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Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

Recorded a beautiful Ludwig in gold sparkle the other day... Sizes 20/14/12 OH - Beyer MC930 Kick Out - U87 Kick In - AKG D200E Snare Top - Beyer M201 Snare Bottom - MD 441 Hat - Revox 3500 Floor - MD 421 Rack - MD 408 Room - 2x Bumblebee RM5

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Introducing the AEA KU5A Supercardioid Ribbon Microphone

Hum..that's all we used on kick for 35 years except the occasional AKG D200e ..the bk5 that is..I have the B which rolls at pop used the A because he said the bass gtr owns the bottom.octaves so he liked it i roll mine 24 dB per octave at 50 for kick

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70s/80s vocal mics for stage

All GREAT MICROPHONES Beyer M-500 (ribbon mic). Sennheiser MD-421 or MD-431 or MD-441 AKG D200E OR D224E SHURE SM-58 OR SM-58 BETA EV-666 OR 664 OR EV636 (handheld) A lot depends on what kind of sound you are looking for and how you "work the microphone". What is the intended use, recording or PA or Both??? Best of Luck...

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Product Description

Incorporating the patented AKG two-way transducer system, the D 200 E provides unusually smooth, wide-range frequency response coupled with an extraordinarily uniform cardioid pattern. The result is a microphone free of off-axis coloration and feedback tendencies at virtually any frequency. The D 200 E is a superb, objective recording microphone. Stereo tapes made with a pair of these microphones are distinguished by faithful reproduction—both on and off axis—and by outstanding stereo separation. In public address systems, the D 200 E’s uniform directivity permits tighter control of feedback, offers almost complete freedom of microphone and speaker placement, and allows higher volume settings. For micing acoustical string instruments such as the violin, piano, guitar, etc., the D 200 E is unsurpassed by any single-transducer cardioid dynamic microphone. Transducer Type: Dynamic, two-way Directional Characteristic: Cardioid Impedance: 230 ohms Frequency Response: 30 to 17,000 hertz Sensitivity: 0.14 mv/μbar (–77 dBv) Finish: Enameled aluminum Overall Dimensions: 7.3125" long x 1.5625" diameter Net Weight: 8.5 ounces