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AKG D202 - Philips LBB9050 similarity ?

I don't know the answer to your question, but from that photo, they look more similar to the AKG D200 than to the D202.

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Help me Clip my A/D converter!

If I were you I would read the thread again. For as much as I personally avoid clipping the input stage it is beyond my comprehension why on earth you would want to "clip" the output of your converter (the DAC)

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Drum tutorial part 1

...snare and try to get back pointing toward hat.. cardiods or super cardiod on rack toms my normal drum miking is akg d200 e or bk 5b on kick 633a , 414 ubls2 or 441 on snare top 57 snare bottom 421's or 98's on racks d112 on floor tom 451's on hat and overs 87's or aea ribbons...

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Product Description

Incorporating the patented AKG two-way transducer system, the D 200 provides unusually smooth, wide-range frequency response coupled with an extraordinarily uniform cardioid pattern. The result is a microphone free of off-axis coloration and feedback tendencies at virtually any frequency. The D 200 is a superb, objective recording microphone. Stereo tapes made with a pair of these microphones are distinguished by faithful reproduction—both on and off axis—and by outstanding stereo separation.