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Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone The HST-11A is the best-known Chinese clone of the AKG C12 design — a dual-diaphragm, tube microphone with 9 polar patterns selectable via a switch on the power supply. It has been rebranded and rebadged under numerous labels; see the “related mics” in the sidebar. The Apex 460 seems to be the best-known label. The Nady TCM-1150 is another well-known rebadged HST-11A.


Avant CV-12

...26mm and the Avant capsule diaphram diameter is 32mm????? Just look up the info on the Apex (JUST a rebranded HST-11A) then look up the info on the Avant. Its not that hard. I'm not saying that Avant didn't start with the HST-11A, but they have done more than just "give it a pretty...

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Carvin CTM-100

I have one that I modded with the kit and RK-12 capsule. The stock mic is a Alctron HST-11a with a Carvin logo. I can't speak much about the stock mic since I bought it off Craigslist specifically to mod. As I recall it was pretty bright and brittle in stock condition....

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Warm Audio introduces the WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone

...I'm curious what the mic circuit looks like and how much, if at all, it actually differs from the old HST-11a/Apex 460. Or did they just take the HST-11a circuit and pop a more appropriate CEK-12 capsule on top of it with the more stylish metalwork?

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