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Problems with sound live stream
Old 7th May 2020
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Problems with sound live stream

Hi guys. I'm a new member and have been trying to do FB live shows. To outline the picture, I am using a Mac with logic Pro X, a claret pre2 audio interface with a c414 in channel 1. tracks are through virtual dj. When I stream on FB live using the "use camera"option, I get decent vocals but the track level is almost inaudible. Turning gain up too much causes issues and doesn't really help. When I use the "use stream key" option on fbl I get the track clear as a bell and no vox whatsoever. I also get the lyrics screen broadcast instead of my Mac's cam.The options I have checked in fbl are for visual input, Mac cam, for sound, claret pre 2. When I use OBS and stream through that and then through fbl I get the same problem but I do get my proper video. Even when I get good vox with the first option there are no effects on them, but through my monitors it's spot on. I am not very well versed about the inner set up of interfaces but Im beginning to suspect I am asking it to do something it can't and wondered if my best option would be to take a stereo output from the claret with my perfect sound and route it into a second interface and either back into the Mac with the new interface checked in fbl as the input, or maybe into my laptop or phone and go through fbl on this? Any thoughts or help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Old 8th May 2020
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This sounds like a routing issue. No worries, it's hopefully an easy fix.

1) Some of these online streaming/meeting apps will only take one source for sound, and of that source, some will only take input 1 of that source.

2) You don't actually want the sound straight from the interface - it sounds like you want a mix of sound from Virtual DJ (tracks), Vocals WITH effects (Logic, not your interface)

How can you accomplish #2 with the limitations set by #1 ?

There is an app called Loopback, which allows you to create a virtual device that merges audio from disparate devices (multiple interfaces, multiple apps, etc). So basically in loopback you create a device that includes all the sources you want to stream (Virtual DJ + Logic Pro X from what I can tell) and then in FBL choose this new aggregate virtual device as your input.

I think this is your solution if I'm reading your OP correctly. I hope this helps.
Old 9th May 2020
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This sounds exactly what I am trying to do. I may struggle trying to implement what sounds like a great solution as I'm not exactly tech savvy. I tried output 3,4 from interface into second interface plugged into Mac with the new interface chosen on fbl as input and signal was way too hot. Swapped 1,2 with 3,4 using 3,4 for monitors and 1,2 less hot signal, for reasons I am unclear on... And got results but had latency issues. Turned on latency settings on logic and that worked but... Now pretty big phase problems lol. I know all of this will have several experts nodding saying... Oh you know what you did wrong there don't you.. sadly I don't lol. I did wonder if the phase was caused through the monitors and feeding back through the mic so I will try headphones tomorrow but I will also try this loopback as, I agree it's definitely a routing thing and a restriction in the device. Never knew there would be an app to overcome it. Thanks very much btw. Big help. I will keep you posted.
Old 9th May 2020
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Yes, the monitors are probably bleeding back into the mic. Good call on the headphones. And yes, try Loopback and let us know how it goes!
Old 15th May 2020
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Well.... I tried loopback, but never realised it was a 20 minute trial and struggled to do much with it in that 20 minutes... Deleted it and reinstalled a few times.... First attempt had significant latency issues so used low latency on logic and it didn't totally cure it but sound was ok not perfect. Next attempt was a little latency still but a lot of phase I wasn't getting before and the music seemed to be distorting for reasons I haven't been able to figure out. If I could get a safe crack version I could at least try until I see if it's going to work for me but so far it doesn't look like it's the solution I hoped. I will try some more but I'm at a bit of a loss.
Old 15th May 2020
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It's hard to diagnose from afar, of course, but I never experienced any phasing or distortion. It's possible you are routing some of the inputs twice (i.e. you are sending the output of Logic to the loopback device, as well as the output of your interface - causing both signals to hit more or less simultaneously, and the minor latency between the two is causing phasing). Make sure that your loopback device is only getting 1 source for each input.

If I'm thinking about this clearly, your loopback device should take ONLY the output of logic and the output of virtual DJ, and NOT the output of the interface.

