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Studio gear investment from scratch.

...Compact5 €266 ART SL1 X2 €554 TOTAL Talkback/CUE/Monitoring €6941 Neumann U87ai + EA87 €2555 Schoeps CMC64 X2 €2550 Josephson C42mp X2 €950 Beyer MC930 X2 €649 Oktava MK-012 MSP6 €435 Royer R121 X2 €2390 Beyer M160 X2 €836 AKG C414 XLII X2 €2111 Shure SM57 X4 €436 Shure SM7B X2 €776 Sennheiser MD421 X2 €732 Sennheiser MD441 X2 €1732 AKG D112 €138 ElectroVoice RE-20 €458 TOTAL microphones €16748 H&K Red Box Classic X2 €154 SansAmp Bass Driver DI €239 Radial Eng Reamp kit €388 K&M mic hardware €1500 Zoom H4N €322 Wall boxes €3000 Control room cabling €3000 Video link...

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Welcome to the Sweetwater Mic Shootout Forum

We actually did a "web presentation mode" shootout here (I kid you not!), comparing alternatives before deciding on 320K MP3s. Other web-friendly file formats clouded and diminished the differences. It truly is amazing how much difference you can hear between the mics in these short MP3-encoded snippets. But for the real comparison, listening to the...

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I would need some feedback about my mix!

...consider it next time I mix her vocals. About microphone, I often hear people comparing the Newmann to the akg c414 xlII, do you have any experience with the AKG as well? I'm asking as we have a good communication with AKG. Thanks for your time! David

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Large Diaphragm studio condenser vocal mic