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Important note: Please consider subscribing to the three new sub-forums, 'All Things Technical,' 'Mobile & Location Rigs'...

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Remoteness 5th October 2019
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1 - Pre Production: Talk to band management Band producer, if applicable Band if possible Venue people ...

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Remoteness 25th August 2019
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Has anyone tried a pair of sony ECM-100N as Main pair on Acoustic ensembles? if so, how did they perform? Do they compare in...

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markk02474 3 hours ago
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I am thinking of buying a Schoeps MSTC 64U. It will be used for grand pianos (recording AND live sound) and small ensembles. At...

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studer58 8 hours ago
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Am I correct in assuming that it is necessary to power down the Sennheiser G3 bodypack transmitter before plugging in or...

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tourtelot 11 hours ago
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Deserves its own new thread. Monitoring, headphone mixes, talkback over Ravenna, two channels mic amp, DXD/DSD. YouTube

David Spearritt
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dziki 18 hours ago
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Hi! I am considering something and would like to ask for any thoughts... It is all about the next step in my mixing process...

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elephantpants 20 hours ago
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Asking here because it seems to be where the AoIP folk hang out. Is anyone making a Dante to AVB bridge? I'd like to bring...

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Drowl 1 day ago
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I have pairs of Schoeps MK22, MK21 and MK2 here, which is very interesting opportunity to compare these capsules on various...

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deedeeyeah 1 day ago
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Hi! I would like to know what software/hardware i need to setup a remote session with a potential customer that wants to try...

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deedeeyeah 2 days ago
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Just sharing this video here, a baby grand piano in a tiny room, recorded with Rode’s TF5s. The stereo image isn’t great...

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RayS 3 days ago
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Hello I want to get a field recording mic for and iPhone so I could carry around it most of time and record some random stuff,...
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Peterfedak 3 days ago
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Hello friends, I have been recording podcasts for a few years, take the gear with me to all sorts of locations to record, and...

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ronmac 3 days ago
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I'm starting to get more corporate bookings for live production/streaming so I need to up my wireless mic setup. I currently have...

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smslavin 3 days ago
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Hey all, I have an electronics question for you. I'm looking to bodge together a wired 48v PSU for a lapel (a Tram TR50). They...

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voltronic 3 days ago
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* Remoteness, would you please touch upon the isolation mic techniques for live stage recordings which you call "Virtual...

Jim Easton
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Remoteness 4 days ago
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Hey y’all! Long time reader, first time posting. I need some insight/help on some details with the Frippertronics setup with...

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jnorman 4 days ago
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Anyone out there has some groovy workaround for getting files off an HD24 if you have a Mac that's newer than, say, my...

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tourtelot 4 days ago
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Hello, I'm still thinking of expanding the channel count on my mobile setup. Adding a Mixpre 10 would be a bit over my budget. As...

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AB3 4 days ago
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Hi all, glad to be a part of this forum. I am just getting started in audio engineering, and I'm wondering how to get the...

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s.d.finley 5 days ago
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For those Anubis users who have gone deep into the unit. Can I use the EQ to create a 3-way crossover on outputs of a connected...

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David Spearritt 5 days ago
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Don't have a CM4 but it will no doubt be another Line Audio big bang for a little buck and we can count on JP Gerard to handle...

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tonejunkee 5 days ago
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After the market-disrupting F8 it's good to see another new product :) Wonder what the price point will be?.... peachh

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JamesClark1991 6 days ago
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What 2 channel power supplies can be used with them? I suppose, the B&K power supply acts like a kind of preamp? In case of...

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bremusound 6 days ago
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Blackmagic has announced additional ATEM Mini Extreme and Mini Extreme ISO models. Mainly, it looks like they've doubled the...

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2manyrocks 6 days ago
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Don't know who's seen these but they look pretty hot. If the sonics are as good as the current models and the features are better...

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mlavio829 1 week ago
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I watch a lot of old live recordings from the 70's-90's and the singers get right up on the vocal mic , usually a 57 or 58 , and...

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kludgeaudio 1 week ago
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In classical music ensemble setting (versus solo) and in a recorded live setting, which gives the most realistic sounding reverb...

Dawson Taylor
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idee und klang 1 week ago
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Hi all, posting in here as I'm assuming there are others that use MADI for multichannel over long distances. I'm probably...

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kludgeaudio 1 week ago
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Haven’t seen much discussion about this new mic yet, so I thought I’d start a thread. The TF10 is a new condenser mic...

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surflounge 1 week ago
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Price under $1000... This may be their response to Zoom. Interested...

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bassdivad 1 week ago
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SONONEWS September 2018 – Sonosax Features look really great!

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dfghdhr 2 weeks ago
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Hi there, I've just recently decided to jump aboard this whole mobile recording rig thang and I have a question for those of...

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deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
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Hi! So at the end of the month I'm recording a live session in a public pool (not IN the pool obviously, a few feet from the...

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2manyrocks 2 weeks ago
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Hey, I'm about to get a MK41 for one of my Schoeps bodies but am wandering if there are any alternatives I'm overlooking....

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philper 2 weeks ago
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I'd like to pose a dumb question about microphone self-noise specs: does an equal self noise spec on two microphones sound...

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gonzalo1004es 2 weeks ago
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Hi everyone I'm going to record an audio drama and I want it to be quite theatrical, with the microphone right in the action...

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IronFilm 2 weeks ago
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I was wondering if someone could describe in depth the physics of how microphone grids affect frequency response... It seems...

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avare 2 weeks ago
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Hi guys I just purchased apogee element 88 today. When I tried to connect it to my laptop, I figured my 2020macbook pro...

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dasbin 2 weeks ago
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So the software to calibrate the Neumann KH80 monitors is finally available and I downloaded the control app to give it a shot. ...

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Marmageddon 2 weeks ago
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I’ve been really fortunate in that our studio is getting a decent amount of new work streaming local festivals and events. I do...

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tourtelot 2 weeks ago
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Hi, I recently bought a Studer 928 mixer console and after some test is has some problems. I´m looking for a Studer technician...

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CruztoCruz 2 weeks ago
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Here are a few samples of two recent concerts I recorded with just a pair of 4061s. All are student ensembles. The string...

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deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
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Hi, I just wanted to share this (to me) incredible accidental discovery. I just received a pair of Sony PULSE 3D Headphones...

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nikanoru 3 weeks ago
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How yuo setting "pan law" for a classical music recording ? -3 db ? -6db ? -0db ? Is important for spot...

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mathieujm 3 weeks ago
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A slight nod to the old Chanel No. 5 advert, yes, but I'm almost serious-- I'd picked up the DR 03 last year, and was astonished...

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heva 3 weeks ago
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Hello, I posted this on the Reaper forums and somebody said this wouldn’t make any difference but I want to get others opinions...

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540code 3 weeks ago
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Hi all, I hope I have posted this in the correct sub-forum. I've searched all over but can't find the exact info I'm after. I am...

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king2070lplaya 3 weeks ago
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I've read through some articles about DSD recently including something from Merging and the Sadie manual. They said it is no way...

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David Spearritt 3 weeks ago
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Has anyone here got their hands on a Rode NT-SF1 yet? There's been a heavy silence since the spring, but several online sellers...

The Magus
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adrjork 3 weeks ago
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Hello everybody! Once again, I enter the zone of gearslutz because despite the ornery predispositions required to be here (of...

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Haigbabe 3 weeks ago
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Hello.. I've been recording acoustic guitar all day using the m/s configuration. The setup I've been using is cardiod Beyer...

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kharma44 4 weeks ago