon registration) Talkback functionality with built-in mic and control button 2 PurePower headphone outputs 10 separately assignable analog inputs 16 analog outputs of premium Apogee conversion