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High End Guitar Amps and Cheap Mics

At the moment my only choices are the following AT4050 AT3035 AKG C-1000 AKG D-1000 Shure SM58 Beta The D-1000 was used a lot in my old band as a guitar amp mic. So I'm trying that next. Given these choices which mic would you try for cleans and which would you use for the harder edge? Mic pres DAV BG-1...

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What's a piece of gear that gave you the Wow factor

...recording conditions, but I'm really happy with the results. Mic on EV was a 30 year old club worn AKG D-1000. Mic on the Fane was TAB Funkenwerk upgraded SM57.

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Recommendations for a mic for guitar cab ?

Hmmmmmm...... Those darn dynamics can't keep up with blazing sweeps! And ribbons?..... Ok, sure, we all are entitled to our preference on gear. But, I guarantee you that a 57 is perfectly fast enough for your fingers....or sound in general. And, a comparably priced condenser mic is hard to...

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Product Description

Vintage dynamic cardioid microphone.