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The AKG D12 VR is a large-diaphragm cardioid dynamic microphone. Designed specifically for kick-drum recording applications, the microphone has a thin diaphragm to enhance the low frequency performance. Without phantom power, the microphone delivers the pure character of the sound source. With phantom power enabled, one of three switchable active-filter presets can be used to quickly adapt the microphone response to suit the desired kick-drum sound. The filter setting can be controlled using a switch on the microphone body. In this mode the output level is also reduced by 10 dB automatically.


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

The setup for today: Kick: AKG D12vr - RME Snare: Telefunken M80 - RME bottom : SE T2 - Yamaha pre OH: Neumann TLM 103's - RME Room: AT 4022's - Mindprint Bass DI : Avalon U5 Bass Mic : EV RE-20 - Yamaha pre Guitar 1: AKG 414 - API 512c Guitar 2: Beyer m160 - API 512c Guitar 3: MD441 -...

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Drum mic'ing with limited setup (will post samples of suggestions)

Interesting, been meaning to try a FOK m/s with the ribbons, not sure how the Coles will handle that! The over shoulder pointing vertically down or angled towards the set?

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Drum mic'ing with limited setup (will post samples of suggestions) the comb filtering. I would probably go with a KSM32 (possibly with pad engaged) or RE20 on kick, possibly the D12VR, depending on the bass drum, the tuning, and whatever seemed to be giving the best tone. Usually about in that order of preference. I really like a KSM32 on kick even though it...

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