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AKG C451 E with CK1 capsule why so bright?

Hi, I have an old AKG C451 E with the original CK1 capsuel. It's a mic I like a lot and use it for acoustic guitars amongst other things. However, I am having difficulties in squaring the perceived sound with the published frequency chart. (apologies for the small size, this is the best I could...

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If you have $1000 for two mics, what would you buy? stereo. Those also sound wonderful. Sort of a cross between a C12 and a U67 in design. AKG C451 E /CK1 sounded pretty great in stereo XY the few times I used them, but I let them go for some reason. Didn't want the vintage headaches I guess. So basically, I like...

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Piano recording. What would you choose?

...The Tube (Tube) AKG C12 VR (Tube) AKG C414 E (x2) AKG C414 EB (x4) AKG C414 B-TLII (x2) AKG C451 E (x4) AKG C451 EB (x2) AKG C 28 (Tube) AKG D 112 (x2) AKG D 20 AKG CK2 Capsule AKG CK5 Capsule AKG CK9 Capsule AKG A51 Capsule AKG...

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