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Small broadcast desk produced at the end of the eightties. These were made to the client's specifications so there are different configurations out there. The mic preamp was based on the one in the Angla desk. The eq was 3 bands with a swept mid. Options were offered with either two or four auxilliaries, phase, pfl, solo, channel cut, P+G faders, VCA’s (for fader-start) and extremely versatile centre section (several two track returns, monitoring functions and talkback etc). Inserts and direct outputs (pre or post eq, and pre or post fade according to internal selector switches) are provided on D-25 ("Tascam") connectors and mic and line inputs are on standard XLR’s.


Amek BC2 and already have a urgent problem (dont you just love me) ok so i want to get a Amek BC2 and i have a chance to buy one pretty darn cheap i just need to know this info its just the mixing board with its strips but it doesnt have a power cable...

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Gear list "Under the Sun"

...AB2S | PMC Loudspeakers Running off a Quad 405 with the protection circuit taken out. I mix through a Amek BC2 Ive had this for around 11 years now. B4 that i had the big TLAudio VTC desk, now owned by Dj Zinc :) Or maybe now its owned by Geeneus. Last time i was...

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Amek Angela Manual

...all the spaces and change the dot to a . enjoy. It contains all of these manual and or brochures. \Amek BC01.pdf" \Amek BCII.pdf" \Amek BCIII.pdf" \Amek Big II.pdf" \Amek Big.pdf" \Amek Einstein.pdf" \Amek G2520.pdf" \Amek Galileo.pdf" \Amek Hendrix.pdf" \Amek M1000 .pdf" \Amek M1000.pdf" \Amek M2000.pdf" \Amek M2000_brochure.pdf" \Amek M2500.pdf" \Amek M3000.pdf" \Amek Mozart.pdf" \Amek Recall.pdf" \Amek%20Hendrix.pdf" \Amex-Recall.pdf" \TAC%20Scorpion.pdf" \Amek Angela II.pdf" \Amek Angela.pdf" \Amek APC1000.pdf"

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