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Analogue monophonic synthesizer with 2 Voltage Controlled Oscillators with glide and square sub-oscillator (divider). Suboscillator1 is one octave below VCO1, suboscillator2 is two octaves below, and follows detune. The oscillators can be synced and offer crossmodulation (frequency modulation). The synthesizer is not patchable but offers routing options on frontpanel switches. The Voltage Controlled Oscillators offer saw and squarewave, and the first oscillator has PWM. The central detent master tune knob has been replaced for one without (detent). The second oscillator has a detune knob for 1 octave up or down. VCO1 is both sync master to VCO2 and modulatoin source (FM). Through the use of the sequencer, more radical frequencies can be fed to OSC 2. The filter is a Moog inspired transistor ladder filter. There is a mixer for the oscillator outputs, Two ADSR envelopes can be triggered via MIDI and via the sequencer. There is one LFO and a noise generator. It has an eight step analogue step sequencer with clocking options. There's a MIDI input for playing the synth and sequencer control. The differences between the original Leipzig, and the Leipzig keyboard and this S version are full ADSR envelopes, Envelope generators can be disconnected for midi trigger, the second VCO can be switched as free running (disconnected from MIDI pitch), and the filter can now be modulated from either the first or the second envelope generator. There's two inputs, one output, a MIDI in and thru.



I just talked to a guy at Noisebug and he said that the Leipzig-S should be shipping out next week. Is anyone here interested in this? Well that's a stupid question considering where I'm at. I should say if anyone here is interested in this to this to the point where they're thinking about...

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Leipzig-s is Nitzer Ebb in a box

...the old school EBM sound of Nitzer Ebb, you may appreciate some fun I've recently had with my Analog Solutions Leipzig-s. Pretty much using the same sound but some envelope & note alterations. This is using the on board Leipzig-s sequencer. Add some angst vocals and you have an album :P

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Which one should I buy: Behringer Model D or Moog Miniatur?

...matter too much, I’d definitely go for the Behringer. If you have some more budget, you could consider the Leipzig-S. It has the big sounds of the other ones, perhaps even more vintage sounding, but much more flexibility than the Minitaur, and the large knobs of the original Minimoog.

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