Is that what you've been trying?
Old 15th May 2020
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P.S. My theory is that you are taking the dry signal from the interface and the affected signal from Logic (with a touch of latency) and routing them both to the Loopback device, essentially summing the two and causing phase (due to the latency of Logic with plugins) and distortion (due to summing the same signal from both sources). I could be totally wrong though. This is sort of like giving a haircut over the phone. Perhaps if you describe exactly how you've configured your Loopback device I can be of more help.

Let me know!
Old 15th May 2020
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I will check but I am fairly sure it's one signal from each. What your saying makes total sense and would explain exactly what I am hearing so I will check it out and try another download though I will only have another 20 mins to do checks lol. I seen various sites with supposed cracks but I am not sure how safe they are or even how to use a crack. I will keep you posted. Thanks again
Old 15th May 2020
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While I'm sure the experience of troubleshooting it within 20 min is frustrating, I do encourage you to use the trial or paid version over a crack.

Do keep us posted. I'm invested at this point! lol
Old 22nd May 2020
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Just seen your reply iv had a trying week. I will have a go today and let you know outcomes.
Old 7th June 2020
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Hi guys and sorry for the late reply it's been a hectic couple of weeks..I got a proper chance to mess around with loopback and there is definitely a double signal. I have logic set to my interface for input as it must have that or won't recognise the mic, and output set to loopback. Loopback automatically opens a pass through virtual device and I have if configured as follows...... Virtual DJ l+r out to 1 and 2 on the box with output Ch 1 and 2. Logic same and the loopback pass through device all going into output channels 1 and 2. I have set vdj to loopback for output but this seems to make no difference. The last device shown is my claret pre2 interface and is shown as a monitor but I have to route the output 1+2 from the output channel box into 1 +2 of this monitor box otherwise I can't hear a thing and it won't even record. I can't bypass the output channel box that the signals from logic, loopback and vdj go through to get to the output monitor box as it won't let me delete that it's fixed. What I did notice though was when I stopped messing with it and I had exited and closed it... My logic tracks were all playing a double signal until I opened loopback back up and physically switched off the input and outputs within it. Oh and when on FB live I tried using loopback as the input and the sound was all distorted but when I try claret it's better but still phased and doubled. Any ideas?
Old 8th June 2020
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Okay, it's a bit tough to follow exactly what you have going but try the following and let me know if that makes sense.

1) Logic's input device is your clarett interface.
2) Create a loopback that sums Logic and VDJ - call this Loopback Device 1
3) Use Loopback Device 1 as your input for FB Live

Based on your description above I worry that you are cross-routing and using loopback in more ways than you need to. You are simply summing Logic and VDJ into your FB stream, so you can hear the dj music and the affected vocals. Does that sound like what you want to accomplish?

Also, once a loopback device is set, it is set, even if you close the app.

Let me know if the above makes sense, or if I am missing something about what you are trying to accomplish.
Old 10th June 2020
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That is exactly what I am trying to accomplish yeh. It's almost like FB is taking an input from the interface as well as loopback even when i have it set for loopback only. I did wonder if the three devices I have on the left of the loopback screen, called sources, being logic, vdj and the loopback pass through might be clashing in that the two devices are already being fed into a loopback output without using the passthrough as it might be creating a second signal of the same.... Patch that, it won't let a signal through at all unless the passthrough device is enabled... I turned its volume right down and tried again, got the vdj music clear as a bell and no vocals... I disabled the output monitor box in loopback and weirdly I still got music coming through but vocals were not coming through speakers I don't think and after listening back there was no vocals. I'm lost! Lol
Old 10th June 2020
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The only "Device" should be your Loopback Device. It's "Sources" should be Logic and VDJ. Then, FB should use the Loopback device as it's input.

I think maybe having created separate "Devices" for Logic and VDJ could be the problem, and I don't think you need a "pass-through". Also, remember to use headphones for monitoring - not that that's relevant to your routing right now, but to avoid feedback once you get it all working.


