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Condenser Microphone


Six cardio SDC pairs on grand piano

...NT5 - Behringer B-5 - Line Audio CM3 - Neumann KM184 Neumann D-01 vs. Neumann M 149 Flea 49, AKG C414 B-XLS, Sontronics Apollo, Audio-Technica AT4047, Neumann M 149 Beyer M 130 vs. M 160 Behringer ADA8200 vs. Lake people F355 (1) Behringer ADA8200 vs. Lake people F355 (2)

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So what's your favorite mic on these vocalists? Any surprises?

I can split my opinion on three categories: unusable, usable, great. Unusable means that I wouldn't use this microphone on this vocalist, not that is unusable in different scenario, but it would just make me work too much to get what I would like to hear. Usable means that I would use it in the...

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Weird ground noise issue with AKG c414 b-xls mics I just got

Just got a matched pair of C414 B-XLS mics. I record using a Tascam 488 mkii (8 track cassette recorder). For some reason, these AKGs are making a low humming sound only when used with the Tascam. When I plug the AKGs into my interface and record digitally to my DAW, no humming. If...

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