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Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

...the most used tube microphone body out there in the World today. In 2001 I, started working with the APEX 460 which are now made in a cheaper metalwork factory in Ningbo, China. I have attached the schematic from our first circuit re-design in 2001. You can see in my notes...

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Overrated/Underrated Mics

...great-sounding space and want resolution and clarity. DPA - pricey and worth it for recording acoustic instruments in great acoustic spaces Apex 460 - the tube mic on which many pricier mid-level mics are based. Josephson - a pair of C42's for under $1K kill the Neumann 184s at $1600/pr Crowley & Tripp (now owned by Shure) -...

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Gotham GAC-7 wiring for Apex 460

Any Slutz out there who have wired up a GAC-7 cable for an Apex 460? I‘m having trouble figuring out which pins the two thicker wires go to. The mic is actually an Alctron GT2b, which has the same circuit. Here is the 460 schematic. I have asked three people who know more about...

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