Last edited by sirjuxtable; 10th June 2020 at 11:31 PM.. Reason: Edited for clarity
Old 11th June 2020
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I'm pretty sure that's the way I had it... Sources were vdj and lpx and underneath them the loopback device. There is no virtual wiring between these two sources and loopback as it appears as soon as you open them as sources it created the loopback through device and routes your sources I to them... So far would seem so good. Then vdj lpx and the through device all have one and two out into 1&2 input on the output box then it goes from there into 1&2 of the monitor which is the I terrace but as I said before with this off its the same result. I am wondering if my link between vdj, and lpx into the output device may be the problem as it may well be that invisibly the signal coming from the virtual loopback device might already be doing that so my visible created links may be the doubling. I will try this without those links and see what happens. The plot thickens! Lol
Old 11th June 2020
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Okay, question: What are you hearing from the livestream only on FB? Let's determine if that is correct first and then deal with monitoring separately. I suspect that's what's complicating things.
Old 14th June 2020
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From just the livestream I'm getting varied results depending what settings I try... If I set FB to loopback as input I get decent level for music but phasey and vocals quiet and phasey. If I set FB to interface for input, despite logic having loopback set as its output, I get almost inaudible music, I suspect bleeding out speakers and good level on vox but with no effects. I tried every combination I can think of including... Loopback with only the thru virtual device wired to the outputs and no direct output from vdj or logic to output, hopefully avoiding the doubling... And music was always quiet even if I set vdj to loopback for output. I then tried to only reconnect the vdj to output settings on loopback and got louder music and then inaudible crunchy phasey vocals. Changed logic output, vdj, loopback and FB and every combination there was an issue, either low muck or low vox but even when I got good vox it was with no effects despite having a fair bit of reverb on it... I will try just vox and just music and see if I can isolate problems. I tried this monitoring through headphones btw, same issues. I even tried a second interface taking line level signal, which in monitoring sounds spot on, out main interface into second interface and set this as FB input but sound was horrendous. Stumped lol
Old 15th June 2020
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Originally Posted by thecraftybutcher View Post
From just the livestream I'm getting varied results depending what settings I try... If I set FB to loopback as input I get decent level for music but phasey and vocals quiet and phasey. If I set FB to interface for input, despite logic having loopback set as its output, I get almost inaudible music, I suspect bleeding out speakers and good level on vox but with no effects. I tried every combination I can think of including... Loopback with only the thru virtual device wired to the outputs and no direct output from vdj or logic to output, hopefully avoiding the doubling...
Yeah, it's clear to me you are trying a lot of different combinations.

My instinct is that something is doubling in the monitoring, which could be skewing what you are thinking is coming into the livestream. For example, if you are monitoring your music and vocals in Logic and VDJ through your speakers/headphones, and then you are ALSO listening to the livestream on that same device.. well, doubling.

Can you monitor the livestream from a separate device, like your phone, to eliminate any doubling that could be occurring in your monitors (that may not actually be affecting the live stream)?

One thing to note, is that this doesn't work like a mixer, where you route one thing to inputs and one thing to outputs and create a chain. Each application takes one input, so you create a loopback device to sum two sources and make that the input. That's all it's really designed for, I think. All of the output stuff is probably not going to work how you want it to.

So this is what I suggest - create the loopback device with Logic and VDJ as the only two sources, set that as the input for FB Live, DON'T monitor your FB live stream on your computer, and listen to the stream on your phone with headphones to see what you are getting. If that's STILL phasey/missing something, then there is something else at work, but I'm hoping this does the trick.
Old 16th June 2020
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I hadn't thought that maybe playback is doubled and not the recording so I will try this. The set up you mentioned is what I did, sources were lpx and vdj and that's automatically connected to loopback so I set that device outputs 1+2 to 1+2 of the outputs. I kinda tried not monitoring but as I couldn't hear the music it made it hard though I could just sing and see what happens. I may be able to set vdj settings so I can monitor music directly from that. I will keep you posted with progress or lack thereof lol. Thanks again.
Old 16th June 2020
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Oh, btw, I've been talking about LoopBack the original this whole time. I just saw that LoopBack 2 seems to be a bit more powerful in terms of routing - which version are you using?
Old 2nd July 2020
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The most recent one I've been using. 2.1.4 or something?? I have tried just about every combination I can think of disabled stuff, tried just about every combination I can think of and still the same phasey doubled effect. Totally at a loss. Borrowed a mixer and even tried putting vox through that and forgetting the loopback idea, I had vox ok but music was a problem and now Mac isn't recognising the mixer when I use the usb connector. It was before. Total nightmare!
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