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The Alesis QuadraVerb is a 16Hz-20kHz bandwidth stereo programmable effects box with four digital effects (EQ, Pitch Change, Delay, Reverb). The effects can be used in parallel or in serial (or a combination). Specs say the dynamic range is 85dB, less than .1% distortion. Processor speed is 24 MIPS (no Z80 in this baby!). Conversion scheme is 16-bit linear PCM. It's fully MIDI-fied. Some features: Touch sensitive (multi-speed!) programming buttons. Many have integral LED so you know what mode you're in. If you press harder you move the parameter faster. 2x16 character LCD display. Stores 100 programs. Comes with 90 (in ROM) that you can overlay into the RAM. At any time you can recall one or all the ROM programs into RAM. Real-time control of 8 simultaneous parameters via MIDI (you pick the controller type and the parameter it controls). All functions, parameters and volume levels are programmable per program. Stereo In/Out (via four 1/4 inch jacks). Effect bypass jack on the back (as well as a button on the front). You can name your programs (up to 14 characters).


Alesis Quadraverb or Valhalla Vintage Verb

I blame you lot for this. I decided the other day to look up prices of an Alesis Quadraverb. Many of them can be found quite cheaply on eBay. So right now I'm watching a few. The cheapest option is over in a little over a day. I could get that....or get VVV for about the...

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Acustica audio acqua plugins general discussion

...EH Memory Man A5 - Too Cool = TC 2290 A6 - 89 Degrees = Klark-Teknik DN780 A7 - Galatic Quadrant = Alesis Quadraverb A8 - Answer 42 = Lexicon PSP 42 A9 - Enchanted Princess = AMS-Neve RMX 16 B0 - Cala Nova Sunrise = TC Nova Delay B1 - Broken Tears = Roland Space Echo 150 B2 - Autumn in...

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Old school vocal effect to do more than just one trick. Maybe some Eventide unit is the ticket? I have a: Sony R-7 spx 90 srv 330 Quadraverb 4 lex pcm 80 Tc D-2 Emt 250 (on loan, not mine) Space echo 555 (also temporary) I`ve been dreaming of a Ams rmx 16 or lex 480 for some classic sounds, but I got a Trident Fleximix (sidecar)...

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