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HD24 is the world's first 24-track hard disk recorder designed to fit into any ADAT environment and match ADAT's legendary performance and affordability.

HD24 is built exclusively for the purpose of recording music instead of data, resulting in remarkable stability and performance. HD24 enables engineers to record up to 24 tracks of high-resolution 24-bit recording at 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates.

Two hot-swappable media bays provide convenient access to recording drives and allow data backup in minutes. You can edit tracks internally or easily transfer to computer via an Ethernet connection.

HD24 features ADAT Optical and ADAT Sync, enabling it to work efficiently with existing systems. It offers the same exceptional user-friendly interface ADAT users have come to expect.

HD24 can be upgraded to HR24XR with the EC2 module. This user-installable option replaces the A/D and D/A converters with the renowned AKM converters used in the acclaimed MasterLink. EC2 improves performance at all sample rates and also expands analog and digital-input compatibility to include 88.2 and 96 kHz sample resolutions.

HR24 packs 24 channels of digital audio I/O into a single-unit recorder that easily fits into any environment.


Upgrading from Alesis HD24 for DIY Band

Hi Slutz Our band has been making its own records for some time now. We purchased an Alesis HD24 years ago to allow us to track enough tracks from Drums, using pres from an old Allen/Heath console. We'd then dump all the drums into Pro Tools and use an apogee duet for good AD conversion for bass/guitars/vocals. We're...

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Moog One

...My attempt at an early 80's electrofunk vibe. All tracks recorded with balanced cable -> TAB Funkenwerk DI/pre -> Alesis HD24, no eq. The noise floor is still too loud in my opinion, this is v1.0.2 firmware...

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A&H Zed R16 Firewire Mixer repaired and using it in a computer free set up with my Motu 16a ADATS, and/or with an Alesis HD24. I understand that it needs the computer firewire connection to configure the sync? But did I read that it needs a continued computer connection to retain the configuration? Are there no ADAT connections...

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